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Best Mole Traps

Gardening is a joy to do and it’s a good way to unwind. However, there are certain factors which can ruin gardening. For one, there’s the weather. Then pests and of course, moles. Burrowing moles need to be kept away from your garden; start by reading our essential guide on mole traps.

Buyers Guide

  1. How can you distinguish moles from gophers?

    Answer: Moles at times are mistaken for gophers. Distinguishing one from the other is crucial before purchasing a mole trap since mole traps do not work on gophers. The significant difference between the two are identified through the mound shapes they make. A molehill appears like a spherical mound while gopher mounds tend to be fan or heart-shaped with a hole.

  2. What are the different kinds of mole traps?

    Answer: The different types of mole traps include the following:

    • Harpoon – Comes with sharp spikes which can kill a mole while pushed to the ground with a spring.

    • Scissor-jawed – Trap with a design similar to a scissor. The scissor-like jaw close once a mole gets inside it.

    • Choker – The choker trap is designed with a choker loop which tightens all over the body of the mole. It’s considered to be the safest, more humane solution for ridding yards of moles.

  3. Is the mole trap legal in all states?

    Answer: In majority of states in the US, mole traps are considered legal if the animal does significant damage to your property. Be certain that you check the laws in your area first about the device to be safe—for instance, in some states, mole traps with a body-piercing or body-squeezing feature are not permitted.

  4. Will a mole trap work on a gopher or a vole?

    Answer: As mentioned earlier, mole traps will not work on gophers. Or voles. You have to search for a different set of traps that fits the vermin you have in mind. That is why it is crucial that you recognize moles from other yard or underground animals before buying a trap.

Our Top Picks


Tomcat Mole Trap, Protect Your Lawn With a Safe & Easy Trap, Effectively Kills Without Drawing Blood, Professional Grade, Innovative & Effective Design, 1 mole trap

  • Humane way to catch moles
  • Efficient hands-free design
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Durable construction

If you want to rid your yard of annoying moles without using poison or callous methods, you may consider the Tomcat Mole Trap. The trap is constructed from high-grade materials which can withstand the harshest weather and soil conditions. This is also a safer, more humane way to entrap moles and it acts fast, is easy to handle and put together. Springs are sturdy for most soil types and its curved jaws gather up moles in the trap. See this at work in this review.


Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

  • Safe, efficient mole solution
  • Simple to set up
  • Does not use chemicals or poisons
  • Scissor-type trap
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The WireTek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap is one easy trap that you can put together. It will not require any nefarious methods. This is the scissor-type model which sets into mole tunnels easily. Does not need any digging or hands-on steps to place it in mole-infested areas. The device is composed of hardwearing, galvanized metal material to withstand different soil conditions. Humane and safe to use. Check how it works in this review.


Nash 100 Choker Loop Mole Trap

  • User-friendly model
  • Safe around pets and children
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable galvanized spring steel structure

The Nash 100 Choker Loop Mole Trap is built from galvanized metal and aluminum with a choker trap design. It’s durable and well-constructed so it can tolerate varying soil and weather conditions. The aluminum base is included to provide a simple springing action. It does not have any sharp edges too so it’s safe around kids and pets. The device, with some caution on your part, is a cinch to set up. You just need to be a bit careful. See this a work in this review.


Wildlife Control Supplies NoMol Mole Trap – 4 Pack

  • Versatile trap
  • Simple setup required
  • Plated to fight corrosion
  • Includes extensive instructions

The Wildlife Control Supplies NoMol Mole Trap is not only designed to catch moles, it can also deal with other yard and underground animals like shrews and voles. Setting up the trap will not require you to apply elbow grease; it assembles in a pinch. In addition, the inclusion of complete instructions did help in setting the whole thing up correctly. Made and constructed with durability and efficacy in mind. Get more info in this review.


Sweeney’s Mole Trap (2 Pack)

  • Original patented design
  • Easy to put together
  • Detects movement and traps prey
  • Composite is rust-resistant

The patented design of the Sweeney’s Mole Trap will be your solution to that lingering mole problem you have in your yard and garden. Stop their activity with this patented trap design. This is a breeze to set up and has ergonomics in mind so handling it is free from hassles. The handle is smooth to the grasp and its triggering system works well too. The device perceives even the tiniest movement in the underground to catch moles. Get more insight on this mole trap in this review.

Deal with the molehills at home and claim your yard and garden once more with effective mole traps. The mole traps described in the reviews part of this guide are easy to set up and needs minimal effort on your part to tackle moles. These items are affordable so just pick any from our list and stop the mole invasion in your home at once. Get the one that speaks to your needs.