Best Middle Eastern Hijabs

Headscarves are often associated with women. Hijabs, on the other hands are always tied with Muslim women. However, these are not just used to express their faith but its function has a lot to do with the social context of the time.

The two most popular styles are the hijab and niqab. Hijab is a common term that means “veil” or “to cover” but it can easily be interpreted as a scarf or headcover. It is wrapped around the head and leaves the face free but still covers the hair and neck. Another one is the niqab niqab covers the entire face but only leaves the eyes free. However, if a woman chooses to cover their eyes as well, they can attach an eye veil. This is usually worn with a floor length black abaya.


Hana’s Women’s Plain Instant Cotton Jersey Lightweight Hijab Scarf

  • Fabric is made of lightweight, non-slip high quality poly cotton jersey
  • Comes in black, navy, or gray
  • Has one short side and one long side stitched together to make a face opening
  • Maxi size at 180 x 80cm

Even if its fabric is lightweight and breathable, it is not sheer at all. Its tail ends are perfectly tapered. The hijab’s size fits all and its design allows easy styling. You can just slip it over your head and fit your face on the opening before wrapping up and pinning the remaining length. Notice how the fabric covers the upper chest wall. Know more about this product by following this link.


Long Saudi Niqab Nikab 3 Layers burqa Hijab Face cover Veil Burka Naqaab Islam Islamic Jilbab

  • Fabric is made from high quality soft georgette (100% polyester)
  • Has two layers of fabric with 33 cm tying cords on each side
  • Dimension is 33x 25 cm
  • Weight of fabric is 100 – 120 gm

Fabric is lightweight and breathable. It can either be machine or hand washed. However, it needs to be washed with same colored materials. The double layer material ensures that details under the fabric can’t be seen at all. To know more about this product, please follow this link.


Kashkha Women’s Ready To Wear Instant Hijab Scarf

  • Fabric is made from lightweight knit cotton in 12 different colors
  • Logo is embellished with rhinestones
  • Measures 56 x 196 cm
  • Made in Dubai, UAE

Kashka means “Beautiful” in the Arabic language. It is made in Dubai, UAE and is the leading fashion brand for Muslimah or Muslim women. The fabric is soft, breathable and non-clip. It ensures moderate coverage and the hole on the fabric fits most faces. Because it is easy to use, first time hijab users will not be intimidated by it. Check out more discussions on this products special features in this video. Feel free to follow the link provided.


Mybatua Women’s Soft Crepe Niqab Set Muslim Hijab Burqa Burka Naqaab

  • Fabric is soft poly crepe
  • Hijab is square 100x100cm
  • One layer niqab with band under the hijab with tying cords at the back
  • Available in 21 colors

This Mybatua niqab is made from light and wrinkle free fabric. It comes in three separate pieces that can be machine washed but make sure to wash it together with fabrics of the same color. The design is a bit challenging if you are not used to tying and pinning these pieces together. However, you can mix and match this design with your other veils. Check out this review of the niqab and dress from Mybatua by visit this link.


Middle Eastern Mall Luxor Amira Hijab 2 Piece Women’s Headscarf

  • Fabric is made from lightweight lycra
  • Simple and easy to wear two piece material
  • Covers an average woman’s shoulders and upper chest
  • With a 1″ sequin trim accent on the hemline and forehead

Fabric is opaque with a matte finish so it is not see-through. The stretchy fabric is non-slip. To wear it, just slip on the tube hijab cap before the hood and neck cover. It drapes over the average size woman’s shoulders and chest. Take a closer look of this microwave oven by clicking on this link.

Overall, these head coverings are popular among Muslim women because they are elegant and provides good coverage. They come in different colors so it is easy to look for one that matches your abaya. Choosing the right one for you would depend on a variety of factors such as fabric choice and ease of use or expertise. Look for one that matches your hijab skill.