Best Range Replacement Plug Receptacles

Range Replacement Plug Receptacles are wiring device used for special wiring to give an independent neutral circuit flow so that the other accessories of an electric cooking range will power and run. If your outlet or receptacle can’t hold the plug snugly any longer, you’re going to need a replacement for that. These range replacement plug receptacles can keep your electric range functioning, especially on peak times.

You can find a handful of range receptacles available on appliance parts and accessories stores, all offering you with a quality product they say they are. But, choosing which one is the best pick is a bit frustrating with all the choices to choose from. Here, we narrowed down the search and recommend you the top-selling brands offering the best deals.


Eaton S42-SP-L Commercial Grade Angle Vinyl Power Plug with 30/50-Amp, 250-Volt, 6-30/6-50-NEMA Rating, Black by EATON

  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Power Connectivity Application
  • Special Wire Protection
  • Durable Thermoplastic

Regardless of your home’s style, Eaton’s replacement plug is quality tested to give you a product that answers to your wiring problems in the safest way. With its special features, this type of replacement plug also increases energy efficiency, productivity, safety and reliable performance for your electric range. It has built-in terminals with pressure plates that protect the wire from any erosion and wear. And since its body is a durable thermoplastic made, this receptacle is sure to have a long service life. Buy them at the most reasonable price offered; and watch this video on how to order.


Maximm Cable 15 Feet 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord/Wire, 3 Prong Grounded Wire 16 Awg Power Cord – White by Maximm

  • 360 Degrees Rotating Plug
  • Space Saver
  • Flat Plug
  • High Quality

Make way for this 360 degrees rotating plug made by Maximm. With its sleek and adaptable design, you will never have to worry about finding the right direction and blocking other outlets as you plug. With its flat-plug design, it saves more space, thus, eliminating bulky cord. You will not see it poking into another object and you can just place or mount it, right up against the wall, with no hassle. Know more about this plug receptacle and watch this video.


Camco 5Camco Mfg 55242 30-Amp Power Grip Plug5343 30 AMP Female Replacement Receptacle by Camco

  • Convenient Pull Handle
  • Highly Durable Polycarbonate
  • Patented Design
  • Perfect for Camper and Generator

You will find Camco’s replacement plug-in a very high-quality performance with easy to install features. The materials used to create this kind of receptacle plug can certainly meet your expectation, mentioning its rigidity and stout screw terminals. With its convenient pull handle and durable polycarbonate design specifications; this might be your best pick. More information are also explained in this video.


Legrand – Pass & Seymour 3861CC5 Angle Plug Three Pole Three Wire 30-Amp/50-Amp 125/250-volt by Pass & Seymour

  • 3 Pole, 3 Wire
  • Easy to Install
  • Dead Front Design Receptacle
  • Dual Power Range

The quality and price of Legrand’s three poles, three wires plug is quite impressive. This product is well made and guaranteed to give you good strong wire connections. The best thing about this one is that you can actually remove the terminals for easier attachment during the installation process, and put it back to cover on. Looks like you’ve found the beef! Look at how to install a tamper-resistant receptacle and watch this video.


MICTUNING 125V/30Amp Heavy Duty RV Replacement Male Plug with Ergonomic Grip Handle, Yellow by MICTUNING

  • Extremely Heavy Duty
  • Fairly Solid RV Plug
  • Nice Touch Grip Handle
  • Easy to Replace

Mictuning’s heavy-duty replacement plug also offers you a design of plug with inner strain relief clip and outer bushing, which can protect itself from dust and debris. With its extremely heavy-duty design, this plug can secure your cord for stable power connection. Its grip handle is ergonomically designed to make it easier and convenient for you to plug and unplug it in. This is perfect for your electric range since it has features for a better saving of energy, money and space. This might be the one you’re looking for. Details on how to replace a RV plug were explained on this video.

Always, in all ways, consider the safety of your kitchen and your home in choosing the best electrical receptacle plug. Check if your choice of receptacle type can match the circuit type you have at home, to avoid wiring and electrical problems. All the more, the brands mentioned above have a versatile and smart design that can surely fit your convenience and reach your satisfaction.