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Tidy Up Your Stovetop with Top-Quality Range Hoods

Every kitchen needs an effective air filtration system. Whenever we prepare and cook our food, the kitchen is always open to smoke, odors and particulate matter that can affect your indoor air quality within the area. Thus, if you want to improve the appearance of your kitchen, the addition of a range hood should always be considered. The range hood or vent hood takes away those unwanted elements so you can have a kitchen that is always fresh and pleasant. Check out happening range hoods that may pique your interest thru our convenient guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of using a range hood?

    Answer: Range hoods first and foremost, clean the air whenever you cook. Its everyday functions help in keeping a tidier kitchen—it removes smoke so the walls and the countertop will always be easier to clean and maintain. Range hoods also take care of residents’ health—it minimizes carbon monoxide poisoning hazards specifically if the area does not have appropriate ventilation. Apart from taking away smoke, odors and particulate matter, range hoods also help cool down kitchens. This is also a good investment since it preserves the value of your home—this aspect is crucial for homeowners who plan on selling their property in the future.

  2. What are the different types of range hoods?

    Answer: There are 5 common types of range hoods—the undercabinet, the wall chimney hood, the island hood, the downdraft and the ductless type. Undercabinet range hoods are positioned beneath wall cabinets. Wall chimney hoods are good for stovetops without any cabinets positioned on top of the range. Island hoods are installed and vented by means of ductwork located in the ceiling. Downdraft ones can be used in any spot in the kitchen but function mainly in islands. Ductless hoods meanwhile guide smoke, heat and steam away from the range then back in the kitchen.

  3. What factors should I consider when selecting quality range hoods?

    Answer: The size of the range hood matters—it should suit the size of your current stovetop. That way, the range hood can remove all smoke, heat and particulate matter efficiently before those elements trickle into the kitchen. Do not forget to get a range hood style that best fits your stovetop—we have mentioned several types earlier. Measure the area where you plan on positioning the unit so you can get the best-size range hood for it. the capability of a range hood to shift air is typically gauged by means of CFM or cubic feet per minute. To get the best kitchen CFM rating, you need to get the size of the kitchen and the cooking surfaces plus the heat usually generated by the stovetop. Range goods with higher CFM ratings are more ideal for bigger kitchens and cooking surfaces. Do not forget the ventilation type—ducted range hoods are more effective compared to ductless types but they can be difficult to set up and are more expensive. If you are renting an apartment or house, you have to know in advance if ducted range hoods are permitted in the area. In addition, consider the fan speed and the ease of installation too.

Our Top Picks


Broan-NuTone 413001 Ductless Range Hood

  • Ductless filtration system
  • Includes protective lamp lens
  • Has replaceable charcoal filter
  • 30-inch size

The Broan-NuTone 413001 Ductless Range Hood assures better stovetop filtration for a mess-free, odor-free kitchen. It includes a replaceable charcoal filter for neater indoor exhaust recirculation and it is also equipped with a protective lamp lens which gives lighting on your cooking surface. This is a white hood insert and because of its ductless design, this makes for a nice range hood for people renting apartments or homes. It is easy to install and requires to be mounted 18 inches on top of the stovetop at the least. For a stylish look and zero sharp edges, the hood’s sides have been mitered while its bottom edgings were hemmed. For extra convenience, this one operates in an ADA-compatible application.


Cosmo 5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Has ductless design
  • Features slim profile
  • Includes 3-speed motor
  • 30-inch size

The Cosmo 5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood features a high-quality contemporary brushed stainless steel look which allows it to blend seamlessly with current kitchen devices and appliances. The 430-grade stainless steel composition makes this one durable and solid plus it also features a 20-gauge thick duct which serves as the opening of the exhaust. It fits in most cabinets and is equipped with a backdraft damper too so air will not go back inside. The noise level it generates clocks in at only 56 dB. It works using a 3-speed motor plus it gives efficient air circulation too so no bad odors will linger inside the kitchen. The filters included help in ridding excess grease to minimize fire hazards, If you want your cooking and kitchen safe, you can get a little help from this range hood.


BV Range Hood

  • 750 CFM rating
  • Includes dual motors
  • Has additional lighting
  • Features 430-grade stainless steel baffle filters

The BV Range Hood is one powerful undercabinet range hood with a CFM rating of 750. It features a sloped, ducted design that provides efficient airflow even under higher temperatures and thick smoke. It comes with dual motors too so it’s capable to level up its CFM rating. The hood features 3 fan speeds and it’s quite user-friendly too due to the inclusion of push button controls. It is also equipped with stainless steel baffles and a removable oil filter which are pretty simple to clean and maintain. The quality of this unit and its higher CFM rating makes this a great option for an undercabinet range hood.


Hauslane Chef Series 30” C400 Range Hood

  • Undercabinet range hood
  • Buttonless design
  • Slim stainless steel built
  • Includes 2 halogen lights

The Hauslane Chef Series 30” C400 Range Hood is an undercabinet range hood with a slim, stainless steel built. One high point of this model is that is presents convenient autocleaning functions—the exhaust fan it comes with is made to cleanse the extractor motors with water to maintain the orderliness of the ventilator system and help extend the lifespan of the motor. The hood is fashioned with halogen lights which not only makes cooking a simpler activity, it also adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen thanks to its soothing, warm hues. It has touch control panels for straightforward cleanups and a digital screen clock too, which is typically found on most range hoods.


FOTILE JQG7501.E 30″ Range Hood

  • Side-draft range good
  • Has powerful dual mmotors
  • Includes touch screen controls
  • Easy to maintain

The FOTILE JQG7501.E 30″ Range Hood has a rather distinctive design for such a unit. It has a side-draft design which directs smoke, heat and particulate matter into the air inlet and reduces these elements from dispersing further. It accommodates up to 6 ft. of range space and the noise level it emits ranks only at 58 dB. The range hood comes with 3 speed settings and it’s great for all types of cooking methods. It has the Screen Lock Function which prevents users from accidentally switching the unit on while cleaning and it also includes a Delay Function—this one guarantees all odors are eliminated as soon as you are finished cooking. Its impeller design separates fumes and grease at a good 92 percent—the grease gets directed to the bigger grease tray and these wastes are also removed easily on the unit.


Awoco RH-R06 Rectangle Vent Range Hood

  • 6-inches high and 1-mm thick
  • Interchangeable rectangle adapter and cover
  • Features 4 speeds
  • Includes LED lights

The Awoco RH-R06 Rectangle Vent Range Hood features a streamlined, low-profile design that guarantees efficient removal of smoke, heat and odors while cooking. It features a durable and solid stainless steel built with a brushed finish. For powerful operations, the range hood makes use of 4 speeds—there’s Speed Quiet, 1, 2 and 3. Set the option you need for heavier cooking action or light-handed methods. To provide lighting, this one is equipped with two energy-efficient LEDs. The seamless look of the hood makes for simple cleanups too thanks to the lack of cutting edges. To completely rid your stovetop of grease, the range hood provides dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle air filters—these items will hold all oil and grease within its trays thus there’s no need for extra holders or cups to do the job.

Cleaning is not enough to make your kitchen bright and tidy. You also need to take care of the smoke and heat which can accumulate during cooking processes. In order to rid the kitchen of various kitchen odors, heat and particulate matter, you have to trust a good range hood. Range hoods are built to contain and remove steam, heat, cooking smells and particulates by way of their systems. It will also keep your stovetop organized and in tiptop condition. There’s no more need for you to scrub away grease and oil buildup since the hood will tackle this job for you. While you’re here, you should also check out our kitchen product reviews section to see the latest gadgets and cooking tools you can use to really upgrade your kitchen experience.