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Best Pond Spitters

Want an instant boost to your pond or water garden’s aesthetics? You can add accessories on it like whimsical pond spitters, for one. Pond spitters adds tons of perk and quaintness to ordinary waterscapes. Ever thought of buying one? Read on about essential info and products in our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of pond spitters?

    Answer: Apart from improving the looks of your waterscapes, spitters also help in circulating water all over and it produces surface movement on it. Due to these movements and regular water circulation, it prevents the water from getting stagnant. Pond spitters come in various sizes and they can be utilized as fountains or statues.

  2. How do pond spitters work?

    Answer: Pond spitters literally spit water back into the pond or water garden. The device works in the same manner as a pond fountain. The water which comes from the pond spitter has to be fastened to a certain pump. The pump will push the flow into the air and back into the water garden or pond system, usually coming from the head of the spitter. Because of the unique way pond spitters work, the device makes for an eye-catching pond centerpiece.

  3. What materials are pond spitters made of?

    Answer: Spitters come in a good range of styles, designs and materials. Bigger ones are usually crafted from stone material like marble. Smaller ones which are usually seen in ponds and water gardens are typically made from non-toxic materials like plastic and polyresin combinations. The wooden ones meanwhile are made from bamboo material because bamboo is durable and weather/breakage/rot-resistant.

    The metal ones like bronze and brass pond spitters are long-lasting and look even more beautiful as they age. However, they are more expensive compared to other types of pond spitters.

  4. What factors should I consider when buying pond spitters?

    Answer: You need to consider the size of the spitter first and check which size fits your pond or water garden. You should also mind its placement, the style of the spitter, the fittings size, pump requirements, the material it is made of and the budget you are willing to shell out.

Our Top Picks


Design Toscano Hanna The Hippo African Decor Piped Pond Spitter Statue

  • Suits water gardens
  • Provides a sense of fun and whimsy
  • Low maintenance
  • UV-resistant material

Give your pond the feel of a beautiful African savanna with the Hanna the Hippo pond spitter from Design Toscano. The spitter’s function helps in oxygenating the waters and it provides a nice, calming aquatic music as well. This statue is handcrafted from genuine crushed stones bonded together with hardwearing resin and finished with UV-resistant material for extra durability. See more in this review.


Tetra Pond Unique Pond Spitter Decoration and Pond Aerator

  • Oxygenates pond
  • Fun and unique
  • Connects to 1/2 -3/4 tubing
  • Excellent detailing

If you cannot get enough of animals for your water garden especially cute amphibians, then you cannot go wrong with these wonderful pond accessories from Tetra Pond. The spitter presents a wonderfully detailed statue of a frog that will suit all water gardens and ponds. This is a breeze to install and will last for ages due to high-quality, durable materials. See more in this review video.


TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter

  • Circulates water for healthier pond
  • Lends an interesting, lively feel
  • Suits 1/2 tubing
  • Matches 70-400 GPH pumps

Pond spitters are garden accessories that give waterscapes good aeration and aesthetics. This Blue Koi Spitter from TotalPond is beautifully detailed; the fish’s scales have a genuine feel to it and it’s especially durable because of the prime materials the item was made of. It connects to pump outlets with 1/2 -3/8 tubing too. See more of this product in this video review.


Algreen Pond Fish Spitter with Pump and Tubing

  • Improves waterscape appearance
  • Comes with tubing and pump
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Suction base

The Pond Fish Spitter from Algreen is a complete package; it already comes with its own submersible pump, 6 ft. power cable and tubing. It features adjustable flow rate and for stability also comes with a suction base which adheres solidly to any type of surface. The item is made from plastic, metal and resin materials and has a wonderful brown and green coloring which suits its environment. See more in this video review.


Alpine Corporation NCY298 Metal Crow Fountain

  • Made from metal materials
  • UL-certified pump
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Colorful, fanciful bird duo

Alpine has a bunch of whimsical treats that can liven up your outdoor spaces. Check out the Metal Crow Fountain duo—these birds add a fun and rustic touch to your home. It also provides calming water sounds for a serene homestead. It includes UL-listed pup and can be used indoors or outdoors. Check the décor out in this review.


Park Hill Collections Old Crows Fountain – Spitter with Pump

  • Inspired by folk art
  • Indoor and sheltered outdoor décor
  • Includes submersible pump
  • Includes tubing

Do you want to add a folksy, rustic touch to your garden? These pair of awesome crows from Park Hill Collections might bring your search to a close. A fountain and a pond spitter, it not only adds flair to your waterscape, it also circulates the water and prevents it from getting stagnant. The item already comes with a submersible pump and a splash screen. The flow of water is released from the crows’ open mouths. Get more insight on this product in this review.

Pond spitters are a nice way to upgrade the appearance of your pond or water garden. Let our guide direct you to quality products that will answer your needs.