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Best Plug-In Wax Warmers

When it comes to scenting the home, many people prefer plug-in wax warmers over potpourri and scented candles. This is because wax warmers generate fragrance without any hazardous smoke or flame. They don’t produce soot or debris, and the strength of their fragrance can easily be managed.

After some thorough research, we found six plug-in wax warmers that are easy and safe to use. You no longer have to worry about open flames that may pose a hazard to your children and pets.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a plug-in wax warmer?

    Answer: A plug-in wax warmer is an electric warmer that melts a candle or scented wax to release its scent.

  2. How does a plug-in wax warmer work?

    Answer: Once plugged, heat is released from underneath, slowly melting the wax and releasing the infused fragrance oils without the flame.

  3. Can I use a regular candle wax in a wax warmer?

    Answer: A regular candle’s wax will likely have trouble melting because it isn’t designed to melt that much wax.

Our Top Picks


White Leaf Ceramic Candle Warmer

  • Safety Timer
  • Multiple Power Settings
  • Easy to Use
  • Flame Free

The Julie Ann Home White Leaf Ceramic Candle Warmer provides quality function without compromising its looks! Featuring a ceramic construction, this white wax burner boasts an embossed leaf pattern for decoration and texture. This warmer stands apart from others with the safety functionally of a timer that can be set to always on, or automatically turn off in 2, 4, or 6 hours. In addition, the power levels can be set to low, medium, and high for varying intensities of fragrance.


Wax Warm Ups Plug In Home Fragrance Warmer

  • No open flame
  • No dangerous hot wax: Wax warm ups never melt
  • the patented design retains the melted wax within reservoir
  • Wax warm ups never get hot to the touch

This pierced metal plug in warmer is right at home in any style décor – from shabby chic to modern and everything in between! Made from black metal, the pierced pattern allows light to filter though, adding a night light feature to this plug in warmer. The removable dish is easy to clean and allows easy access to the bulb. Any traditional wax cube can be used in this warmer, however, this warmer features a sample pack of Wax Warm Ups. Wax warm ups are the latest innovation in home fragrance.


Elanze Designs Love You to The Moon Electric 2 in 1 Jar Candle and Wax and Oil Warmer

  • A meaningful and functional gift!
  • Dual Functionality (Wax Melter & Candle Warmer)
  • Unique sentiments for all occasions and everyday décor
  • Candles Last Twice as Long

2-in-1 warmers are a perfect gift with dual functionality. The removable top plate serves as a warmer for wax tarts and essential oils while the base serves as a candles warmer. Candles last up to twice as long and melts waxes without an open flame. They are made of durable ceramic stoneware and feature a red light showing if the product is on or off. This product ships in protective packaging and is a simple way to show a loved one you are thinking of them, and a great way to express your favorite scent. With over 30 different designs, the unique sentiments give this product extra meaning as a gift or home décor.


Cocopin Plug-In Wax Warmer

  • With 4 lavender melts
  • Quick melting
  • Does not generate soot
  • Easy to use

Produce amazing fragrances with this plug-in wax warmer. It has a temperature hot enough to melt the wax cubes in as fast as 20 minutes. Paired with the 4 lavender melts, the warmer generates a relaxing scent without any smoke or flame. You can also manage the intensity of your fragrance by breaking apart the wax cubes to tame the scent.


StarMoon Wax Warmer Plug-In

  • 90 degrees rotatable
  • No flame, smoke, or soot
  • Ceramic lamp cover
  • ABS fire-retardant socket

Light up any dull space with this pluggable wax warmer. Rotatable 90 degrees, it can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. It has a flameless heater that works quickly so your whole room will be filled with fragrance. It also has a cooling hole to ensure a longer service life. The removable 3-prongs plug allows for easy placement around any room.


Foromans Plug-In Wax Melt Warmer

  • Fast melting
  • Fits any plug in the house
  • Doubles as a night light
  • Flame free

Fill your room with wonderful aroma with this wax melt warmer. Designed with a 20-watt bulb, it brings out great scent in just a matter of minutes. The compact plug easily rotates to fit any outlet, while the plate that holds the wax is removable for easy cleaning. With a forest-like design, the wax warmer adds an interesting pattern to walls when lit.


Star Moon Pluggable Wax Melter

  • Rotatable base
  • Ceramic body
  • Smokeless and flameless
  • Meets American and Canadian product safety standards

Release wonderful fragrance into your home with this pluggable wax warmer. By simply melting the wax, it eliminates fire hazards, smoke damage, and indoor air pollution. With a rotatable base, it can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets. Made of high-quality translucent porcelain, the wax warmer emits a bright and comfortable glow.


Onlyhome Candle Warmer

  • With 3D effect
  • No flame or other pollutants
  • Rotatable base
  • Easy to operate

Spread fragrance all around your room with this plug-in wax warmer. It uses a 120V/7W light bulb for stable heating. By twisting the plug base, the warmer can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets. The 100% paraffin wax holds more fragrance and lasts longer compared to scented gels, oils, or sprays. The brightness and temperature of the warmer can be adjusted as desired.


Happy Wax Outlet Wax Melt Warmer

  • Mess free
  • With removable silicone melting dish
  • Flame free
  • Easy to clean

Enjoy all-natural fragrance throughout your home with this pluggable wax warmer. Its removable silicone melting dish catches hardened wax, allowing for quick and clean removal of used wax. The compact plug-in size fits any room of the house, while the translucent dish provides a warm glow. This wax warmer features a ceramic heater, which means no soot to pollute your home.

If you’re looking for a safer alternative to burning candles, you might want to try these plug-in wax warmers. Because there is no open flame, there is less risk of house fire. No soot is produced, so you never have to worry about air pollution.