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Best Placemats

The table placemat is not only a functional piece, it also works for your table’s aesthetics. It enhances the look of the dining table. Make sure that you have them on your table for visual improvement and protection. Read more important facts on placemats in our convenient guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the primary function of a placemat?

    Answer: The placemat shields the dinner table from food and beverage spills and stains, heat damage and other related factors. Other than that, the placemat also serves as décor especially if you used fancier placemats with table runners. In cafes and restaurants, the placement can be used to endorse restaurant specials, menu items and others.

  2. What are the sizes available for placemats?

    Answer: The most popular placemat size is 12 x 14 inches and 14 x 20 inches. Smaller ones are available in a diameter of 12 inches. Shapes range from round, square and oval. This smaller size can cover a person’s dinner plate, flatware, stemware and napkin.

  3. What materials are placemats usually made from?

    Answer: Placemats are made from sturdy and stain-resistant materials, wood and synthetics. Bamboo is the most popular wooden placemat because it’s eco-friendly and durable. Linen, cotton and synthetics are also ideal since these materials are quite sturdy and resistant against stains.

  4. How do you align placemats?

    Answer: Aligning placemats with the table’s edge differ depending on the manner in which the table is designed. Tables with straight edges require that placemats must be positioned an inch from its edges. Bevel-edged tables require that placemats be positioned even with the bevel.

Our Top Picks


U’Artlines Placemat, Crossweave Woven Vinyl Non-Slip Insulation Placemat Washable Table Mats Set of 6 (6pcs placemats, Grey)

  • Made from quality PVC
  • FDA-approved
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable and non-fading

U’Artlines’ placemats safeguard wooden dining tables due to its capability to cut off heat coming from hot plates, bowls and other serveware. The mats have a minimal design but available in a wide range of colors to suit dining room/kitchen interiors and design themes. This minimalist approach will also work in commercial establishments and bigger dining halls and kitchens. It has sufficient thinness but big on durability. Easy to clean since you only need to rinse it under hot water to remove dirt. Good for daily use. See more in this review.


DII 100% Cotton Machine Washable, Everyday French Stripe Placemat for Dinner Parties, Summer & Outdoor Picnics, Set of 6 – Teal, Placemat-13 x 19″

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Includes 6 placemats
  • Great for daily use
  • Machine-washable

DII placemats are crafted from authentic cotton material. It as a simple design so it will go about with just about any look or interior décor. The fabric feels durable, with a sufficient heaviness to it. The cotton is stain-resistant as well. Due to it being made from all-natural fibers, the mats might shrink after the first wash, it is advised that only medium heat should be used for these placemats. Good even for daily use and recommended for special events and parties. Get more info in this review.


Pauwer Placemats Set of 6 for Dining Table Washable Woven Vinyl Placemat Non-Slip Heat Resistant Kitchen Table Mats Easy to Clean

  • Heat-resistant
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Non-slip and non-fading
  • Good for daily use

The Pauwer Placemats preserves the fine condition of your dining table since it guards the table from heat. It serves as some type of insulation. Using placemats also protects the table from food and drink spills, staining and scratches. The mats will not slip and are a snap to clean and air-dry. Due to the moderately granular feel and shine of the mats, it makes them look like items made from all-natural materials. Well-made and durable, available in a nice selection of colors. See more in this review.


Benson Mills Tweed Woven Vinyl Placemats, Natural, Set of 8

  • 100% quality vinyl
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for everyday use
  • Elegant and stylish

These placemats from Benson Mills are crafted from high-quality, genuine vinyl. The mats have built that is perfect for both home and commercial use. It is great not only for special occasions, but everyday use at home as well. The mats come with a design which won’t clash with any décor or home interior so they’re very safe yet chic additions to your dining table. Affordable and durable, they provide visual enhancements. Get more insight in this review.


Tennove Placemats Set of 6, Woven Vinyl Table Mats PVC Placemats Kitchen Dining Table Decoration (Flower-Brown)

  • Eco-friendly PVC material
  • FDA-approved
  • Trendy cross-weave pattern
  • Washable and easy to maintain

The Tennove Placemats are available in a nice range of designs and colors so you can easily find one that will match your table or your theme. The PVC vinyl used in making the placemats was approved by the FDA and eco-friendly to boot. The mats are non-slip, non-fading and very sturdy. It is a breeze to clean since all you need to do is remove food stains with a damp sponge. It is lightweight and water-resistant. Check this placemat in this review.


WOOD MEETS COLOR Cotton Table Placemats Set of 6 Woven Braided Ribbed Washable Kitchen Table Mats, 12″ x 18″ (Red 2)

  • 100 % cotton and linen blend
  • Hand-woven construction
  • Good heat insulation
  • Sturdy and easy to clean

The Wood Meets Color placemats is made from an authentic cotton and linen blend, handwoven for strength and charm. Very sturdy with a finishing that is spot-on. Won’t shrink when washed, with bright fun colors apt for celebratory occasions. Use them to brighten up your dining room table while protecting its surface. Get more insight about this product in this review.

High-quality placemats are a must; check out our recommendations on this guide. Have a good day shopping!