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Best Mobiles for Your Baby’s Crib

You’ve finally decorated the nursery, set up the crib, stocked up diapers, and done everything required to prepare for your little one’s arrival. What’s left is choosing other iconic nursery elements like a crib mobile. While it may seem like there’s nothing more babies do during the first few months than eating and sleeping, they are actively learning about the new world with their five senses.

A mobile helps to engage your baby’s senses actively. However, with all the products on the market, selecting the best crib mobile can be a challenge. We can help make your decision easier. Here’s our review of the best mobiles for your baby’s crib.

Buyers Guide

  1. Do I need a crib mobile?

    Answer:Yes. Crib mobiles aren’t only perfect for your nursery’s décor, they are also beneficial for your baby. During the first few months, your baby is getting to learn about the world with their senses. A crib mobile helps them develop their visual senses.

  2. What should I look for when choosing a crib mobile?

    Answer: First, check if the mobile comes with music. Music is an excellent way to soothe your little one to sleep. It’s also excellent for brain development. Go for a mobile with a diverse number of sounds to choose from. Second, the crib’s motion. The mobile should spin around, as this helps your baby fall asleep easily. Next, check if the mobile comes with a section to hang toys. Hanging toys provide your baby with visual stimulation and encourages interaction. Lastly, go for mobiles with glows, lights, and stars. Lights are convenient for diaper changes and midnight feeds.

  3. Are there different crib mobiles designs?

    Answer: Yes, there are three different crib mobile designs. The first design clips onto the crib’s side rails. Others dangle from the ceiling or attach to your baby’s stroller or car seat. Each of these designs comes with its pros and cons. Therefore, make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our Top Picks


Tiny Love Mobile

  • Removable Velcro attachment
  • Five melodies
  • 30 minutes of music
  • Visual stimulation characters

Our first pick is the Tiny Love Mobile. This device comes with a removable Velcro attachment and adjustable connector arm you can use to attach to other items like travel cots, strollers, bassinets, and play yards. This removable attachment helps keep your little one constantly entertained wherever they go. It also comes with delightful animal characters that spin around. These characters are all black and white and this provides your little one with visual stimulation. Its 30-minute melody helps soothe your baby long enough for you to shower or grab a snack. 


Flensted Mobiles Horse Hanging Nursery Mobile

  • A Flensted mobile is timeless and uniquer in design, handmade in Denmark
  • Each indivually assembled and carefully packed and shipped to your home
  • Imagine your baby seeing the horses playing on the field, it will bring cheer to both baby and parents
  • This mobile comes flat packed in clear cellophane envelope fully assembled and ready to hang

Do I need a crib mobile? Yes of course, but you should consider mounting a Flensted Mobile in the ceiling 3-4 feet above the crib rather than on the crib. And why you may ask? Because the Flensted experience will be much better. A baby in the crib will see it and be able to focus on the mobile much better when seen from a distance instead of close up. Also as a safety measure its not something we recommend. Also mount the mobile above the baby’s feet so its able to see the mobile from the side, a better view that from the bottom. When looking for a baby mobile look for styles without too much color since newborns cant see colors the first few months, therefore the Flensted Horse mobile would be a great fit for your crib. It is very easy to assemble, all you need is a pushpin, thumbtag or nail to attache it into the ceiling and there you go.


Shiloh Baby Mobile

  • Non-toxic materials
  • Battery operated
  • 60 soothing sounds
  • Multifunctional

If you’re looking for a crib mobile that cares not only about your baby; but also the environment, then you should try the Shiloh baby mobile. This device is made from environmentally durable and non-toxic ABS material. It comes with a mobile arm hanger and a hook you can use to attach your hanging toys. However, these parts are sold separately. With 60 soothing lullabies, you get diverse sound options to choose from that will help put your little one to sleep. It’s shut off feature turns off the music box automatically after 30 minutes and this ensures your little one isn’t disturbed once they fall asleep.


Fisher-Price Musical Mobile

  • Three in one design
  • It can attach to almost all cribs
  • 20 minutes of music
  • It can also be attached to a stroller

If your little one loves animals, then they are going to love the Fisher-price musical mobile. This device is multi-versatile, thanks to its three in one design. You can use it to soothe your baby to sleep with the 20 minutes of music available. The charming bear, owl, fox, and raccoon friends also help engage your baby for several minutes while you shower. The animals can also have motorized action that fully captivates your baby’s senses. The best part is that you can attach this device to your baby’s stroller and keep your little one occupied during your walks.


Nurture Smart Crib Mobile

  • Non-toxic
  • Five soothing sounds
  • Adjustable arm
  • No detachable parts

Are you looking for a crib mobile that not only baby-friendly; but also techy? Then you should consider Nurture Smart Mobile. Having been designed by doctors and has been used in different children’s hospitals, this device has your baby’s interests at heart. First, it comes with no detachable parts and this helps keep your little one safe. It also comes with five soothing sounds you can use to calm your baby. The device also has three colorful panels and black and white projections that help engage your baby’s attention.


Haba Nursery Wooden Mobile

  • Simple design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It can be hung above your baby’s changing table or crib
  • Lightweight

The first thing that stands out about the Haba Nursery wooden mobile is its design. This mobile has a simple and beautiful design that helps captivate your child’s attention. It’s made from beech wood and this makes it environmentally friendly and non-toxic. You can hang it high above your little one’s changing table or crib.


Trend Lab Elephant Baby Mobile

  • Elephant design
  • Includes Brahm’s lullaby
  • Fits almost all cribs
  • Gender-neutral

Last up is the Trend Lab Elephant. This mobile comes with four adorable elephants that slowly rotate around the ring canopy and produce soothing sounds from Brahms’ lullaby to calm your baby. It also has a stylish, grey pattern that’s gender-neutral and can easily complement any nursery décor.

Crib mobiles have been an essential fixture in nurseries for plenty of years. However, it’s important to remember that they are only intended for use during the first five months of your baby’s life. After that make sure you take them down, as this will help keep your baby safe. You can also check out our review of other baby essentials.