Best of Electric Coolers

An Electric cooler is a type of cooler different from what we commonly known as refrigerators. These coolers do not utilize ice to keep items cold and can operate even just with power banks and by charging. It is commonly used by drivers and frequent travelers to keep their food and drinks cold without the need of a real electric power source.


Cooluli Mini Fridge

  • Have on the go USB Power Bank option
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Good switch functions
  • Low Powered

One of the important things I saw with Cooluli is that it is a low powered cooler. It only uses 5 volts of power and can be operated using a power bank. It is simple and not that heavy as well as it can fill decent quantity of soda cans. It also has a good switch with indicating lights for cold and warm option.
Actual unboxing and accurate reviews are found in this video. Follow this link.


Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler by Igloo

  • Operates quietly
  • Rigid and solid
  • A great travel buddy
  • Excellent shape

I see this Igloo cooler as convenient and perfect for drivers, frequent travellers and worker. It operates quietly so that you can still use it even for any places you want to. Its cord are also thick and tough, so you will not have any fear with this part. It is considered a great travel buddy and convenient to transport. It can also holds longer because of enough battery life. Know more about this product by watching unboxing and full review. Please follow this link.


eBags Crew Cooler II Soft Sided Insulated Lunch Box – For Work, Travel & Weekends

  • Has multiple compartments
  • Versatile and functional
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

eBags comes with multiple compartments that can provide easy to organize function with your foods. It is also perfect for work and trips as it is versatile and functional. Because of its durability, it is
suited for your daily use that can easy your worry in terms of being durable. You can also choose your desired way, either by using a shoulder strap or handle which I see the advantage of choosing eBags for your daily needs. More special features are demonstrated in this video. Feel free to follow this link.


Koolatron 18 qt. Compact Cooler by Koolatron

  • Easy Carry handle
  • Slim and compact design
  • Quietly operates
  • State of the art functionality

Koolatron when it comes to being convenient and hassle free will stand out among the rest. It is designed to fit good for drivers and anyone using a car. It can easily be carried and hassle free for having a latchless opener for one handed opening. It also has a slim and compact design. Same with others, it also functions quietly and have a state of art functionality as it uses thermoelectric cooling system. Check out exciting review on Koolatron 18qt Cooler by visiting this link.


Wagan EL6224 24 Liter Electric Car Cooler and Warmer by Wagan

  • Perfect for family use
  • Lid can be easily removed
  • Heavy duty
  • Decent size and space

For a wonderful family experience, Wagan Cooler I think is the best. It has a good size of cooler to handle entire family’s need. Its lid can easily be opened and has a wide, deep space that can fit even a litter of Soda bottle and wine. It also comes with a heavy duty handle for easy transport. Its indicator lights for me is also a good feature of this product. To see actual product and how it functions, click this link.

For me, I would rather choose a brand that gives a durable yet lightweight feature. Most of the time, the main reason why we need a cooler is for trip purposes. That is why, its advisable to have a cooler that can easily fit your car’s trunk, or can be easily handled. It is also important that a cooler saves as much power needed to endure long time trips and needs.