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Best Preformed Pond Liners

Do you want to create your own pond but are fine with cheating a little bit? Preformed pond liners are something you must consider. They come in a good range of colors, shapes and sizes plus they can last for a long time once installed correctly. Know more about pond liners and the available best products you can check out in the market by reading our handy buyer’s guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of preformed pond liners?

    Answer: One popular advantage of preformed pond liners is that these items will not present any unsightly creasing or folding in the liners because of its customized shape after an installation. Lots of homeowners of course want a clean, uniform look for a water garden or pond.

  2. What are the different kinds of pond liners?

    • Preformed pond liners
    This is the most popular among pond liners because it accommodates the skills of beginners. This liner is easy and fast to set up.
    • Flexible pond liners
    The flexible type provides homeowners the opportunity to customize their pond according to their preferences or fit a certain design.
    • Concrete pond liners
    The concrete kind is deemed to be the strongest however it is the most challenging of pond liners to work with because of the labor it entails.

  3. What materials are preformed pond liners made of?

    Answer: Preformed pond liners are usually made from plastic, fiberglass or PVC materials.
    • Plastic
    Ideal for bigger holding ponds, affordable and easy to install.
    • Fiberglass
    Ideal for raised pond installations. Formidable fiberglass models are capable of accommodating weight of the water and rocks without breaking or curving.
    • PVC
    PVC liners often come with UV stabilizes so the liner will not crack or bend due to prolonged sun exposure. Most PVC liners ae affordable, easy to install and a breeze to work with even during the winter season.

  4. How long does a pond liner last?

    Answer: The lifespan of a pond liner is based on the kind of liner and the conditions that the item was subjected to over the course of use. Lots of high-quality pond liners from the best brands offer warranties of up to 20 years.

Our Top Picks


Algreen 91901 Avonlea Rigid Preformed Pond Liner, 33-Gallon

  • 33-gallon preformed type
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV-stable and durable
  • Fish and plant-safe

The Algreen preformed pond liner is the durable kind and is UV-stable to boot. It is weather-resistant which contributes to its longer lifespan. It comes with built-in plant shelves for your aquatic plants. The pond liner is quite eco-friendly to, being made from recycled plastic material that is completely safe for the environment. It provides a flat base for pump placement for drawing up hassle-free garden pond designs. See this liner in action in this review video.


Beckett Corporation 35-Gallon Preformed Pond

  • 35-gallon preformed type
  • Made from durable, flexible plastic
  • Flat bottom design
  • Safe for plants and fishes

The Beckett Corporation preformed pond liner is the UV-stable type, crafted from flexible, durable plastic that will last for years with proper installation. For better, stable plant and pump positioning, the liner is designed with a flat bottom. The plastic material it was made from is quite safe for fishes and aquatic plants. It is great for either in-ground or above-ground installation. Made in the USA, watch why this pond liner gets high points in this review video.


Next Generation Silver King Flex Pond 91 Gallons

  • Flex-Pond design
  • Includes 2 large plant shelves
  • Triangular shape
  • Includes installation instructions and dig template

The Next Generation Silver Kind Flex Pond accommodates a sizable 91 gallons. It is recommended for corner installation areas like around verandas or sundecks. The best advantages of this product is that it has the great qualities of both preformed and flexible pond liners. The item comes with a dig template so you will have a better idea of the installation procedure plus instructions for the process too. See how this pond liner works in this review video for more ideas.


Little Giant 567371 Pond Liner Repair Kit

  • Great for fixing small holes
  • A must for EPDM and PVC materials
  • Ideal for flexible and preformed ponds
  • Easy to use

Regardless of how much we take care of our water gardens and ponds, it is always a good idea to be prepared and have ready solutions for common pond problems. Repair kits are something smart pond and garden keepers often have in their household. The Little Giant pond liner repair kit is recommended for fixing tiny holes in EPDM or PVC flexible and preformed pond liners. The kit is pretty easy to use since it includes comprehensive instructions to cover such details. Get more insight on this product in this review video.


Maccourt PP2615 Large Whiskey Barrel Pantainer Black Pond Liner

  • High-density polyethylene
  • Non-toxic to fish, plants and pets
  • Versatile pond liner
  • Also good as in-ground fountain reservoir

The MacCourt PP2615n is a sizable pond liner that is crafted from high-density polyethylene material so it’s resistant against fading, chipping and cracking. This is a formidable liner which is totally safe for fishes, plants and pets. It is a breeze to clean and maintain due to its smoother surface. It has bigger plant shelves too so it can contain larger or several plant containers at once. Other than being a pond liner, the item can also be used as a whiskey barrel liner, a planter or a container fountain. See how this liner works in this video review.

Hopefully you are now familiar with the kind of preformed pond liner that you need to get started on your pond. Our guide on preformed pond liners hopefully have steered you to the right direction; a liner that answers your requirements for a beautiful, relaxing water garden, without doing all the work!