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Best Nightlight for Babies and Young Kids

Science tells us that the best way to get a full night’s sleep is to do so without any lights on. This is because having light, no matter how dim, can interfere with the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. However, many of us have a difficult time getting up in the night to take bathroom trips. Hence, the nightlight.

And if you have kids who might be having problems sleeping on their own in their respective rooms, a nightlight would come in very handy. By using a nightlight, you can avoid tears as you go beddy-bye. Don’t know which nightlight to get for your little one? Check our top picks for the best nightlights for babies and young kids.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a nightlight?

    Answer: A nightlight, as the name implies, is a light fixture that is placed inside the bedroom or any other room in the house that can turn dark.

  2. Why should you put a nightlight in your kids’ room?

    Answer: Nightlights are used mostly for comfort and convenience. You might want to put a nightlight in your child’s bedroom so that they won’t get scared of sleeping alone, or if they have a habit of getting up in the night to use the bathroom and you do not want them bumping on walls or pieces of furniture and end up hurting themselves.

  3. What should you look for in a nightlight?

    Answer: In choosing a good nightlight, you must look at the features and how these features would appeal to your child. Say for example, your child loves the solar system, you might want to get them a nightlight-cum-projector with planets. Doing so will make them want to look forward to bedtime. Other considerations include ease of use, music playback settings, and cost, among others.

Our Top Picks


ANTEQI Led Star Projector Night Light

  • Multicolor lighting effects
  • Soft and warm night mode
  • Portable and versatile
  • Timer control

Searching for a lamp for your little one’s bedroom? The Anteqi Led Star Projector Nightlight might just be what you need. It works as a nightlight with the cover on, and doubles as a projector of colorful stars and the moon with the cover off. Portable and versatile, it makes for a perfect addition to any room, and with its multi-color nightlight function, you can set it to create the mood you want. Say bye-bye to scary bedtimes. With this nightlight, your child is sure to sleep with a smile on their face. See more of the nightlight’s features in this review video.


Brightworld Moon Lamp Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp

  • Multicolor lights
  • Remote and touch control
  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • Comes with a stylish wooden mount

Make saying nighty-night a whole lot easier by getting the Brightworld Moon Lamp for your kids. Choose between 16 colors with the remote and watch as your little one falls asleep soundly. The galaxy lamp provides enough light to set up a warm and cozy mood without the glare. And because of its simple yet amazing design, it can also become a fixture in other rooms of the house. Watch this video review and see how wonderfully warm its various colors are.


AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light

  • Projects stars and the moon
  • 12 Different lullabies
  • Battery- and electric-powered
  • Comes with remote control

Let the moon and the stars lull your child to sleep with the AnanBros Nightlight Projector. With its multiple lighting effects and pleasant soothing lullabies, this nightlight projector will surely be a hit with your little darling. The timer allows you to keep the nightlight on from 5-999 minutes, and the remote can help you adjust the settings from 32 feet away. Watch this video to learn more about the features of this nightlight projector.


Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector

  • Multicolor ocean projector
  • Works as a speaker
  • Built-in ambient sounds
  • Adjustable angle

This nightlight and projector is perfect for ocean-loving kids. The Delicacy undersea projector lamp has 7 light modes to choose from and can be set to play the built-in ambient sounds of ocean waves, bird sounds and other nature sounds. It can also act as a mini speaker and play your kid’s favorite lullaby from your phone or a microSD card. Relaxing and calming, this nightlight can also be used to set the mood in the other parts of the house. To see more of this ocean wave projector, watch this video review.


KISTRA Remote Star Projector Night Light

  • Six-film set
  • Various colors and brightness levels
  • 18 Built-in calming music pieces
  • Remote-controlled

Soothing and calming, the Kistra Remote Star Projector is probably one of the best purchases you can make for your child’s room. It has 6 interchangeable films that allow you to project different scenarios to put your child to sleep. It also has a brightness setting that enables you to control the amount of light your child would need in order to sleep soundly. Watch this review video and see how good the Kistra projector really is.


VAVA Home VA-CL006 Night Light

  • Safe for baby
  • Customizable light
  • Sturdy charging base
  • Easy touch control

If you want a plain and simple nightlight, then Vava is for you. Primarily intended for use as a bedside light, this lamp and nightlight can also be used as a learning toy for babies thanks to its high-quality toy-grade materials. Warm and soothing, this nightlight is perfect for those nights when you have to get up and breastfeed the baby. And because you can dim and brighten it to your preference, you can be sure that baby sleeps soundly while it’s on. Watch this review video to see the other applications this lamp can be used for.

Bedtimes need not be a source of tears and fear. We bet that from these highly-recommended nightlights and projectors, you will surely find one that suits your and your child’s needs.