Best Scooter Tires

Scooter tires are smaller versions of motorcycle tires – either a solid rubber or air-inflated, and are one of the most essential parts of scooters. In looking for the right scooter tires, you need to figure out first the size, the type, and your budget. Once you’re done figuring out with the size, only then you let the search begin.

We recommend you to start the hunt with the highly preferred and excellent quality brands. So, we narrowed down the search into five of the best options. We suggest:



  • Brand New Quality Parts
  • Fast Shipping
  • Smart Design Tread
  • High-Quality Performance

Razor Scooter tires truly deserve a spot on top of the best quality brands of scooter tires in the market. These tires have special features that can grip the road just fine. With its smart designed tread, its traction works well in handling corners and curves on the road. Nothing works on the road like Razor scooter tires. Aside from it gives you a smooth ride; it performs well on wet-weather. This one is a win-win for your scooter. To learn more product specifications, please watch this video.


Kenda K413 Front/Rear Scooter Tires (130/60-13)

  • Race Inspired Tread Pattern
  • Performance Minded Machines
  • J-Speed Rated
  • 4-Ply Rated

Kenda K413 scooter tires are the best option for improved performance and better comfort. These tires are available in an affordable price with the best quality. They can give you a smooth ride and a good grip on curves and corners along the road. You will surely buy more in the future once you try using Kenda K413. To know more about this type of tire, feel free to click this link.


Pirelli SL 26 Performance Front/Rear Scooter Tire – 110/100J-12

  • Modern, Sport-oriented Tread
  • High Performance Tire
  • Superb Handling Grip
  • Excellent Wet-weather Performance

Pirelli tires are one of the best-selling tires in the market because of its special features. Its superb handling grip is to improve its traction, as well as handling curves and corners of the road. Its high-performance tire can satisfy your city ride without worrying about any road problems. Rain or no rain, these tires are specifically designed to make sure your safety. This type of tire is explained further in this video.


10″X3″ (260-85) Primo Power Trax Foam Filled Tire for Scooters, Power Chairs, and Electric Wheelchairs

  • Foam Filled
  • Tread Pattern C248
  • Versatile Fit
  • Highly Recommended

Primo Power Tax scooter tires are knobby tires filled with urethane foam. The design of this special foam filled tire is to avoid flat tires and keep it in good shape – making sure you enjoy a smooth ride. Its excellent tread pattern improves traction and handling performance on slippery roads. This type of scooter tire can give you a total piece of mind, knowing that you don’t have to fill the tire with air anymore. More product details are talked about in this video.



  • Direct Factory Made
  • Clean Green No Gasoline
  • Strongest Street Tire
  • Extra Stability

In Mongoose, you can find a great deal in a good tire. This is the strongest street tire made available in the market, with its versatile function that can be used both in front or rare. This type of tire has multiple designed grooved perfectly for extraordinary stability. For more clarifications, please watch the video on this link.

Whether you’re just strolling around your town, weekend road trip, or just running few errands, you need to make sure that your tires can smoothly manoeuvre the ride. Keep in mind to always inspect them before you start the engine. If they’re already year’s old-age, check if the tires are still free from tread cracks, cuts and blisters. Stiffness and dry rot can greatly affect the traction. Ride safe!