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Best Running Lights for Nighttime Jogs

Due to busy schedules, many fitness enthusiasts prefer running at night or early in the morning. Running during these times is pretty risky though because things might not be very visible for you out there. In addition, vehicle drivers might not be able to perceive runners as well. There’s also the additional danger of tripping and falling. Thus, you need special lights for this activity—if you jog or go trail running at night or early in the AM, effective running lights are a must for safety.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why use running lights?

    Answer: Running lights make jogging and trail running safer at night or early in the day. Vehicle drivers will be able to see you and you will also be able to see uneven ground/sidewalks, grates, potholes and other places that might cause you to trip or fall down. Running lights prevent possible injury and accidents caused by dim lighting conditions.

  2. What are the different types of running lights?

    Answer: The different types of running lights include headlamps or torches, chest lights, handheld lights, knuckle lights and shoe lights. These lights can be supplemented by accessories like headlamp batteries, headlamp clamps and LED reflective belts.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing running lights?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to consider the light output that the device provides. These items are sorted based on the lumens it provides—this is the total amount of visible light that the device emits. The number of lumens given by the light signifies its brightness and the total distance of the light it can cast. Lumens for running lights range from 60-500. You also need to consider the battery life—get one that will last throughout running activities. You should check the additional features of the device too—there are options that provide settings which manage light amount so it will not reduce brightness whenever the battery gets drained. There are lights that feature sensors that distinguish ambient light—it reduces or increases brightness mechanically whenever required.

Our Top Picks



  • Two bright beam patterns
  • Night vision-preserving red lighting
  • Powerful Actik Core
  • 350 lumens max power

One of the best things about the PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp is that it operates on either the rechargeable Actik Core battery that it comes with or through 3 AAA batteries and it will not require any specific extra device to convert this process. This means you can always stash an extra three batteries with you during those fitness runs at night and the headlamp will perform magnificently. It features 3 modes—a spot beam, floodlight and red lamp. The latter allows users to run in the dark without blinding themselves or other people close to them. The micro-USB charging port is also included in the battery pack for better charging convenience.


Tracer360 Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest

  • 360-degree lighting
  • Includes 6 brilliant color lights
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable vest

The Tracer360 Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest is one of the best running lights night joggers and avid trail runners should get into. It has a lightweight, adjustable and breathable design which makes wearing the vest comfortable even for those longer runs. It features 36-degree visibility so motorists can see you, has 3M reflectivity and fluorescence, comes with 6 bright varying colors and has a longer battery life at 40 hours. It can be adjusted to suit any outfit as well. It’s rainproof and ideal to wear regardless of the season.


Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

  • Powerful LED lights
  • Presents 350 lumens
  • Dimming and strobe settings
  • Power Tap Technology

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp makes use of the brand’s Power Tap Technology so users can effectively manage lighting strength—change lighting between dimmed modes to full. It also presents a good selection of settings including proximity and distance modes, red/green/blue night vision and a lock mode. The durable construction of the headlamp supplemented by a sealed casing is also capable of enduring immersion up to 1 meter within 30 minutes. Its LED lights give a brightness of 350 lumens for efficiency.


BioLite No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light

  • Provides 330 lumens max
  • Ultra-thin 3D molded housing
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Adjustable front panel

The BioLite No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light assures that the headlamp will remain on your forehead and keep you comfortable during sweaty trail runs thanks to its quality moisture-wicking band. The headlamp has excellent contours—it does not have any scratchy, rough points, crafted seamlessly for extra comfort. Adjusting the size of the band is also no problem for this one comes with easy to adjust clips. It emits decent brightness and has an adaptable lighting configuration with 4 lighting settings from strobe to red light night mode.


Knuckle Lights Colors Super Bright Lights for Running and Walking

  • Includes two lights
  • One size fits all
  • Non-slip adjustable straps
  • Ultra-wide floor beams

The Knuckle Lights Colors running lights is the handheld kind and it churns out 120 lumens at maximum. Once worn and switched on, the lights will illuminate the path you’re treading. It gives enough visibility and operates using batteries. The lights serve its purpose for several hours even on the highest setting but of course, once set on lower settings, its battery life extends further. The construction and the handheld design also make this one the most convenient and wearable. Its adjustable straps fit over hands well, gloved or not.


Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp

  • Provides 100 lumens
  • Brilliant LED lights
  • Has red night vision LED
  • Small and lightweight

The Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp is the smallest and most lightweight in this list, weighing at only a mere 64 grams. This affordable choice is designed with a white LED light that has 2 brightness settings plus it’s complemented by a red LED night vision light. This is a good choice if you want to run around the neighborhood in the evenings or any familiar area for the matter. It also operates using AAA batteries for convenience.

If a tight schedule does not allow for running in the daytime, just make sure you are prepared for safety for those evening runs. Invest in the best running lights to prevent possible injury and accidents. Research for the best products in the market, starting with our recommendations.