Best Nail Art Fimo Designs

Nail Art Fimo is the new fun and easy way to decorate your nails. It comes with different varieties of styles and color perfect for different occasions and mood. Some of the Nail Art Fimo is already pre-sliced but if you are looking forward to do it yourself, it is also possible and through this, you can slice it according to the thickness you want.

In addition, the term “Fimo” refers to a brand of polymer clay and Nail Art Fimo pertains to polymer clay canes for nail arts. Through Nail Art Fimo, you can create detailed designs without the need for demanding brush strokes and complicated preparations.

These are some of the best designs you can choose from:


Twinkled T Nail Art Glamour Mat

  • Has an Attached Collapsible Acetone Cup
  • Different Paint Palettes
  • Handy and Useful
  • Easy to Clean

If you are looking for a perfect way to design your nails that is not complicated and easy to prepare, I recommend choosing Twinkled T Nail Art Glamour Mat. First, it comes with an attached collapsible acetone cup which I can say a first of its kind. You can also choose from a wide variety of paint palettes. Another thing I liked about it is that Glamour mat is really thick and does not slip unto your hand while you attach it. It also have a glossy surface therefore does not need to add more coat on the top and the polish does not dry too fast. Another one I love about Twinkled T Glamour Art is that it is easy to clean by just using a cotton swab dipped in an acetone and doesn’t leave any markings. More product reviews are stated in this video.


3D Nail Art 144 Pcs 3d Flower Slice Nail Art Decoration Fimo Box Packaged Wide Variety of Styles and Color

  • Soft and Easy to Slice
  • Bunch of Unique Designs
  • Easy to Apply on both nails

In using 3D Nail Art, I noticed that there are wide varieties of color and styles to choose from. They also have different unique designs perfect for different moods, occasions and needs. Some of the designs I saw are Christmas tree, butterflies, ghosts, different types of fruits like Kiwi that I find it so cute. Because of 3D nail art, it can be a great leisure time as one can experience cutting her own design based on the desired thickness. It is also soft, not fragile and is easy to use. I also see that these designs are not only limited for nails but can also be decorated on your cell phones, notebook or ID lace. To see more of the designs and the actual packaging. Please follow this link.


Shany Cosmetics 3D Do it Yourself Nail Art Decoration, Rhinestones Manicure

  • Great Variety of Color
  • Nice packaging and Neatly Sealed
  • Consistent and Smooth
  • Long Lasting

Shany Cosmetics are great for those who love bright color. I admire how they have a wide variety of color to choose from. It is composed of 16 solid color, 5 glitters and 4 pearl color. The packaging is also nice, elegant and neatly sealed. Teens or even children will be having a good time in using it as it is consistent and smooth. The color also lasts long and do not easily fade. Actual package are demonstrated in this video.


Nicole Diary Nail Art

  • Color-Changing Effect
  • Easy to Stamp
  • Unique Variety of Color
  • Consistent and Crisp

Nicole Diary Nail Art for me shows a unique approach in using color. One of its feature that really caught my attention is its color changing effect. As you add different base will show different effects in the color and is really shiny. It also comes with brush and is easy to use. Good thing is that the image you want to stamp in your nails really picks up nicely. Check out exciting features on this product and visit this link.


Moon Sugar Decals Nautical Nail Art Waterslide Decals Set #1 – Fish, Anchors, Seahorses – Salon Quality

  • Decals Fit Well
  • Amazing Details and Clarity
  • Does Not Curl or Lift Up the Nails
  • Good Selection of Images

Moon Sugar Decals as I see their designs and images are really adorable and wonderful. I love how they create good selections of quality images especially their Christmas season designs. I really love how the details and clarity are made. It also gives an impressive quality of transfer and how image appear on the nails. The decals are also long lasting and does not lift up and curl from the nail but instead stay flat. The decals also fit well on the nail. To see close up and actual image to choose from, check this link.



  • Features Wide Variety of Designs
  • Can Be Easily Attached into Nails
  • Customizable
  • Easy to Use

JOVANA Nail Art has wide variety of shapes, color, themes, faces, signs and symbols. You cannot find any other brands with such a numerous designs than JOVANA. It comes with free blade that makes it easily to cut into your preferred thickness. It is also easy to attach into nails by only using a top coat or nail glue. It also has bright color which can be really attractive to other people. To see how it actually looks like, kindly visit this link.

All of the nail arts mentioned have different features depending on your own preference. One thing is for sure, it gives you the convenience and relief of having an amazing nail art without being complicated in terms of preparation. They also have different designs to choose from but differs on how they look. Some offers real image design, others are offering symbols or shapes, while others are simply nail polish. Any of these will you choose, it will surely give you an assurance that this will be worth it.