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Best Outdoor Cushions

It’s that time of the year again, lovely weather and clear skies, a time for outdoor parties, barbecues and picnics with family and friends. You may possess the best outdoor furniture in the block, but without snazzy, high-quality cushions, it lacks the charm and comfort it should be giving. Get to know the best in outdoor cushions thru our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What fills are used in topping outdoor cushions?

    Answer: Here are the different fillings used in outdoor cushions:
    • Polyester – Affordable, soft and downy but does not provide support.
    • Clustered polyfill – The fill is either composed of small balls or contained in tiny packets.
    • Foam – Varies in terms of densities.
    • Dacron – Also referred to as polyethylene terephthalate or PET. Gives sufficient support, quite durable and firm to the touch.
    • Dacron-wrapped – Includes a half-layer of Dacron on the cushion’s exterior parts.

  2. What fabrics are used to make outdoor cushions?

    Answer: Popular materials used to make outdoor cushions include polyester, cotton, cotton canvas and duck canvas—excellent fabrics perfect for outdoor cushions because of their resilience and tough nature. There are also leather and silk outdoor cushions however these materials require more care to protect them from the effects of outside elements. Another fabric you have to be familiar with is the Sunbrella. The color of this fabric does not fade easily, will not stain, and the fabric requires little to no maintenance.

  3. What important factors should I remember when buying outdoor cushions?

    Answer: Because outdoor cushions are frequently exposed to the sun, its UV rays can do a number on the integrity of the items. Thus, you have to look for cushions with hardwearing, anti-fading and staining properties. High-quality, durable outdoor cushions often have UV protection so the color will be maintained despite all that sun exposure. High humidity also exposes outdoor cushions to mold growth so look for ones that have mildew and mold-resistant properties.

  4. How do you jazz up outdoor cushions?

    Answer: One way to make your outdoor cushions look more presentable is using slip covers. Slip covers conceal the chair’s frame so that the whole ensemble is wrapped in beautiful fabric. The slip cover also helps protect your cushions from outdoor elements and premature fading.

Our Top Picks


Pillow Perfect Outdoor Pom Pom Play Peachtini Wicker Seat Cushion, Set of 2

  • 100% polyester
  • Comes with two wicker cushions
  • Polyester fiber fill
  • Sewn seams

The Pillow Perfect Outdoor Perfect Wicker Seat Cushion has a design which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is composed of 100 percent polyester material with thicker cushioning, available in a good selection of colors and prints. It matches wrought iron chairs and outdoor wicker furnishings perfectly. Sewn seam closures are solid and the colors remain vibrant. See more in this review.


Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Seat/Back Chair Cushion, Roma Stripe

  • 100% polyester
  • UV-resistant properties
  • Stain and water-resistant fabric
  • Overstuffed build

The Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Seat and Back Chair Cushion is composed of heavy-duty foam and 100 percent polyester with UV/water/stain-resistant properties. The cushion is well-designed and constructed so it will retain its original form and colors for a longer period of time. It gives nice support and comfort plus it comes in a good range of colors too. Get more info in this review.


Ikea MALINDA Chair cushion, light beige-4 Pack by IKEA

  • Made from polyester
  • Includes loop fasteners and hook
  • Identical sides
  • Machine-washable

The Ikea Malinda chair cushion has 100 percent polyester that has good quality. It is designed with a hook and quality loop fasteners so it will remain in position during use. Nice construction, has a durable and sturdy feel without sacrificing comfort. Only comes in two colors tough. Ideal for hard wood chairs. Check out more of the product in this review.


TangDepot Durable Faux Silk Solid Pillow Shams, Euro Shams, European Throw Pillow Covers, Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Covers – (26″x26″, Light Pink)

  • 100 percent polyester
  • Faux silk fabric
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Machine-washable

The TangDepot cushion is crafted from fine 100 percent polyester material and soft, lightweight faux silk fabric for that luxurious feel. The fabric has a nice sheen to it and quite sturdy. It evokes elegance and style, great for both indoor and outdoor use. It is comfortable to sit on and use with sturdy zippers, plus water just rolls off of the material. Comes in a great range of colors. See more in this review.


Classic Accessories Montlake Seat Cushion Foam & Slip Cover, Heather Grey, 25x25x5″ Thick

  • Montlake FadeSafe colored fabric
  • Water-resistant coating and backing
  • Patented adjustable strap system
  • Durable double-stitched construction

Th Montlake seat cushion is a durable cushion which is built with nice features that makes them ideal for outdoor use like staining, fading and moisture resistance. It is capable of keeping water off of the cushion and its filled with long-lasting polystrand fibers to retain its form. The cushion has a firm support and comes with a quality breathable, permanent cover. Get more info in this review.


Coral Coast Classic 55 x 18 in. Outdoor Porch Swing & Bench Cushions

  • Made with polyester fabric
  • Includes polyester fabric cover
  • Has polyester fiber batting
  • Includes 2 ties for secure attachment

This Coral Coast Classic outdoor cushion has high-quality polyester components that makes them great furniture accessories for the outdoors. It also comes with two ties that secures the cushion and allow them to remain in place, it has a chic, stylish design that suits the outdoors and has a well-constructed build that makes for durability. Get more insight in this review.

Our guide and reviews has all the information and recommendations you need to get the right outdoor cushions for your backyard and lawn showcase. Get your new favorites today.