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Best Masking Tape

Those rolls of masking type may look so basic but keep in mind that these items are one of the most convenient inventions of all time for painting. Different masking tapes can handle a variety of functions, but mostly this type of tape is used to protect surfaces that you don’t want your new coat of paint touching. More interesting facts about masking tapes are explained in this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is masking tape exactly?

    Answer: The masking tape is a lightweight adhesive tape which leaves minimal or no residue on surfaces. You can find different types of masking tape in the market today, each type capable of accomplishing a specific task. There are standard masking tapes for home use and more heavy-duty ones used for industrial purposes.

  2. Is masking tape recommended for outdoor use?

    Answer: Not every masking tape being sold in the market can be used outdoors. The UV rays of the sun are strong and frequent exposure to it can result to the weakening of the adhesive in the masking tape, to the point that the tape will peel by itself. If you want to use masking tape on an outdoor surface, you have to get one that is very resistant against UV rays.

  3. What are the general types of masking tape?

    Answer: Here are some of the most common masking tape types:
    • General use masking tape – Has a high tack level and used on non-porous, smooth surfaces. One example of this is painter’s tape.
    • Plating tape – Designed to protect sensitive parts from unnecessary accumulation of metals during the electroplating process. Capable of tolerating extreme temperatures, chemicals and acids.
    • Sandblasting tape – Sandblasting tapes protect parts during this particular procedure plus other industrial finishing processes. • High-temperature tape – Ideal for welding, soldering and brazing procedures.
    • Thermal spray tape – Capable of resisting heat and impaction from oxyfuel spray procedures. Has good wear resistance.

  4. What should I consider when buying a roll of masking tape?

    Answer: Before buying one, you need to consider the project that you want to do so you can buy a tape that is effective for it. Check first if it’s an indoor or outdoor project, how much tape is required to work with, the width of the tape, the texture or surface it will be applied on, the removal period, core size, tape color and lastly, the number of rolls.

Our Top Picks


3M Industrial Masking Tapes

  • Ideal for paint-masking procedures
  • Helps make precise lines
  • Prevents bleeding
  • Removes cleanly from smooth surfaces

If you are looking for a masking tape that is great for paint-masking, then you may consider 3M’s Industrial Masking Tape. This green, high-performance tape has a rubber adhesive which removes smoothly and leaves no residue on plastic, rubber, glass, EPDM and metal surfaces. The roll is also treated with heat-resistant saturants so it can withstand baking cycles up to 250 degrees F for a half hour. Create precise lines and bleeding outside the lines with this tape. Get more info in this review.


FrogTape Delicate Surface Painting Tape

  • Ideal for ornamental painting
  • Patented PaintBlock Technology
  • Great for wood, wallpaper, veneers, vinyl, drywall and more
  • Removes without a trace

Your next decorative painting project can be accomplished using the Frogtape Delicate Surface Painting Tape. The tape is equipped with PaintBlock Technology which is a highly-absorbent polymer that acts in response with water present in latex paints. It gels in an instant to create a micro barrier that secures the tape’s edges to stop the blade from bleeding outside the lines. This presents quality work with a professional touch. Works greatly on fragile surfaces like wallpaper and freshly-applied paint. Check out the tape in this review.


Scotch Blue Painters’ Tape

  • Great for metal, wood, trim and glass, painted walls
  • Medium-adhesion level
  • 2 weeks-clean removal
  • UV-resistant

The 3M Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape will not leave any sticky residue on wood, metal, trim and glass and painted wall surfaces so you work will stay clean, good as new. It allows you to create precise lines and prevents feathering and bleeding of paint. You can use the tape outside too due to its UV and sunlight-resistant properties. Its tackiness will not fade once it gets frequently exposed to the sun. The tape has a 14-day clean removal period and it’s also nice for outdoor painting projects too. See how this works in this review.


ProTapes Pro 795 Crepe Paper General Purpose Masking Tape

  • Removes neatly with zero residue
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Conformable tape
  • Unwinds easily

ProTapes Pro 795 Crepe Paper General Purpose Masking Tape provides excellent tack and applies to a good range of surfaces without leaving dirty residue. It is ideal for applications like securing packages, light bundling and duty masking plus sealing. It has high-temperature resistance, conformable and unwinds without effort. The tape also features impregnated crepe paper backing material. Get more info on this tape in this review.


3M White 18 mm x 55 m 06652 Automotive Refinish Masking Tape-18 mm

  • Designed for paint masking
  • Easily stretches and bends to follow curves
  • Conformable and flexible
  • Solvent/moisture-resistant properties

3M’s Automotive Refinish Masking Tape is equipped with crepe paper backing so the tape can be highly conformable. This means you can stretch and work on the tape to suit contours and curves without ripping it off. This tape is also moisture-resistant and has a rubber adhesive which makes it adhere on a nice range of automotive surfaces from metal, plastic, glass, rubber and moldings. It can also tolerate the outdoors. Check this tape out in this review.

We hope this handy guide has provided you with the answers you need on masking tape. Refer to our list of recommendations for excellent masking tape being sold in the market today.