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Best Paper Shredders for a Home Office

In a home office, you handle a lot of private and confidential documents. Once you are done working on them, it is advisable to destroy the documents and their copies. The best way to destroy them is by using a paper shredding machine. Another happy benefit of these machines is that shredded paper takes up less space in the recycling bin. Some of the more modern machines can also destroy credit cards that are no longer in use but can be used by a third-party for illegal activities or identity theft.

Buyers Guide

  1. What should I consider when buying a tech pouch?

    Answer: While we have different needs when shopping for a tech pouch, a perfect buy should fit all your accessories. Also, it would be best if you bought a tech organizer that is water-resistant. If you carry more than cables, invest in a sturdy product.

  2. What features should I look for in a paper shredder?

    Answer: Some of the key factors to consider when buying a paper shredder for your home office include: First, the shredder’s final product is a key factor to consider when purchasing a machine. The best buy, in this case, is a cross-cut shredder. The machine’s ability to shred non-paper items is also a key consideration when buying a machine.

  3. Do paper shredders use a lot of electricity?

    Answer: No. On the contrary, a paper shredder uses the least electricity in a home office. A big machine may use power equivalent to $2.00 per month if you use it every day. A smaller machine for your home office used once a week may not use any substantial power and, therefore, ideal for a home office.

Our Top Picks


Bonsaii shredder

  • Has jam protection
  • It has a 6-sheet capacity
  • Can also destroy clips, staples, and credit cards
  • Convenient and portable

Are you looking for a paper shredder that is affordable and powerful for your home office? If yes, the improved Bonsaii shredder with a six-sheet capacity is a perfect buy for you. Unlike smaller machines, it can shred papers without removing clips and staples. Besides its power, the Bonsaii shredder has jam protection, especially if you plan to shred more papers in a single session. Lastly, this machine can also destroy credit cards that you no longer use.


RAGU Paper Shredder

  • Has a 6-Sheet capacity
  • It a P-4 security model
  • Has a bigger basket
  • It is jam proof

RAGU Paper Shredder is a powerful machine for all your office needs. The shredder is has a six-sheet capacity, which is perfect for destroying all the confidential documents in your home office. Apart from its capacity, the RAGU shredder is p-4 security level certified, which means it cuts the papers to the smallest possible pieces and keeps your details safe. Once you are done shredding papers or cards, the bigger basket allows you to use the machine more before emptying it.


Rexel Shredder machine

  • Highly portable
  • It has a 6-shit capacity
  • Has a bigger basket
  • Does not jam easily

Rexel is one of the best shredding machines for home offices. It has a six-sheet capacity, which allows you to cut papers faster and more efficiently. Once you have cut all the documents, you do not need to empty the machine. It has a bigger basket on the bottom. In addition to the machine’s efficiency, Rexel is jam-proof, and you should not worry about inefficiency, especially when working on multiple projects. Finally, the shredder machine is portable, in case you alternate working places.


Fellowes 6M5 Paper Shredder

  • Has a compact design
  • It has a 6-sheet capacity
  • Has a bigger mesh bin for paper waste
  • It has an automated overheating protection

Fellowes 6M5 is a compact paper shredder for people with home offices. Apart from making it a perfect unit to move between the main office and home working space, the compact design takes less space. The machine’s shredding capacity is unmatched; especially considering it is for domestic use. However, if you have more papers to shred, the unit has overheating protection.


Aurora paper shredder

  • Can shred anything in a home office
  • Has a bigger litter basket
  • Easy to operate
  • It is quiet

Aurora paper shredder is an ideal buy for starters and people that have never owned a shredding machine before. The buttons are easy to use and navigate, especially when shredding different materials. Also, the machine is affordable and has an eight-sheet capacity. You can achieve more with the machine without overspending. Second, the machine has one of the biggest litter baskets for home shredding machines.


Fellowes Powershred Paper Shredder

  • It has an 8-sheet capacity
  • Has a safety lock
  • Can shred up to five minutes
  • Has dual zipper for more security

Fellowes Powershred Paper Shredder is a safe machine for your home office. The patented safety lock makes the unit an ideal addition to a smaller office. Besides safety, Fellowes Powershred Paper Shredder is powerful in two ways. First, you can shred papers for up to five minutes before stopping. Second, it has an eight-sheet capacity, which is impressive for a home office. Finally, the waste bin is big enough not to empty every time you shred papers.


AmazonBasics Shredder

  • Has 8-sheet capacity
  • Can cut papers, credit cards, and pins
  • Has a bigger bin
  • It has thermal protection

AmazonBasics Shredder is a safe machine for home office and small corporate workspace. The eight-sheet capacity allows you to shred all types of materials, such as papers and credit cards. In case you shred more papers, the machine has thermal protection, which protects the unit from heat damage. Once you are done shredding cards or papers, you do not need to empty the machine’s bin immediately, thanks to its gigantic bin. 

The above shredding machines are ideal for a home office. While there are relatively smaller compared to the gigantic office machine, the seven units will get the job done. If you prefer changing working spaces, they are also portable. Lastly, all the machines outlined above are affordable. Therefore, they are an ideal addition to home office accessories.