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Best Rat Poison

Rats have been irritating homeowners and residents for centuries. They tear and chew on things, eat whatever they can find and are a huge nuisance in general. Take care of your rat-infested home by picking the right rat poison. Check our guide for recommendations and the essentials on this method.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a rat poison exactly?

    Answer: Rodenticides, commonly known in the market as rat poison, is a type of pest control chemical which are designed to eliminate rats, mice and all sorts of rodents. Rat poison come in either liquid or solid forms. When a rat poison is ingested by a rodent, the poison will kill the rodent within 12 to 78 hours.

  2. How does rat poison kill rodents?

    Answer: Rat poison consist of a mixture of anticoagulants, metal phosphides and a variety of Vitamin D forms. This formula can lead to sizable cell damage, vomiting, internal bleeding and dehydration on rodents. Metal phosphides kill with just one dose. Vitamin D forms like calcium, D2 and D3 can lead to intense stomach irritation then dehydration, vomiting and other symptoms.

  3. What are the different kinds of rat poison?

    Answer: Here are some of the common kinds of rat poisons being sold today:

    • Vitamin-based – Vitamin-based rat poison streams toxins in the rodent’s insides and act progressively. It will take 24 hours or more for the poison to strike the rodent down.
    • Bromethalin – This specific rat poison targets the liver and the brain of the rat, being a neurotoxin chemical. Ingestion of this chemical leads to fluid accumulation in the brain and sodium buildup in the liver, killing the rat.
    • Anticoagulant – Includes chemical elements which stop blood clotting, acts progressively and takes a number of days before it kills the rodent.

  4. What factors do I need to remember when buying rat poison?

    Answer: Make sure to read the ingredients first—this is crucial especially if you have pets and children around who might ingest the poison. Ingredients like metal phosphide, thallium and arsenic are a massive hazard to each and every living thing. If you have pets or small children around, it is best that you opt for anticoagulant poison instead.

    There are different kinds of toxins out there so check which among them is the best kind for your situation. For example; pellets are more ideal for use in farms, barns, the basement and other similar locations.

Our Top Picks


D-Con Ready Mix

  • Formula eliminates mice and rats
  • Can kill warfarin-resistant rodents
  • Comes with brodifacoum
  • Ready-mixed

The 4-pack of D-Con Ready Mix is equipped with the right elements to rid your home of mice and rats once and for all. The product makes it a bit easier for you to tackle this task. The rodenticide comes with 4 poison trays that you should position as bait in areas where rodents often frequent. The inclusion of brodifacoum in the formula assures consumers that the rats will be eliminated within a few days’ consumption. Get more information on this product in this review.


JT Eaton Rodenticide

  • Anticoagulant formula
  • Includes 0.005 percent Diphacinone
  • 144 packs of 1 oz. rat poison
  • Tamper-evident resealable pail

The JT Eaton rodenticide is an anticoagulant rat bait equipped with the delicious taste of peanut butter to attract rodents to their death. It has 0.005 percent Diphacinone which is responsible for striking down small rodents a number of days following the ingestion of the rodenticide. The rat poison comes in 144 packs with an ounce of the stuff. Ideal for use in places like the garage and other similar areas. See this at work in this review.


Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx

  • Made with human food-grade ingredients
  • Has Diphacinone, a 1st gen anticoagulant
  • Ideal for light to moderate rodent infestation
  • For indoor or outdoor use

The Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx are an effective way to take care of the rodent problem in your area. It’s good for rats and mice, and the inclusion of the Diphacinone, an efficient first-generation anticoagulant, powers up the formula to eliminate all traces of rodents in your home. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The package has 4 individually-wrapped bars a pound each. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Protecta LP Rat Bait

  • Low-profile rodenticide
  • Triangular bait station fits in corners and walls
  • Includes one key per order
  • Locks automatically once closed

Looking for a safer alternative to toxin-based rodenticides? The Protecta LP Rat Bait is a product that is good for homeowners who have small children and pets around. This is a bait station which comes with a lock and key, automatically locking itself with the prey inside once closed. Triangular shape allows it to fit on walls and corners. Has one-piece liner for easy cleanup. See this and more in this review.

Never take rat and mice infestation for granted or it will get the best of you. Correct rat elimination using the best rodenticide is an ideal course of action. Always get a product that best fits your situation, whether at home or on the fields.