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Best Mini Metal Lathes

The mini metal lathe is a convenient tool for DIY enthusiasts, model makers and hobbyists. There is a wide variety of mini metal lathes so every task or procedure is covered, whether you need to make threaded parts, dies or perform precision cutting jobs. Read on for more information about mini metal lathes choose one of the top products in the market based on our extensive research.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of using a mini metal lathe?

    Answer: The benefits of using a mini metal lathe is that it saves users plenty of space. Even with its smaller size, it is capable of working on a variety of materials. Mini metal lathes can also perform any metalworking job you need done.

  2. What factors do I need to consider when looking for mini metal lathes?

    Answer:You need to consider the design and functionality of the model. Other considerations include weight, speed of the motor, chucks, and weight.

  3. Is safety gear essential while using a mini metal lathe?

    Answer: For safer use, make sure that you keep up with safety instructions stated in the device’s user manual. It is also recommended that you still wear protective gear when using the machine. Check if the lathe is in good working condition as well before using it.

  4. Any care and maintenance tips for mini metal lathes?

    Answer: For one, make sure that you clean the device following every use. Do not keep tools on the lathe directly. Remove metal chips to stop them from doing damage on the device’s surface. Lube the lathe and replace its oil on a regular basis by following manufacturer instructions.

Our Top Picks


NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe

  • Powerful variable speed motor
  • 250-4000 RPM
  • Forward and reversing switch
  • 3-step pulley system

The NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe comes with a compact design which is ideal for users who need something they can tote comfortably. It’s also a great option for DIYers and hobbyists who travel often with their tools. It is a versatile model due to its variable speed properties. The speed settings meanwhile make for easy usage and for the best finishing, you can thank the lathe’s forward-and-reverse feature for doing such a good job. Get more positives in this informative video.


Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe

  • Variable speeds
  • 16-TPI reversible lead screw
  • Forward and reverse speeds
  • Backsplash guard and chip tray

Plenty of metalworking enthusiasts have praised the Grizzly G8688 for its 3/4 variable speed horsepower and single-phase motor which guarantees RPMs up to 2500. For durability, the lathe is made from first-rate cast iron. It also comes with a backsplash guard and chip tray for gathering metal remains during use. In addition, the unit has the inclusion of a threading dial indicator for accurate measurements and metric/inch handwheel gradations. Look for more details in this instructive video.


KKmoon Mini Metal Lathe

  • 6-in-one lathe device
  • Advanced platinum alloy construction
  • Excellent handcrafting tool
  • Hardwearing and non-deformable

The KKmoon mini metal lathe is an ideal model for metalworking aficionados, DIY practitioners and hobbyists. It can perform a great range of jobs from grinding, drilling, grinding and sawing. It is quite durable as well since it is crafted from topnotch aluminum alloy. This is a user-friendly model too. Great longevity for all sorts of projects. Includes safety glasses for your protection. Get in-depth details in this product review.


Central Machinery Precision Mini Lathe

  • Auto feed
  • Control knob for variable speed
  • 0-1100 RPMs (low) 0-2500 RPMs (high)
  • ETL-listed

This Central Machinery lathe not only comes with versatile features, it’s also lightweight and will not take up plenty of room in your work space. Reasons why lots of metalworking aficionados have this very item in their creative spaces. It comes with an auto feed system for streamlined procedures, a micro switch for the chuck plus 3/4 horsepower which provides RPMs up to 2500. Very ideal for lighter jobs. Check out complete details by watching this product video.


Erie ToolsPrecision Bench Top Mini Metal Milling Lathe

  • 0.53 horsepower
  • Electronic variable speed
  • 100-2500 RPM
  • Safety features

Erie tools’ mini metal lathe comes with 0.53 HP and a single-phase motor for a good, solid performance. The unit also includes 5 cutters and a digital readout for releasing RPM output. It has a chuck with an automatic feed and rotating plastic guard. You can also pivot this lathe to the right or left. This is an ideal machine for small tasks that need a bit of precision. Know more through this review link.


SHOP FOX Benchtop Lathe

  • 1/3 horsepower
  • Variable speed control
  • 700-3200 RPM
  • 2 tool rests

This well-crafted, sleek and compact number from Shop Fox is a great option for beginners. It will not require loads of space in your working area. Metalworking enthusiasts also praise its ability to create tiny yet immaculate features. It has a hassle-free control mode that is why it’s a perfect entry-level lathe. Worth your money due to the addition of quality HP motors, a chuck key fuse and hex wrenches. Get more in-depth details on this review link.

All basics covered, it is time to check out which among these awesome finds will answer your needs. For an informed decision, always take care to review a product’s design and functionality before buying a mini metal lathe.