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Best PA Lights

The lack of a good PA system can be a bother. The crowd will never hear nor understand announcements clearly with a PA system that functions poorly. If you are currently in the process of choosing a PA system, then it’s important that you are aware of the basics. Read our guide for information on choosing the right PA system.

Buyers Guide

  1. How does a PA system operate?

    Answer: The PA system, also known as the public address system, picks up signals coming from a microphone or an audio unit like for example, the iPod, then it transforms acoustic sounds into electronic ones. The system then proceeds to process and blend the signals. These signals are then boosted by means of a power amplifier and transmitted to the audience by means of speakers.

  2. What are the different kinds of amplifiers and speakers for PA systems?

    Answer: Here are common types of PA system amplifiers:
    • Pre-amplifier – preps up sound to be sent to mono amps.
    • Mono-plain amplifier – gives input to the speakers.
    • Paging amplifier – mono amps utilized at multi-zone structures where output is needed in several areas of the structure at varying times.

    Common kinds of PA system speakers:
    • Wall/ceiling speakers – uses a clamp system and ideal for commercial structures, schools or hospitals.
    • Column speakers – bigger in size in order to accommodate sizable output for a bigger audience.

  3. How do you extend a portable PA system?

    Answer: You can extend portable PA systems by supplementing them with complementary speakers like slave speakers. These speakers are either passive or active types. The extension will be based on the power of your amplifier and the remaining capacity it has, plus the number of speakers that should be added on it.

  4. How do you install a PA system?

    Answer: Installing PA system is not really a DIY thing, since it’s a very technical procedure which should be handled by professionals. Allow professional studio installation companies to do the job and guarantee an installation which proceeds smoothly and accomplish results you are after.

Our Top Picks


Hisonic HS120B Lithium Battery Rechargeable & Portable PA (Public Address) System with Built-in VHF Wireless Microphone, Car Cigarette Lighter Cable, Carrying Bag,1 Hand Held +1 Body Pack

  • Integrated VHF wireless microphone system
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with higher capacity
  • 40W speaker
  • Portable and lightweight

The Hisonic HS120B Portable PA System is a nice sound system for small events. Its functions are great for outdoor settings and for travel. The package is compact and lightweight, very travel-friendly. It already comes with a built-in rechargeable and expendable battery exclusively designed for outdoor use. Has tons of clarity and power and includes a travel case, clip-on/handheld mike and headset. See more in this review.


Rockville RPG122K Dual 12″ Powered Speakers, Bluetooth+Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables

  • 12-inch long-throw woofer
  • 25mm piezo compression
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless remote control

The Rockville RPG122K is a portable, compact and lightweight PA sound system packed with features that present lucid, clear sounds that are free from feedback and distortion, even at higher SPLs. Ideal for use out of doors, like for celebratory events and film showings. Has the best volume—releases loud, clear sounds great for parties too. Get more info in this review.


PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set with Bluetooth/USB/SD Card Reader/FM Radio/Remote Control/LED Light

  • 15-inch 2000W speaker system
  • 1/4-inch mic and RCA line input/output
  • Built-in 4 color LED lights
  • Durable built-in speaker stands

The Proreck Party Portable PA System will be your favorite companion. It’s not only a PA system that discharges clear, ultra-loud sounds that will kickstart a party, it also comes with eye-catching four-color LED lights, an equalizer, digital LCD display and durable built-in speaker stands. The quality of the sound won’t be reduced even at higher SPLs. See more in this review.


Pair Alphasonik All-in-one 8″ Powered 800W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speakers with Bluetooth USB SD Card AUX MP3 FM Radio PA System LED Lights Karaoke Mic Guitar Amp 2 Tripod Stands Cable and Microphone

  • Complete PA/DJ system set
  • High-quality mike and STC cable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB/RCA/auxiliary/XLR/FM radio inputs

The Alphasonik PA system is a system designed to get the party started and make it last until the day breaks. Even at reasonably loud levels, the sound quality is still off the charts, no distortion or feedback whatsoever. The bass it discharges is deep and solid. All parts of the system are crafted well especially the stands. Get more info in this review.


Powered PA Speaker System Active & Passive Bluetooth Loudspeakers Kit with 8 Inch Speakers, Wired Microphone, MP3/USB/SD/AUX Readers, Speaker Stands, Remote Control – Pyle PPHP849KT by Pyle

  • 2-way 700W audio power
  • 8-inch subwoofers/1-inch tweeters
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • External audio input

The Pyle Powered PA System has a powerful 700W that accommodates the loudness you need for a successful party or event. Portable and lightweight, with 2-way full top of the range audio projection loudspeakers. Precise, works fast and produces excellent, clear sounds. High-quality speakers with topnotch workmanship. Get ideas in this review.


Powerwerks PA System (PW50)

  • 50W 3-channel PA system
  • Twin 4.5-inch drivers
  • 3-channel mixer
  • High/low EQ for music channel

The Powerwerks PA system is a good sound system for personal use. If you like listening or creating music, this might be sufficient for your projects. It has functions and features which can accommodate electronic drum sets. The control panel works very well and already includes High and Low controls, two line-in/XLR connections, channel plus master volume. Releases crisp, powerful and lucid sounds. See more in this review.

Eager to make that party pop? Invest in high-quality PA systems for sounds that are clear, loud and powerful. See our review list for excellent picks today.