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Best Mold Test Kits

Mold might seem harmless to some, but keep in mind that it poses huge risks to our health. There are certain methods used to detect mold around us, and one easy way is through mold test kits. Know more about mold and test kit products using our handy buyers guide. We even went ahead and compiled a list of the six best mold test kits you can buy today.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why is mold a serious concern?

    Answer: The Centers for Disease Control or the CDC states that there are 6 types of common mold and among them, three types are known to generate toxins which can harm our health. Mold spores travel to the air easily and they can trigger symptoms like nasal congestion, sneezing and watery eyes.

  2. How can I detect mold at home or the office?

    Answer: One sign of mold presence is discoloration. Keep in mind though that not all discoloration is caused by molds. Mold comes in different colors too, ranging from white, black, orange, yellow, violet, blue or red. A mold test kit can detect questionable staining to assess whether the discoloration is a type of mold.

  3. What does a mold test kit do?

    Answer: This kit is used to gather mold samples. It’s a practical and inexpensive way to assess mold at home or in the office. The samples will be collected and delivered to professional mold testing labs—the laboratory will evaluate them and send the results back to you.

  4. How can we prevent mold growth at home?

    Answer: Make sure to keep the house dry at all times—fix any water leaks and clean the house regularly. Also, it’s best that you get rid of clutter. Promote habits that minimize moisture i.e. do not keep damp clothes in the hamper and the like.

Our Top Picks


Mold Inspection Network Do It Yourself Mold Test

  • Simple to use
  • Comes with guide and booklet
  • Price includes lab fees and report
  • Specialist consultation

This DIY Mold Test Kit from Mold Inspection Network comes with 3 slides plus a guide and booklet which provides details about the procedure. Users are instructed to gather a few specimens then send the slides to the laboratory where it will undergo evaluation. Users will receive the results together with the right treatment for the mold. Get more information about the product here.


Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test

  • Fast mold and allergen detection
  • Safe and accurate
  • User-friendly
  • US-PHS Patented technology

The Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test kit is designed to give results within minutes. This is a pen-type test tool that is used to swab on spots and gather samples. The results will surface by means of the pen within 5 minutes. The test provided is easy to make sense of and gives fast results. Get more insight on this product here.


Pro-Lab MO109 Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit

  • Identifies harmful mold spores
  • Includes prepaid postage envelope
  • Test for black mold
  • Great for homeowners, contractors and landlords

The ProLab MO109 mold test kit is a good way to detect your home of mold invasion. It is designed with features that allows the kit to detect black mold anywhere. The kit also comes with a prepaid postage envelope for convenient delivery to the test lab. Get more info on this product in this product demo.


Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

  • Can test mold presence in 48 hrs.
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for use at home or office
  • Protect your home from mold growth

The Mold Armor FG500 DIY mold test kit is capable of identifying different types of harmful mold anywhere. Make your home or office safe from slow-developing mold before it gets worse. The package includes a translucent petri dish, mold growth medium and sterile contained in a bottle. The medium serves as a tool that recognizes mold presence. For further identification and removal/treatment, users need get a lab analysis and pay a $40 fee for the results/prevention after 3 weeks. Check this test kit in this product video.


MOLDetect – Accredited One Sample Mold Test Kit

  • AIHA-LAP EMLAP lab tests
  • Simple instructions
  • Includes materials for samples
  • Easy-tape lift method

Discover mold presence at home with the MOLDetect Three Sample Mold Test Kit. It follows pretty much the same steps for a good number of at-home mold test kits. The lab that works with the brand is certified thorough and precise, which is a great plus for the product. Know more about the test kit in this product video.


MoldCheck Mold Test Kit

  • Does not require lab fees
  • Comes with 10 tests per kit
  • Easy to read mold test comparisons
  • Simple instructions

If you want better control on your mold examination procedures, you can try the MoldCheck Mold Test Kit. The package includes 10 swatches, which is equal to 10 different assessments. One advantage of this kit over other products is that it allows air samples too. Users utilize a chart to correspond with the possible mold specimen sample and compare it to the chart provided and discover the kind of mold you are contending with. Get more info on this test kit in this video.

Get the right mold test kit and discover what toxic elements are invading your home. Choose from our list of trusty mold test kits and keep your home away from undesirable elements.