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Best Pond Skimmer Filters

Healthy ponds are the product of the right filtration systems. Pond skimmer filters are just some of the devices used by home and landowners to maintain thriving water sources. Let our essential information on the device and ideal products guide you to a commendable means of maintaining your pond.

Buyers Guide

  1. Are there differences between pond skimmers and pond filters?

    Answer: There is a difference between the two; pond skimmers are primarily used on the surface of the water for filtration procedures while the pond filter is mounted beneath the water or outside of the pond. The two items though function together—one item manages the surface while the other stops things from dropping into the water and decaying.

  2. Do I need a pond skimmer?

    Answer: If you are a pond keeper, you know that ponds do not move like streams and rivers. It is a closed water source. Because of this, debris and other items tend to float on the surface of the water and eventually sink into the depths of the pond. This can lead to muck buildup, which can be harmful to the pond. If you frequently need to deal with this issue, you need to get a pond skimmer.

  3. Are pond filters necessary?

    Answer: Then again, ponds are a closed water system so this means when it comes to maintenance, it depends on us pond keepers to clean and make sure that the area will be kept tidy and free from nuisances. The pond filter does the job of cleaning the water.

  4. Why do you need a pond skimmer filter?

    Answer: Pond skimmer filters are designed to take the trouble out of pond maintenance while at the same time, intermingle with the environment seamlessly. These devices are capable of pulling in floating items on the pond surface like leaves and twigs from plants and trees around the pond. Pond skimmer filters also complement the functions of high-volume pumps.

Our Top Picks


Little Giant Pond Skimmer

  • 9-inch door opening
  • 10000 GPH capacity
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Easy to install

The Little Giant 14940172 10,000 Gallon Per Hour Pond Skimmer is a durable unit which comes with a lid that removes effortlessly plus an optional sand-fill port. It has brushes that help in gathering debris and other unnecessary articles that can case blockage. It is capable of working with bigger pumps, comes with a plumb and a lockable skimmer door which limits water. It is designed with a support edge as well for additional strength. Check out the product in this demo video.


Laguna Skimmer Filter

  • Heavy-duty surface skimmer/filter
  • Lift-out skimmer net
  • Large media and pump chamber
  • Durable construction

The Laguna Skimmer Filter is great for pond beginners and comes at a great price point too. The box has a rugged construction while at the same time, is a flexible unit. It’s designed to tackle pumps that work with GPHs of 2000-4200. It’s also designed with a chamber where you can store the pump. The primary bin of the unit can contain plenty of debris, but it can be cleaned easily. The unit also makes for easy installation and usage. See how this skimmer filter fare in this product review video.


Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer Filter

  • Effective biological filtration operations
  • 6-inch opening
  • Removable lead and debris net
  • Rounded shape

The 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer Filter from Aquascape is a model that you need to try out in case you want something new in terms of structural design. The lid of this model comes with a rounded shape, allowing it to join effortlessly with the surrounding environment. A rounded shape also means better levels of durability compared to models that comes with a square shape. This skimmer filter is a snap to clean and its corrosion-resistant properties make the device combat damage done by the elements. Its 6-inch opening guards fishes too. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Atlantic Pond Skimmer

  • Strong, removable lid
  • Comes with rolled upper rim
  • Stainless steel-framed trap net
  • Matala filter mat

One of the best things about the Atlantic PS3900 Pond Skimmer is that it has a solid, durable construction which makes it resistant to the damage the elements can incur. Pond skimmers are exposed to the water and other elements for a while so a good one needs to have a heavy-duty build. This model is a box surface skimmer and it can be hidden easily with plants, rocks or other items and blend well with the surrounding landscape. It is ideal for all size ponds, big and small. Check out more information on this item in this demo video.


Waterscapes International Pond Skimmer

  • Super-flow weir doors
  • Simple pump access and removal
  • Rugged, versatile design
  • Removable lid, filter mat, silicon and basket

Ponds are often prey to plenty of outdoor items which can disturb the pond ecosystem and lead to blockage. Thereby it is important to invest in a good pond skimmer to remove those excesses. The PS4500 Pond Skimmer from Waterscapes International is here to get the job done. It comes with a super-flow weir door or opening for excellent surface cleanups. The cross-flow design of this unit makes reaching and removing the pump a breeze for users. The model is equipped with a removable lid, silicone, basket and filter mat. More in-depth review in this demo video for the product.

Pond filter skimmers are ideal for ponds which are situated in locations with plenty of surrounding trees and plants. Choose the most appropriate skimmer filter for your pond based on our top recommendations from our extensive research of these products.