Best Paint Markers

Paint markers are popular among lots of artists especially graffiti enthusiasts. But how do you choose the best paint markers among the bunch? Check out our guide and discover what markers will work best for your art.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the primary uses of paint markers?

    Answer: Paint markers are marker pens which are used to produce writing or art that is permanent on different surfaces from paper, stone, concrete, fabric, metal, glass or plastic. Paint markers are often used by graffiti artists to create art and skateboarders to decorate their decks.

  2. What are the different kinds of paint markers?

    Answer: There are two common kinds of paint markers and they are:
    • Removable – This type can be taken away from surfaces which are non-porous moderate scrubbing and water. There are also removable markers which can be water-resistant but easily removed using gentle cleaners.
    • Permanent – Has a permanent formula with water-based pigments and solvent. Resistant against weather and fading.

  3. What are paint marker tip styles?

    Answer: Paint markers with solid tips are great for rougher surfaces like concrete, wood, or uneven metal surfaces. For narrow markings, you should make use of paint markers with steel tips. Tip widths currently available are the following:
    • Extra fine (.08 mm)
    • Fine (1.2 mm)
    • Medium (1.8 mm)
    • Bold (2.4 mm)
    • Extra wide (30 mm)

  4. How do you extend the life of paint markers?

    Answer: To prolong the life of your paint markers, make sure to get markers with the right tip that functions well on surfaces you often work on. Always keep the cap on as well when the marker is not in use.

Our Top Picks


Dab and Dot Markers Washable, Non-Toxic for Kids Art Activities Set of 8 Paint Art Daubers (16 Pack) Including Bonus 101 Easy Dot Marker Activities PDF

  • User-friendly twist-off cap
  • Includes 8 colors
  • Reinforced tip
  • Safe for children

The best art materials for children are completely safe for them to use—the Dab and Dot Markers in washable form are one of the products that are definitely recommended for creative young ones. These high-quality markers have a washable formula that spells loads of temporary fun for children. The reinforced tips of the markers are designed not to dry up quickly as well. Get more information on these products in this review.


Do A Dot Art! Markers 6-Pack Rainbow Washable Paint Markers, The Original Dot Marker

  • Easy-Grip bottle
  • Latex and gluten-free
  • Dries fast
  • Patented bigger sponge tip dauber

These Do a Dot Art markers are not mess free to use so it’s perfect for kids. Totally safe, free from allergens like gluten and latex, the markers will provide endless fun for the kids without parents worrying about their health. Markers aren’t designed to drip, dries quickly and housed in an easy to hold bottle so children can perfect their creative works. Get more insight on these markers in this review.


8-pack Washable Dot Markers / Bingo Daubers Dabbers Dauber Dawgs Kids / Toddlers / Preschool / Children Art Supply 3 Pdf Coloring eBooks = 100 Activity Sheets To Do by Cameron Frank Products

  • Ergonomic size markers
  • Will not drip
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Great for learning, arts and crafts

These Cameron Frank Products children’s washable markers are an engaging and fun way for kids to learn more about different hues, shapes and coloring inside the lines. Completely safe for kids to use, the formula for this marker is non-toxic. If you want something creative for your children’s leisure time, then these markers are beneficial—it will keep them entertained for hours on end and sharpen their creativity too. Get more info in this review.


Best Fabric Markers (PACK OF 24 PENS) Non-Toxic – Set of 24 Individual Colors – NO DUPLICATES – Bullet Tip – Machine Washable Paint – Perfect for Writing on Clothes, Clothing, Jeans, Pants, and Shirts by Best

  • Includes 24 color markers
  • Bullet-style tip
  • Works on lots of surfaces
  • 100 percent safe and non-toxic

Provide hours and hours of creative fun for your kids through this washable paint marker set from Best. The colors are bright, awesome and will not leak or bleed. It works on a wide range of surfaces too. Kids can use it on t-shirts, paper, canvases or any surface they wish. The color variations are excellent since it as a bigger selection. See these markers in this review.


Acrylic Paint Markers,26 Colors Extra Fine Point Acrylic Paint Pens Set by Smart Color Art, Permanent Water Based, Great for Rock, Wood, Fabric, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, DIY Crafts and Most Surfaces by Smart Color Art

  • Includes 26 paint pens
  • Odorless and acid-free
  • Non-toxic markers
  • 0.7mm tips

This paint marker set from Smart Color Art has an extensive selection of colors so take advantage of such color options and produce dazzling multicolor works of art right away. The paints work on majority of surfaces and are completely safe to use for kids. The product is odorless and free from acids and toxins. It has a finer tip too so it makes for excellent intricate detailing. See more of these markers in this review.


Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers, Medium Point, Assorted Classic Colors, Set of 5 – 34971PP

  • Fast-drying ink
  • Oil-based
  • Bright, high-contrast colors
  • Fade/smearing/water-resistant

Oil-Based Paint Markers from Sharpie work on a good range of surfaces from metal down to painted ones. While at times we cannot avoid doing so, these markers will still work even on surfaces that are not wiped clean. Not advisable really, but this speaks highly of these markers. It dries fast, won’t fade or smudge and water-resistant too. Get more info in this review.

High-quality paint markers not only give significant pigment, they are also completely safe. Choose from our list of recommendations today.