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Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Buyer’s Guide

Drinking tea has long been a part of different cultures all over the world. The Japanese has their matcha tea, India their chai tea, Morocco their mint tea while the British has their traditional afternoon tea. In China, making tea is special form of art, referred to as the cha dao, while Thailand has their own special brew of tea—a strong red tea mixed with anise, yellow and red food colors and certain spices. Imbibing tea provides many health benefits too thus many health-conscious folks have incorporated the beverage in their diets.

In order to enjoy your tea properly, you need to have the right gear for it. For loose leaf tea preparations, a tea infuser is always involved. Get more info about this item by reading the rest of this article.

Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

  • Microwave, Dishwasher and Stovetop safe
  • Includes Tea Sampler
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Easy to use and clean
Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

The Ideal Tea Gift set. The Kitchen Kite tea set includes all the essential tea accessories. It comes with a glass teapot with stainless steel infuser for steeping loose leaf tea. Also, included is a tea sampler with two loose leaf teas and blooming tea. It is a beauty that enhances your tea drinking experience and can also be brought out at an elegant tea party. Its versatility is its appeal.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a tea infuser exactly?

    Answer: The tea infuser is a type of tool which lets tea drinkers steep loose tea leaves instead of the usual tea bags. The loose tea leaves are contained inside the infuser, which often comes in the form of a mesh basket or sphere and this prevents the leaves from swimming all over the brew. Lots of tea enthusiasts prefer loose leaf teas because the infuser lets the leaves spread out so the brew becomes more flavorful. Tea infusers are available in a great range of sizes and shapes which makes the whole experience of drinking tea fun and interesting.

  2. How do you use a tea infuser?

    Answer: Instructions of tea infusers do vary, depending on the tea and the type of infuser. However, majority of tea infusers work similarly. In general, you have to fill the tea infuser with 1-2 teaspoons of the loose tea leaves. Put the infuser in a cup and dispense hot water on it. The temperature of the water will depend on the type of tea—allow the leaves to soak for a specific period of time (in general, steeping may require around 3-5 minutes). You can also dip or churn the tea infuser before removing it to guarantee that the tea is spread evenly throughout the cup. Remember, the longer you steep the tea, the stronger its taste. You may need to experiment with the time first to discover the tea strength that you appreciate the most.

  3. What factors should I consider when buying tea infusers?

    Answer: Loose leaf tea infusers are available in varying sizes and forms. There are spoon-style types, there are ball infusers while some come in fancy shapes. There are even teapots with built-in tea infusers. Choose the shape that you think will benefit your tea drinking experience the most. Size is also something you need to consider. Loose tea leaves need sufficient space in order to spread out and expand so look for infusers that has a good size for the leaves and your cups.

Our Top Picks


Bamboo Tumbler by Leaflife

  • Natural Bamboo Exterior
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Leaf-proof
  • Toxic-free
  • Eco-friendly

Our current favorite possession. This Bamboo Tumbler by Leaflife features a casing made of natural bamboo on the exterior which looks amazing.  We are constantly getting compliments on how nice it looks! We also love it fits perfectly in our car cup holders. The tumbler works a little TOO well in maintaining temperature! We tried making hot tea and poured it straight from the kettle, and if we keep it closed tightly, even 8 hours later it’s still a little too hot to drink. Same thing with pouring cold drinks in. you can fill it up with ice water at night and it would still be ice cold when you wake up!


YEOSEN Tea Infuser Ball

  • Made from thick, 18/8 stainless steel
  • Has reliable, securely-threaded design
  • Includes fine mesh holes
  • Has 4.3-inch chain

The YEOSEN Tea Infuser Ball is designed to contain all tea leaves inside its confines and allow for excellent straining of the stuff for the tastiest teas. The design prevents tea leaves from getting stuck on the infuser too so it’s easier to clean. It’s made from thicker, 18/8 stainless steel that’s dishwasher-friendly and durable. No need to dig the infuser out with your bare hands or spoon since it includes a 4.3 chain which hooks on the cup’s rim.


MiraMiko ParTea Infusers Animal Set

  • Cute, delightful animal design
  • Easy to use
  • Set comes with 5 infusers
  • Made from food-safe BPA-free silicone

One of the best things about tea infusers is the fact that it now comes in a wide selection of fun, endearing designs, like this MiraMiko ParTea Infusers Animal Set. The pack has 5 different animal tea infusers in varying colors which will make tea parties more enjoyable. Completely safe to steep since it’s made from food-safe BPA-free, durable silicone material. This set is also great to give away as gift for tea-loving friends.


Tilevo Dinosaur Tea Infuser Set of 2

  • Simple to use
  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to clean

The Tilevo Dinosaur Tea Infuser Set of 2 is not only pleasing to the eyes, it’s also a breeze to clean up thanks to its design. You don’t have to pick tenacious tea leaves out of the infuser’s holes since this one has a wider opening on its body and you only need to pick the clump of soggy leaves in one fell swoop. It is made from silicone but it’s completely safe and non-toxic since the material is food-safe. It works for bigger loose tea leaves though, not the powdered and finely-ground ones.


Fred & Friends MR. TEA Silicone Tea Infuser

  • Adorable, charming design
  • Easy to use
  • Made from food-safe BPA-free silicone
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe

Another appealing tea infuser option is the Fred & Friends MR. TEA Silicone Tea Infuser. If you collect cute tea-making equipment or have a passion for cute kitchen gadgets in general, you should not pass this one up. It’s easy to use and clean up, being dishwasher-friendly. No worries about it being made with silicone as well since the material is non-toxic, food-safe and does not contain BPA.


Chefast Tea Infuser Set

  • Includes 3 infusers in two sizes
  • Comes with tea scoop
  • Made from premium 304 stainless steel
  • Great gift for tea enthusiasts

The Chefast Tea Infuser Set is composed of 2 small strainers, a bigger strainer for teapots and a tea scoop with a bag clip. This one is actually a good value find particularly if you like having tea with family and friends around. The items are made from high-quality, 304 stainless steel so they’re durable and will last for a longer time. It makes the item dishwasher-friendly too. The set is housed in a very chic box so it’s an excellent present for tea lovers.


House Again Mesh Tea Infuser with Drip Tray

  • Very fine mesh design
  • Easy to use and travel-friendly
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel mesh
  • Includes BPA-free silicone handle

The House Again Mesh Tea Infuser with Drip Tray assures that you will be able to take advantage of your favorite teas’ awesome flavors, credits to its fine stainless steel mesh design. The infuser has enough room for the leaves to enlarge plus its unique hanging design also makes for simple tea prep, made to fit on all mug and cup sizes. The mesh helps strain tea better even ultra-fine leaves.

Make tea time more special with the right loose tea leaf infusers. Remember the tips and the products in this list so you can always get tea infusers that will answer your needs.