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Best Mastectomy Bras

The days and months following a mastectomy can be a difficult time for women who have undergone the procedure. It’s not only the physical discomfort that hounds them but the loss of confidence as well. That is why in these instances, women who underwent mastectomy need something that will boost physical and emotional renewal. A good, high-quality mastectomy bra will help make healing an easier and lighter process to deal with.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a mastectomy bra do?

    Answer: Mastectomy bras are like regular bras but they have additional features on them which are not found on normal brassieres. Features like fabric pockets stitched on every cup within the bra. This specific feature is for the breast prosthesis; it allows them to be fitted within the pocket and provide a notion of a bust. Mastectomy bras also come in varying sizes, designs and styles. There are styles with only one pocket in a cup for ladies who underwent single mastectomy.

  2. Are there different types of mastectomy bras?

    Answer: Here are some of the most common mastectomy bra types:
    • Post-surgery – The post-surgery mastectomy bra is usually wider in size and made from soft fabric materials. It is designed to be worn following a procedure. It unhooks in front so patients have convenient access to the bust area.
    • Front-closing – Opens and closes at the front. Made from a bigger range of fabric materials.
    • Back-closing – Opens and closes at the back.

  3. What bra is ideal to wear during the first year following a mastectomy?

    Answer: Mastectomy bras are made with the objective of giving a great level of comfort and normalcy to the wearer while at the same time, give the support they need. The best mastectomy bras after a surgery has soft seams, deeper front and side panels, wider underbands, full cups, adjustable straps, a front-closing style, cup separation and no underwires. Mastectomy bras made from 100% cotton material are also recommended because the fabric is gentler on your skin.

  4. How can I determine my bra size after mastectomy?

    Answer: Most department stores and lingerie boutiques have professional bra fitters who can help you with this predicament. Bra fitters use a measuring tape to provide your accurate bra size. These fitters have specialist training and experience garnered in providing assistance to women who have undergone breast surgery. The size and shape of your breast/s might change following a treatment so determining your bra size before purchasing a bra is required.

Our Top Picks


Post Mastectomy Lace All Over Bra

  • Excellent shape and fit
  • Beautiful design
  • Specially-designed seamless pocket
  • Wide, lined straps and adjustable back

The Classique Post Mastectomy Lace All Over Bra does not look like a specialized bra at all. In fact, its beautiful, lace all over design makes it look like a regular brassiere. Another great advantage of this bra is its seamless nylon and spandex blend pockets which gives sufficient support to your breast prostheses. The straps are wide and comfortable and the back is very adjustable for better comfort and fit.


Amoena Women’s Rita Wire-Free Bra with Coolmax Pockets

  • Provides the best support
  • Contains breasts in place
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Recommended for post-surgical wear

The Amoena Women’s Rita Wire-Free Bra includes Coolmax pockets for support and fit that is comfortable worn even during the hottest of days. It’s not only a nice bra to wear for sleeping and lounging, the design also benefits women who have undergone breast surgery. The built-in cotton pockets are meant for breast prostheses. The hook-and-eye closures are located at the front for easier access. For better fit, the sides are seamed while the back feature sewn-on elastics. Get more information on this bra in this video.


MaxTara Special Pocket Bra for Silicone Breastforms Crossdress White Bra

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Includes underwire
  • Attractive floral embroidery
  • Comfortable

The MaxTara Special Pocket Bra has a design which allows it to contain silicone breast forms or prostheses. The enhancing design will surely get your groove back as soon as you have fully recovered from the surgery. The underwire is not really meant for use following a procedure but its form and design will benefit you post-recovery. The inner pockets indeed provide excellent support and has a design which allows the prostheses to move about like the real thing. See how this works in this review.


Royce Women’s Caress Georgia Wire-Free Post-Surgery Bilateral Cotton Pocketed Bra

  • Excellent blend of comfortable fabrics
  • Machine-washable
  • Pretty, feminine lace detailing
  • Bilateral-shaped pockets

The gorgeous lace detailing and delicate ribbons strewn about on the Royce Women’s Caress Georgie Wire-Free Cotton Pocketed Bra will definitely catch your eye. Due to its wireless design, this is a good bra to wear post-breast surgery/mastectomy. The pockets provide excellent support, give and impression for the breast prostheses. Ladies who are after the support but have no prostheses will appreciate that the pockets also serve as cotton liners in the cups. Check this bra in this review.


Q-T Intimates Molded Cup Mastectomy Bra

  • Molded cups hold breast forms in place
  • Moisture-absorbing pockets
  • Back closure with wider sides
  • Wide, comfortable straps

The Q-T Intimates Molded Cup Mastectomy Bra has got you covered. The bra is made from a blend of nylon, spandex and cotton that makes for comfortable wear through the day. The 100% cotton cups take in moisture for another layer of comfort, keeping you cool on humid days. Wide straps and sides are snug enough without making you feel constricted while the exquisite floral lace details will not show up beneath tight tops. Get more insight on this bra in this review.

Don’t let mastectomy hold you down. Get your groove back with a high-quality mastectomy bra with gorgeous, feminine details, reliable support and fit.