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Best Medical Chairs

Medical chairs are different from ordinary chairs since they have features and proper ergonomics which can make sitting on it a relief. There are models that can help accommodate individuals who have physical disabilities or are too weak to move about. Read this guide on medical chairs and bath chairs for more information on said products.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are medical chairs?

    Answer: Medical chairs have specialized designs with the comfort and convenience of the patient in mind. The features of these chairs are often user-friendly, adaptable and include the right ergonomics for safer positioning and convenient access to specific areas. A good lot of medical chairs have multi-positioning features, tilting options and adjustable height.

  2. What types of medical chairs are available?

    Answer: In hospitals and clinics, you will see specialized chairs like dental chairs, patient chairs, reclining types, wheelchairs, gynecological chairs, lift chairs, stretcher chairs and shower chairs. These chairs are considered important in healthcare delivery and designed for patients undergoing a variety of health and medical conditions.

    You can also avail of medical chairs for use at home. There are lift chairs, reclining chairs and bath/shower chairs and stools that you can purchase for personal use or for your loved ones’ benefit.

  3. What is a shower/bath chair?

    Answer: This specific chair is crafted from plastic or metal material and often come with a backrest and seat which is pretty similar to an ordinary domestic chair. This kind of chair is designed with a skid-resistant seat plus feet with either rubber or suction-cup styles for better safety. The chairs serve as a means for physically weak individuals to take a proper shower or bath in an area that is rife with hazards for incapacitated patients.

  4. What should I consider while buying a shower/bath chair?

    Answer: Here are some of the considerations you need to think about before a purchase.

    Keep the dimensions of the chair in mind; assess the height of the seat, its width and the style. Always choose a chair that has a height that accommodates your needs. The width of the seat should be wide enough so you can still move about comfortably and get in while you re still standing outside the bathtub.

    Chairs with a flat-sitting surface style is always advisable because it is safer to use. Look for chair models that are made to grip to the wall of the tube for better stability and safety. Do not forget to consider the bathtub wall’s height, width plus the width of the bathtub floor as well.

Our Top Picks


Medical Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Adjustable

  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum
  • Non-slip rubber tips
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity

The Medical Tool-Free Spa Adjustable batch chair makes the whole activity of taking a bath now a safer one for individuals who are physically incapacitated and need a chair to rest on over the course of the bathing routine. The chair is made from corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty anodized aluminum which is just perfect for a damp environment. It will not easily succumb to rusting. The rubber tips also make the seat safer to use inside the shower. Get more info in this review.


Moen DN7100 Shower Chair

  • Works well with wheelchairs
  • Includes special handgrip
  • Non-skid polypropylene seat
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity

Moen is known for their toilet and bath products and one of their best offerings is the Moen Shower Chair which you can provide as a gift for elderly loved ones. The seat is non-slip due to quality polypropylene while its rubber-tipped aluminum feet are adjustable up to 21 inches to better fit any shower and bathtub styles. This is an ADA-approved special seat that will make showers and baths a fulfilling experience. Check how it works in this review.


NOVA Shower & Bath Chair with Back & Arms

  • Sturdy molded plastic
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Slip-resistant rubber tips
  • Push-button release for detachable back/arms

The Nova Shower and Bath Chair makes personal cleaning routines a safer one for people with physical disabilities or weakness due to health conditions. It comes with arms and a back just like a regular chair but supplemented with safety features meant to counter risks associated with damp, slippery areas. The chair is made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum, which is also a rust-resistant material plus anti-slip rubber tips serving as layers of stability and safety. Check how this works in this review.


Carex Universal Bath Seat and Shower Chair

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Includes easy-grip handles
  • Anti-tipping flared aluminum legs
  • Skid-resistant rubber tips

The Carex Universal Bath Seat and Shower Chair is made with a good number of safety features which makes it an ideal furniture meant for bath and shower use. These features include the skid-resistant rubber tips, drainage holes which prevent water from pooling, easy-grip handles, anti-tipping flared aluminum legs and a sizable seating area. The chair can also accommodate up to 400 lbs. meaning this qualifies as a bariatric model. Get more info in this review.


Drive Medical Bath Stool With Padded Rotating Seat

  • Rotating cushioned seat
  • Removable rotating top
  • Includes detachable tray
  • Great for people with mobility and balancing issues

The Drive Medical Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat will not obligate users to move about too much inside the shower. It’s for patients who are physically unable to freely move all over the bath, like the elderly and physically-incapacitated individuals. For easy cleanups, the top can be removed. The chair also contains a detachable tray so your bath essentials are accessed easily. Get more info in this review.

Bath and shower chairs are not one and the same. There are different kinds of shower chairs too, made to cater to different preferences and situations. We certainly hoped our guide was helpful in steering you to a good medical chair.