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Best Magnetic Door Locks

We want our homes to be secure and free from trespassers. Safety is a concern these days and lots of homeowners have invested on prime security locks for their properties. A good example of technological advances in this area is the magnetic door lock. We have listed some of the best in the field based on our research.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of magnetic locks?

    Answer: Lots of home and business owners have purchased quality magnetic door locks because of their security, dependability and user-friendly attributes.

  2. How do magnetic locks work?

    Answer: Magnetic door locks make use of an electro-magnetic force which prevent doors from opening. Thus, they are great in case you need another level of security at home, in schools and commercial buildings.

  3. Is a magnetic lock easy to install?

    Answer: Magnetic door locks do not require plenty of wiring and drilling since it is only composed of a plate and an electromagnet. There are no components which need to be joined together.

  4. Why does a magnetic door lock need an emergency release capability?

    Answer: At times, magnetic door locks malfunction due to a breakdown in the device’s electronic locking system. The emergency release capability is made available in case you don’t have the codes or if the individual who locks it is not present.

Our Top Picks


Addalock – The Original Portable Door Lock

  • Easy installation
  • Made for traveling
  • Great for privacy
  • Portable

The Addalock key is a great security lock for businesspersons and individuals who travel on a regular basis. It is easy to use—the lock installs and removes within seconds. Adding this lock on your door will not bring about damage. It has a good design and construction too. If you’re after an affordable option for a security lock, this is something you need to look up. More information about this product can be had in this review video.


Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

  • Excellent metal construction
  • Weatherproof exteriors
  • 3 locking modes
  • Automatic wakeup fingerprint sensor

Ultraloq’s UL3 Bluetooth-enabled smart lock is one of the more user-friendly devices in this list. It works with smartphones too for extra convenience. Another great thing about this device is that it allows you to check who has opened your door and the time it happened. The lock includes the capability to store up to 95 fingerprints by way of Bluetooth 4.0. It has durable construction so it’s tough enough for home use. For more information about the product, go to this product link and see how it works!


TurboLock Keyless Smart Lock

  • User-friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Safe auto lock
  • Backup battery port

The TurboLock Keyless Smart Lock is packed to the rafters with exciting features. It’s crafted from premium stainless steel, a breeze to install, has weatherproof properties and provides users a safe and secure home thanks to advanced technology. It works with smartphones plus a backup battery pack for remote monitoring and to stop lockouts. This is a great security lock if you want something that will work in tandem with your phone. Get more details in this product video.


Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

  • Double authentication mode
  • Anti-theft mode
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • Emergency power supply

The Samsung EZON has excellent features that you should check out—it is a product that was PSB fire-tested, provides double authentication and anti-theft modes, password or RFID card options and emergency power supply. It’s a breeze to install and comes with a durable, utilitarian design. Its double locking security, random code options and intrusion detection makes for a home and apartment that is safe from bad elements. Get more insight on this model by checking out this product review.


MiLocks TKK Digital Door Knob Lock with Keyless Entry

  • Keyless keypad entry
  • Hassle-free programming
  • Automatic lock feature
  • 1-year electrical warranty

The TKK Digital Door Knob Lock is another user-friendly model—installation is over within seconds. This lock works on both left and right-handed doors. This is ideal for interior-entry keyless doors. You can input and remove clients for the lock care of the device’s user-friendly keypad. The glow in the keypad makes for better visibility at night too. Thus far, this is an inexpensive, entry-level option. For more in-depth information, check out this video.


LOKmate Deadbolt Guard Door Lock Security

  • Fast, secure installation
  • Easy snap-on method
  • Portable
  • Universal fit

LOKmate’s Deadbolt Guard Door Lock Security has a distinctive locking system that’s worth the look. It has durable stainless steel construction that means longer usage and no need for abrupt replacements. It is recommended for inward doors and it also contains a bolt lock system. The device includes a child-safety option, and it is recommended for residential and apartment doors. See how this piece works by tuning in to this product review video.

Smart homeowners are now using magnetic door locks for added security, and so should you. The best magnetic door lock for you is a device that meets all of your specifications. This article aims to provide the necessary information needed in order for consumers to make informed decisions on magnetic door locks. There are lots of options in the market at the moment but we make choosing easier for you by providing a list of top products in the industry.