Best Litter Boxes

A litter box is an indoor solids and urine collection box made for cats and other pets. It provides easy cleaning and odour control. Having litter boxes is a necessity for households with pets Litter box varies into sizes, brands, feature and effectiveness.

When it comes to litter box that offers different outstanding features, we listed 5 different litter box brands to help you decide what to choose.


Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray by Catit

  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Minimize litter box odour
  • Spacious
  • Privacy for your cat

I love how this Catit Jumbo Litter Pan minimizes the odour from your litter box because of its carbon impregnated filter. It also allows easy access for cleaning where you can lift up the large hood for your litter box. It can also bring comfort for your cat because it is spacious and provides privacy. To see more of the reviews for the product. Follow this link.


Litter Genie Plus Pail, Ultimate Cat Litter Disposal System, Locks Away Odors, Includes One Refill, Silver – 05320 by Litter Genie

  • Convenient disposal system
  • Ideal for multi-cat homes
  • Provides odour control
  • Less trash trips

The convenience it brings for its disposal system is what I like with Litter Genie. You just have to scoop your cat’s soiled litter, open lid and drop in dumps. It is also ideal for multi cat homes because of its size and provides odour control because it has antimicrobial to prevent odours cause by bacteria. It can also holds up to 14 days of cat litter, so giving you less trash trips. To see the actual product and reviews. Please follow this link.


Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System by Purina Tidy Cats

  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
  • Good pellet system to control odour
  • Comes with disposable pads
  • Accessibility

What’s unique with this litter box is its pellet system where it separates urine and solids to help control odour. It also has an ammonia blocker to lessen bad odour. It is also quick and easy to clean because of its easy to open hinged hood. In addition, it comes with disposable pads to absorb urine of your cat. Lastly, it also has a slide out drawer where your disposable pads can be accessed. Purina Tidy Cats’ Litter Box’ comprehensive review. Feel free to follow this link.


IRIS Jumbo Litter Box with Litter Scoop by IRIS USA, Inc.

  • Provides maximum space
  • Great height for litter box walls
  • Has an inched scoop
  • Convenient and Portable

What I think is an advantage of getting this IRIS Jumbo Litter Box is its convenience and portability. It is of because this litter box has its handle and secured buckles to allow safe and easy transport. It also provides maximum space and the height of the box is a plus as it is perfect for cats to dig in and kick. There is also an included scoop matched with its curved litter box sides helped in easy cleaning. For actual video for this product, visit this link.


PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box System by PetSafe

  • Self cleaning litter box
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Noise Free Spinning
  • Elegant design and quality

First thing, and what this litter box is unique among others is its self cleaning capability. It is automatic and continuously spins to self clean throughout the day. Despite of using power, it does not get much of your energy consumption and it also provides noise free spinning. Lastly is the elegant design and quality, at first glance, you will see that it is made with great standards for litter box. To see more information with this brand, don’t forget to click this link.

For being unique, PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box System by PetSafe stands out because of its self-cleaning feature. It is something that people can try as it is a great innovation for litter box. Otherwise, an ideal litter box may it be the traditional ones or the modern, must be its odour control capability. I see it as a main reason why people go for litter box, to minimize odour brought by your cat’s solids, so it is must have for each litter box. The space it provides and unique features must be also considered when choosing what brands to buy.