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Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats

Whether you are practicing basic yoga poses or an avid hot yoga practitioner, you are still bound to sweat while on the mat. Going from one pose to another without the threat of slipping out of your mat is important during yoga practice to achieve the maximum benefits of the exercise. So, it’s best that you go for quality non-slip mats for seamless yoga sessions. Here are our choice picks.

Buyers Guide

  1. What materials are yoga mats made with?

    Answer: Yoga mats are made from either PVC, TPE, materials like organic cotton, natural rubber or jute. PVC yoga mats are non-absorbent and latex-free however they can become slippery when you’re sweating heavily. It is not an eco-friendly material though since it’s not biodegradable. TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is composed of rubber and plastic polymers is a more eco-friendly, recyclable and presents decent traction. Yoga mats made from eco-friendly or natural materials like organic cotton, natural rubber or jute have less traction but their inherent textures give excellent traction for the body. In addition, while these mats are the best sustainable choices, they are not as durable as PVC mats.

  2. What makes hot yoga different from any forms of yoga practice?

    Answer: The primary difference of hot yoga from other yoga practices is merely the temperature of the area where the exercise is being performed. Hot yoga is practiced in a location that has heating which can reach up to 40 degrees C. Hot yoga is said to promote plenty of sweating to help the body remove toxins by way of the skin, therefore taking away impurities which have built up and were trapped in your system. Hot yoga also aims to warm muscles so they will stretch without so much effort during the practice.

  3. How do you choose the best non-slip yoga mat?

    Answer: First, you have to assess the thickness and the size of the mat. If you are a tall person or an advanced practitioner, you will need a longer non-slip yoga mat. For those who have joint conditions or have arthritis, a thicker non-slip mat will be more comfortable. If you want an eco-friendly and durable choice, opt for rubber mats since it’s capable of tolerating perspiration and hotter temperatures.

Our Top Picks


Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series dynaMAT Xtra-Wide Mat

  • Has textured non-slip surface
  • Made from quality PVC
  • 10-incher longer and 2-inches wider
  • Ideal for people 5’10” and over

The Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series dynaMAT Xtra-Wide Mat is a great option for taller folks. It has a reasonable price, longer and wider than standard yoga mats and it’s ultra-lightweight too. It has a non-slip surface with topnotch traction and a 5mm thickness which gives the best padding and traction required for stability over the course of longer poses. The mat is reversible as well, is ideal for those allergic to latex material and completely phthalate-free.


Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

  • Self-rolling mat
  • Has 5mm thickness
  • Has grippy, smooth surface
  • Latex and PVC-free

If you are in the market for a latex and PVC-free and non-slip yoga mat, the Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat might be the right option for you. It has a nice thickness of 5mm to further guard your elbows and knees during practice. The silky and extra-grippy top layer also means you can go from one pose to another, even remain in position during extended poses without the threat of slipping. This mat is easy to roll due to its self-rolling design and it works with the Women’s Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa too.


Yoga Zeal Yoga Mat

  • Natural rubber material/faux suede materials
  • Extra-durable with excellent padding
  • Won’t fade or bleed inks
  • Machine-washable

The Yoga Zeal Yoga Mat is different from your standard yoga mat since it comes in a good range of prints—the mats feature soothing images that range from nature-inspired prints, sunrise views, butterflies and the like. Another highlight of this mat is the combination of natural rubber as its foundation and faux suede material for its top layer—it’s maximum comfort and grip blended well together. This mat is machine-washable too so it’s easy to clean and maintain.



  • Made with high-quality TPE
  • Has improved anti-slip design
  • Has 6mm thickness
  • Includes carrying strap

The TOPLUS Yoga Mat is made from eco-friendly premium TPE material that presents comfort and extra-grip even in your sweatiest poses. Both sides are slip-resistant and double-layered too. Whether you turn around or slide hands, this mat will allow you to remain in position for an extended period of time or get into the next pose. It has 6mm thickness but it’s still super-lightweight. It has carrying straps so the mat is easier to tote on the way to yoga class.


BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

  • 71 inches long and 24 inches wide
  • Has double-sided anti-slip surfaces
  • Features moisture-resistant technology
  • Includes free yoga mat strap

The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat features a double-sided structure with both surfaces presenting anti-slip properties. It’s longer and wider too so it can accommodate taller yoga practitioners. The durable quality of this mat also allows for better balance over the course of yoga poses. The mat comes with high-density foam material for extra comfort which pads the hips, spine, elbows and knees on hard surfaces sufficiently. Easily washes with water and soap too.

Make your yoga sessions a smooth, hassle-free one by choosing only the best anti-slip options. A good non-slip yoga mat reduces the threat of slipping and offers enough cushioning too so you can be comfortable practicing the exercise on hard floors.