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Best Non-Toxic Crayons for Little Kids

Crayons and colored pencils are fun ways to expand children’s creativity. However, parents need to be mindful of the crayons that they provide their children. Some crayons on the market today have discovered to contain dangerous ingredients like asbestos, a known carcinogen and tremolite.

Given that children bear tendencies to put items inside their mouths, it is upsetting to become aware of the fact that there are crayons being sold out there that are hazardous. So, what’s the better alternative? Here are some choice non-toxic crayons that you can gift your kids with.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are non-toxic crayons made of?

    Answer: There are three common waxes derived from natural and sustainable sources that are made to manufacture crayons. The most common would have to be beeswax, which is made from honeycomb. Soy wax is derived from soy beans and is the softest among natural and organic ingredients. Carnauba wax, a type of wax which is also used to make lipsticks, comes from the Brazilian palm tree’s leaves and it is the hardest wax used to create natural, non-toxic crayons.

  2. What factors do I need to look for in non-toxic crayons?

    Answer: Make sure that you check the list of ingredients that were used in the manufacture of those crayons. You can also get in touch with the manufacturer in case the product does not have any ingredients listed. Crayons differ in durability so check what type of wax was used in the crayons. Beeswax is more durable compared to soy wax and while carnauba wax has a harder quality compared to the two, it is also more prone to breakage. In addition, make sure that the shape and size of the crayon easily fits your child’s hand.

  3. How do you remove crayons from walls or furniture?

    Answer: You can remove crayon marks using some familiar household items like vinegar, which is non-toxic. Vinegar comes with acetic acid which can break down crayons’ wax and pigments. However, you do have to remember that not all furniture coatings or paints will react well to vinegar. The non-gel type toothpaste can also remove crayons; just dab and scrub it on the stain with a rag. You can also use baking soda on it; moisten a rag with water, dip it on the baking soda and scrub the stain off gently.

Our Top Picks


Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons

  • 100% all-natural New Zealand beeswax
  • Food-grade pigments
  • Ergonomic shape
  • 12 durable and sustainable crayons

The Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons are crafted from 100 percent pure and natural beeswax from New Zealand. Anybody can use the crayons be it toddlers and children ages 4-12 years old. What’s inside are safe, food-grade pigments, zero fillers and paraffin wax. The crayons have a stout, distinctive shape which makes them easier for children with smaller hands to grasp. In addition, since this is pure beeswax, it also comes with a wonderful honey scent.


Lebze Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers

  • Made from non-toxic, natural wax/li>
  • CPSC/CE-certified
  • Round, easy-to-use shape
  • Includes 16 bright, vivid colors

Crafted from non-toxic, natural wax ingredient, the Lebze Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers is safe for children of all ages. The brand carries certifications from valid organizations like the CE in Europe and CPSC in the U.S. Therefore, what we have here is a guaranteed safe pack of crayons that your kids can enjoy drawing with. All 16 crayons are packed in a strong, sustainable packaging as well to prevent breakage.


Shuttle Art Non-Toxic Twistable Crayons

  • 24 Colors twistable gel crayons
  • Child-safe
  • Various uses and multiple effects
  • Service guarantee

These smooth crayons can easily slide on paper and perform well on both light and dark backgrounds. You can use these crayons for coloring and drawing, which is very popular among children. Adding a little water will have a watercolor effect, especially when mixed by paintbrushes, or when doodling with wet fingers to draw cute finger paintings. Various functions make gel crayons loved by children, teachers, and parents. Plastic tubes prevent crayons from breaking and are convenient for use. You just need to twist them up to paint and down to store away without paint staining on your hands. Its lightweight handbag is ideal for storage, fitting backpacks well and easy to be carried out, perfect for elementary school students. Shuttle Art gel crayons are non-toxic, acid-free, tasteless, environmentally friendly, conform to ASTM D4236 and EN71, and very safe for children.


GiBot Toddlers Crayons Palm-Grip Crayons

  • Includes 12 colors
  • Unique, easy-to-handle shape
  • CE and EN71-certified
  • Washable crayons

Now if you are not too keen on cleaning those crayon drawings on your wall but still want crayons that are non-toxic, you need to check out GiBot Toddlers Crayons Palm-Grip Crayons. Fun, stackable and bright basic colors come in 12, all washable with a distinctive, round shape that’s easy to hold. These crayons are guaranteed safe for all children thanks to its CE and EN71 certifications.


Tencoz Crayons for Toddlers

  • Includes food-grade, safe paraffin
  • Has food-grade pigment
  • Safe for kids of all ages
  • Palm-grip shape

The Tencoz Crayons for Toddlers feature crayon composition containing safe, food-grade paraffin wax, food-grade pigments and medical talc. All ingredients won’t pose as a hazard for your children. Easy to hold, credits to its egg-shaped, palm-grip form; even kids with smaller hands can handle this. This is also a crayon that easily removes with soap—good news for parents everywhere.


Jar Melo Washable Crayons

  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly composition
  • Great for artworks and body painting
  • Washable product
  • Rich, vivid colors

If you want versatile coloring products for your kids, you may be interested in what Jar Melo Washable Crayons has to give. The pack includes colors that are not only wonderful for illustrations, they can also be used for body painting and watercolors. Safe formula and will not irritate children’s skin. Easy to remove with water as well. It comes with 3 functions; for crayon/pastel works, add a bit of water. For watercolors, add a bit more and for body painting, kids can use it directly on their body to doodle.


Crayon Rocks 32 Colors in Multi Dot Bag

  • Very unique crayon shape
  • Includes 32 colors in bag
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Non-toxic crayons

When it comes to the most unique crayon shape, the Crayon Rocks 32 Colors in Multi Dot Bag wins absolutely. But what about its composition? This is one safe, non-toxic bag of crayons that are manufactured according to ASTM D-4236, ASTM F-963, EN71-3, and CPSIA specifications. What’s exciting about this pack is also its large array of colors, which contain colors not seen from typical crayon packs.

If you really want to keep them safe from toxic art materials like crayons and pencils you can check out our recommendations for LCD drawing tablets for kids and help them flex their creative muscles while they are also learning to interact with technology.

You do not have to stifle your child’s creativity just because of some bad apples who only care about profit and overlook the safety of kids. We can endorse the works and products of brands who offer non-toxic crayons that children of all ages can use. Many non-toxic crayon formulas are crafted from sustainable, organic and natural waxes or bear safety certifications from valid authorities, as you will see on this list of non-toxic products.