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Best Pond Water Conditioners

Quality water is a must in any pond ecosystem. Pond keepers and water gardeners should follow certain steps in order to have clean, quality water on their ponds—this leads to a healthier environment for the fish and aquatic plants. Also, cleaner pond water is also free from odors and unwanted algae and muck growth.

One of the methods that water gardeners utilize is treating the water with a good conditioner. Pond water conditioners or dechlorinators are excellent treatments for maintaining quality, safe water. Learn more about these products by reading the rest of this buyer’s guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. How does a pond water conditioner work?

    Answer: Apart from the electric kind, we have the gas-operated models and the battery-operated ones.

  2. Do I really need a pond water conditioner for my garden pond?

    Answer: For an overall healthy and thriving pond, make sure to use a conditioner for it. These items can help in combating unnecessary bacteria which can lead to weed and algae invasion.

  3. When should I use a pond water conditioner?

    Answer: Whenever you are adding water to a new pond or need to change water, you have to treat it with a conditioner or dechlorinator. If you want to make changes in an existing garden pond, you need to take away bigger debris first then replace 15 to 25 percent of the water to minimize wastes that has accumulated in the pond during the winter season. Also, pond water conditioners make tap water safe for fishes whenever you change the water.

  4. Is there variety in pond water conditioners?

    Answer: You will see lots of different types of pond water conditioners in brick and mortar and online pond supply stores. There are products that are quite multi-purpose. There are also products which are designed mainly to target bigger, multiple-acre ponds.

Our Top Picks


Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria Water Treatment

  • Retains balanced pond ecosystem
  • Contains 8 clean strains of pure beneficial bacteria
  • 3.0 billion CFUs per potency
  • One container good for 104,000 water gallons

The Aquascape 98949 Beneficial Bacteria Water Treatment is designed to provide cleaner, healthier water environment. It contains 8 pure strains of beneficial bacteria, all of which will not do any harm on aquatic plants, fish, wildlife, humans and pets. The conditioner can minimize the number of wastes, muck and organic dead plant material. It also rids the water of unnecessary nutrients which are not healthy for aquatic plants and fishes. Check out how this treatment works in this video.


Microbe Lift MLCBSE500 Barley Straw Concentrated Extract Pond Conditioner

  • Fast-acting
  • Easy to use
  • Consists of natural ingredients
  • Non-hazardous to fish, plants, pets, wildlife, etc.
  • Made in USA

Long thought to be an old wives’ tale, university studies have proven two mechanisms by which barley functions to help prevent excessive algae growth. The first is the release of humic acids as the barley decomposes. This can take up to six weeks with barley bales. Pellets will release these compounds within approximately one week since the barley has been partly broken down during processing. But the Barley extracts release these compounds almost immediately. The humic substances released are large molecules with numerous binding sites that tie-up nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorous compounds, that are essential for synthesis of algal protein, and thus required for its growth. Removing these macronutrients from the water column essentially “starves” the algae out.


Hikari USA Inc. Ich x – Ich Treatment

  • Effective in treating saltwater aquariums
  • Non-staining formula
  • Treats ich, fungal, protozoan and fluke water conditions
  • 16 ounces good for 960 gallons of water

The Hikari USA Inc. Ich x – Ich Treatment is designed to control the effects of dangerous water conditions caused by fungi, protozoa, marine ich and flukes. The formula, which is made for saltwater marine aquariums, is a non-staining one so as not to create cosmetic damage to your aquarium water. 16 ounces of the treatment is capable of managing 960 water gallons. Keep in mind that this product is not to be used with other water meds/conditioners especially ones with sulfoxylate or sulfinate. See how this product works in this review.


API Pond Stress Coat Pond Water Conditioner Bottle

  • Gets rid of harmful tap water chemicals
  • Comes with aloe vera
  • Safe for fish, pond plants, wildlife and pets
  • Reduces fish stress

The API Pond Stress Coat water conditioner not only takes way harmful chemicals like ammonia, chlorine and chloramine from tap water, it also helps offset heavy metals present in the water. The aloe vera was said to be responsible for reducing fish stress by a good 40 percent, hence the Stress in the product’s name. It helps in strengthening the fishes’ vulnerability to infections and illnesses. The Stress Coat creates an artificial slime coating which changes the natural excretion of slime which is hampered by fish fighting, handling and all sorts of stresses that can aggravate fish.


Koenders 30084K Nature’s Pond Conditioner

  • All-natural and organic
  • Effectively improves water quality
  • Stimulates a healthy ecological unit
  • Reduces pond sludge

Maintain your pond in the best condition with this Koenders product. The Nature’s Pond Conditioner is crafted to rid your pond of nasties like fish wastes, food debris, dead organic matter, phosphates and pond sludge. It’s safe enough for aquatic plants, fish, pets, humans and surrounding wildlife. It also comes with a food dye which provides a beautiful blue and green tint to the water to enhance its natural appearance. Used together with excellent aeration and beneficial bacteria, this product will work wonders. See this product work in this demo video.


Fritz PRO – Concentrated Chlorine Remover

  • Removes chlorine instantly
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater environments
  • Concentrated, economical formula
  • Recommended for water changes

The Fritz PRO Concentrated Chlorine Remover is a sodium thiosulfate-based solution which is made to safely get rid of chemicals from the tap water. The formula will not get in the way of saltwater’s natural pH levels too. This is a formula that does not contain phosphate for a safer treatment. Check out more in-depth information on this product in this enlightening review.