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Best Medical Examination Table Papers

During medical examinations, fluids and infections can be left on tables or recovery couches, exposing other patients instantly. With medical examination table papers to protect surfaces, facilities get to reduce the spread of germs from one patient to another.

However, not all medical exam papers are created equal. Some are made of very delicate material that easily rips when patients sit or put force on it. What you are looking for is paper that is strong, doesn’t make much noise, and has great absorbency. We found four amazing medical exam papers that fit all three criteria.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are medical examination table papers?

    Answer: Medical examination table papers are protective papers that offer a barrier between a patient and treatment table.

  2. Where are medical examination table papers used?

    Answer: Medical examination table papers cover treatment chairs, massage tables, chiropractic chairs, and other medical equipment or furniture that comes into contact with patients.

  3. Is a medical examination table paper necessary?

    Answer: Medical examination table papers are important so you do not expose patients to body fluids, dead skin, and germs.

Our Top Picks


Medline Medical Exam Table Paper

  • 21 inches x 225 feet
  • Case of 12 rolls
  • Smooth finish
  • Highly absorbent

Eliminate linen and laundry costs with this pack of 12 exam table papers. Each protects tables from dirt and moisture while offering comfort for patients. The smooth finish with machine glazing is very absorbent, doesn’t make much noise, and prevents the paper from slipping. With less changeover time, these papers allow your clinic to operate more efficiently.


TIDI Products Avalon Papers

  • Standard crepe finish
  • 21 inches x 125 feet
  • Case of 12 rolls
  • Made in the USA

Deliver the highest-quality patient care with this pack of 12 617 exam table papers. With a crepe finish, each paper absorbs well, does not make a lot of noise, and doesn’t easily slip on surfaces. The large size ensures that the risk of contamination is reduced. The papers rip off the roll easily and don’t break while patients are on the table.


McKesson Medi Pak Exam Table Paper

  • Smooth finish
  • 21 inches x 225 feet
  • Case of 12 rolls
  • Latex free

Protect your recovery couches and treatment chairs with this pack of 12 medical exam papers. The smooth finish ensures no slipping, high absorbency, and minimal noise. With a thick material, the paper won’t rip or break even under heavy patients. Strong and reliable, these white table papers can also be used for waxing, art, and sewing.


Dynarex Headrest Table Paper

  • Smooth finish
  • 14 inches x 225 feet
  • Case of 12 rolls
  • Comes out smoothly

Here’s a smooth table paper that offers superior performance. This pack of 12 white examination papers tears off easily for a quick one-handed dispensing. The roll stays just in place and glides out effortlessly so there is no need for a holder. With a size of 14 inches x 225 feet, it fits diaper changing tables perfectly, making them ideal for use in daycares and nurseries.


TOA Supply Paper Exam Table Cover

  • Disposable
  • Non-woven material
  • 50 sheets per roll
  • Latex free

Keep things sanitary with these disposable pre-cut sheet sheets. With a non-woven material, they do not crinkle or sound like paper. Each is very absorbent, strong, and reliable. Its standardized size covers almost every massage table, and its antimicrobial technology is safe and effective against a wide range of microorganisms.


P&P Medical Surgical Exam Table Paper Roll

  • Disposable
  • 21 inches x 225 feet
  • Smooth finish
  • Moisture resistant

Create a comfortable, protective barrier between patient and table with this table paper roll. Each is lightweight, durable, and resists crumpling and wrinkling. With a standardized size, it covers almost every exam table. This roll has an antimicrobial technology that safeguards against mold, mildew, fungi, and odor-causing bacteria.

When it comes to treating patients, we must always practice good hygiene. These medical examination table papers are ideal for physician offices, clinics, industrial healthcare centers, surgery centers, X-ray labs, emergency rooms, and other places where there’s a need for protection against cross contamination.