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Best Plastic Storage Boxes

Clutter is a common problem that occurs when you have too many stuff but not enough storage in the home. When left ignored, it can accumulate, making you feel out of control. Before this happens, allow us to introduce to you a simple solution: the reliable plastic storage box. If you have tons of excess items you do not want to get rid of, this is your answer. What’s great about storage boxes made of plastic is you can immediately see what’s inside, making it easier for you to spot and grab the items you need when you need them. It lets you organize all sorts of things—clothes, arts and crafts, toys, books, and whatnot.

Not all plastic storage boxes are created equal, so our researchers reviewed numerous products to find the best in terms of size and quality. Take a look at these six organizers that are getting rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are plastic storage boxes made of?

    Answer: Most plastic storage boxes are made from reprocessed or re-granulated high density polyethylene or polypropylene plastic.

  2. What do you put in a plastic storage box?

    Answer: There are many things you can store in a plastic storage box. These include sports equipment, cleaning supplies, work files, cables and wires, toiletries, gift wrapping materials, school supplies, and holiday décor.

  3. How do you reuse an old plastic storage box?

    Answer: If your plastic storage box is still in good shape, you can donate it to a thrift store, local charity, school, senior center, or child care center. If your plastic storage box is in poor shape, you can turn it into a worm bin.

Our Top Picks


Homz Plastic Storage

  • Set of 2
  • Stackable
  • With latching handles
  • 112-quart storage capacity

Get rid of unsightly clutter with this set of 2 plastic storage boxes. With a clear material, it keeps contents visible so you can easily find what you need. It features ergonomic snap-latching closures that lock to secure the lid to the box. This box has a comfortable grip and hidden handle so you can easily transport it anywhere. The set is stackable so you can place the boxes on top of one another to maximize your valuable storage space. It has a 112-quart storage capacity ideal for storing shoes, clothes, seasonal holiday decorations, and other personal items.


CleverMade 62L Collapsible Storage Bins

  • Space-saving crate collapses flat for tidy storage
  • Ultra-durable solid wall design to keep small items inside
  • Interlocking nesting system enables secure vertical storing & stacking
  • Comfortable side-grip handles makes heavy lifting a breeze
  • Secure lock-tabs ensure stability for transport
  • To clean, simply hose off or wipe down with a wet cloth
  • Available in three sizes: 32 Liters, 46 Liters, 62 Liters

Keep your space clutter free with this 3-pack of Collapsible Storage Bins. These rugged, all-purpose crates haul up to 100lbs of tools, gear, sporting equipment, and groceries. Easily stack and store items for clutter-free, organized living. The best part, CleverCrate® Storage Bin folds flat and nest together making them a super space-saver.


Lockabox One

  • Made in Britain
  • Three-digit combination lock
  • Food and Medical Grade Polycarbonate
  • Fully assembled and ready to use

Compact and hygienic the Lockabox One is a unique lockable storage box combining security with everyday use. Measuring 31cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 17 cm (H), with a volume of 10.5 litres, it is often described as the ideal size, and is perfect for storage within the fridge. The high quality of the Lockabox One transpires from the use of shatter resistant polycarbonate and its patented clam-shell design. Whilst it’s versatility and security allows the Lockabox One to often be used for securing medicines, keeping snacks safe, as a device locker and to restrict children’s access to potentially hazardous items.


mDesign Plastic Storage Bin Box

  • Set of 4
  • Clear
  • 7.5 inches high
  • No lid

Keep your space clutter free with this set of 4 plastic storage boxes. It offers a roomy storage for organizing your shoes, bed sheets, towels, and other personal items. It has built-in handles to make it easy to grab off a shelf or out of a closet. Use the boxes side by side on dressers to create a larger storage system or use them individually. Made of durable plastic, it is BPA free, chlorine free, and shatter resistant. It is easy to clean with mild soap and water.


Akro-Mils 66486 CLDBL Plastic Storage KeepBox

  • 12-gallon capacity
  • With lid
  • Semi clear
  • Stackable design

Ensure a space that’s free of clutter with this plastic storage box. With a 12-gallon capacity, it holds plenty of personal items like files, toys, books, shoes, clothing, and towels. It has a stackable design, so you can create a larger storage system in your home. This box features a clear bottom that allows instant identification of contents, as well as attached lids with full-length steel hinge pins for added durability. Its ergonomic handles make carrying easy, even under a full load.


Randomgrounds Storage Bins

  • Set of 4
  • With lid and handle
  • 16-quart capacity
  • Semi clear

Say goodbye to mess with this set of 4 plastic storage boxes. With a capacity of 16 quarts, it helps you get rid of large clutter in no time. It measures 15 x 10 x 8 inches so you can easily tuck it in corners and small spaces. This box has molded lids that allow for stable stacking, as well as a secure latch to safeguard your items. Made of thick and strong plastic, you can count on it to endure daily wear and tear. It is beautifully accentuated with a royal blue handle and latches.


Childhood Clear Plastic Clip Box

  • Set of 2
  • 6.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Firm and sturdy
  • Clear construction

Organize small personal items in this set of 2 plastic storage boxes. Measuring 6.5 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 2.2 inches high, it easily fits crayons, crafts, small toys, puzzles, and school supplies. Made of premium thick plastic, it is firm, sturdy, and durable with no rough edges. This box fits well in drawers, shelves, and even backpacks. Its clear construction makes it easy to see what’s inside, while its latch on the front makes it is hassle-free to open and close.


Obston Plastic Latching Box

  • Set of 2
  • With handles and lid
  • 2 sizes
  • Stackable design

Make organizing your personal items easy with this set of 2 plastic storage boxes. It comes in 2 sizes: 6 quarts which measure 10.6 inches long, 7.6 inches wide, and 6.3 inches high; and 12 quarts which measure 12.75 inches long, 9.3 inches wide, and 7.65 inches high. It has a top handle that makes it perfect for traveling and to carry outdoors. This box has buckle-up latches that snap into place, keeping the lid secure at all times.

If you’ve lived in clutter for so long, it can make you lose all hope of ever getting your space back to being organized. With these plastic storage boxes, you can have somewhere to store all your extra items, keeping your mess to a minimum.