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Best Pond Lighting

Sure, of course ponds look marvelous in the daytime, but if you want your looking fantastic at night, you can employ the use of pond lights. Pond lighting produces a wonderful ambiance around the pond. Wondering what system to buy? Read on and find out about great pond lighting systems in this handy buyer guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different kinds of pond lights?

    Answer: Pond lighting comes in spotlights, solar lights, fountain head lights, floating pond lights and submerged lights types.

  2. Are pond lights easy to install?

    Answer: The pond lights available in the market are different when it comes to this aspect. However, it is known that the wired kind is more complex to install compared to battery-powered and solar-powered types. Check reviews if the product is easy or a challenge to set up.

  3. Where should pond lights be placed?

    Answer: The placement and installation of the pond lights will depend on your preferences. In terms of solar lighting though, the solar kind requires to be set up in positions in which they can take adequate sunlight to supply an entire night. Submersible pond lights though can float up so you need to weigh them down with a brick or any heavy object.

  4. Any safety tips for pond lights?

    Answer: Make sure that you have a GFCI or a ground fault circuit interrupter on the electrical line or any line which attends to the pond’s lighting, filters and pumps. This specific safety system shuts down electricity during a ground fault and it also trips whenever overloading or short circuits take place.

Our Top Picks


StillCool Submersible LED Lights

  • Completely waterproof
  • Can be hung as pond lights
  • Has 10 small LED lights
  • Operated on 3 AAA batteries

The submersible LED lights from StillCool come with 100 percent waterproof lights. It operates on three AAA batteries and presents twelve varying static modes and three dynamic color-changing options. The lighting system resembles a candle and it adds a dose of pretty ambiance on your pond at night. Since it makes use of LED technology the unit is also energy-efficient. You can leave the lights on for hours in the evening and it will not dent your energy bill.


eLander Submersible Led Lights

  • 2 IR remote controls
  • 4 dynamic color changes
  • 16 varying light colors
  • Operates using 3 AAA batteries

The eLander submersible LED Lights for the pond are a great sight to see at night! It adds a dash of bright color and life into the scene. It presents four dynamic changes and sixteen varying light colors. You can arrange the colors depending on your mood or occasion, which makes pond lights such wonderful additional ornamentation in your yard or garden. The remote control meanwhile makes handling the lights and its modes easier—it can also change the lighting’s color and modes up to 15 ft. away. Check out how this unit works in this video.


Jebao 4 LED Super Bright Underwater Pond Fountain Spot Light Kits

  • 2.25 light dimensions
  • 12 ultra-bright LED lights
  • UL-listed
  • 4.8 watts/12V low voltage power consumption

This Jebao pond lighting unit comes as a 4-piece that fits the needs of budget pond keepers. If you want an affordable way to illuminate your pond at night, in an eye-catching way, then this unit is the way to go. It has low voltage at 12 V and is a UL-listed system. They can be submerged underwater for added drama too. It comes with durable housing so it will last for years. Interested in this system? Check out this in-depth product review in accompanying video.


LC-Smarts’ Solar Pond Spotlights

  • Durable plastic construction
  • IP68 waterproof functions
  • Special dustproof qualities
  • Easy to install

Lc-smarts’ Solar Pond Spotlights Submersible Pond Lights with 3 Lamps is designed with a stiff, hardwearing plastic material. It has waterproof properties (IP68 waterproof rating) and is dustproof too. Because it comes with LED lights, this system also makes for excellent energy-efficient ornamental lighting. It charges mechanically upon receiving sunlight. The product is also pretty easy to install; all you need to do is put the light spike stand to your preferred position on the ground, without using additional tools. Check out more info in this product review.


Deckey Waterproof LED Submersible Spotlight Landscape Lamp

  • Durable pond lights
  • Includes 4 suction cups on base
  • Completely adjustable model
  • 8-10 hr. of continuous focused lighting

These high-quality Deckey waterproof LED submersible lights are eco-friendly units—it does not emit UV or IR radiation. Another eco-conscious feature of this unit is that it’s designed from ABS- crafted plastic materials. It comes with 36 LED lightbulbs which offers dazzling, beautiful lights in the evenings. It operates by automatically shifting the colors every 1 to 2 seconds, available in 7 patterns. The system also comes with a cord that measures 130 inches for better flexibility in case of placement. Ideal for decorating not only ponds, but also fish tanks, aquariums, waterfalls and swimming pools. Check out how it works in this product review.

The best pond lighting is something that fits what you have in mind. Make your selection easier by remembering the essentials and our top recommended products mentioned in this guide. Have a good time keeping that pond vibrant and spotless!