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Best Lint Rollers For keeping a Sharp look

Looking sharp at all times means wearing clean, well-pressed clothing. No stray threads should be on sight, no sign of fuzz, lint nor pet hair on the surface. If there be fuzz though, then better reach out for your trusty lint roller. Lint rollers are one of the niftiest inventions on this planet. They serve an important purpose, they’re refillable and make for convenient cleanups anywhere you go, anytime. Get the facts on these items through our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a lint roller do exactly?

    Answer: Lint rollers are devices which are used on fabric to take away fuzz, lint or other fibers. It is composed of a handle bearing a small barrel. The barrel has a sticky adhesive, and this adhesive is rolled on the fabric surface to take away lint or fuzz. Lint rollers are also used to remove pet hair or fur from furniture or spots where their pets frequent.

  2. What is the right way to use a lint roller?

    Answer: Do not use a dirty lint roller. When it has gathered dirt and it’s not sticky anymore, you must remove the sheet and use a new one.

  3. What are other uses for lint rollers?

    Answer: Apart from using it on your clothes, you can also use lint rollers to clean lampshades—just roll it along the bottom, tops and sides of the lampshade. You can also use it to remove sugar, salt, sprinkles or any similar mess. The lint remover is also good in removing broken glass. You can use lint rollers to clean floor edges and kitchen drawers in a pinch. Use it to remove food crumbs, dirt, grass bits or other items inside the car. Dirt trapped within your computer keyboard keys can also be removed with a torn piece of sticky sheet from the roller—squeeze the sheet between the keys to pick up dirt.

Our Top Picks


Mammoth Lint Roller

  • Perfect for clothing and furniture
  • One sheet gets entire outfit including back
  • Set comes with two rollers and two refills
  • Very sticky adhesive

This is the lint roller for pet parents. Mammoth Lint Roller is more than double the size of standard lint rollers, allowing you to get your entire outfit in one sheet including your back. The sheets are extremely sticky and makes cleaning pet hair off clothing or furniture a breeze. Each roll comes with 90 sheets and the rolls are replaceable. With a lifetime warranty, this is our most recommended lint roller.


Zelta Reusable Double Sided Lint Remover Travel Brush

  • Has double-sided feature
  • Can be used on various fabric surfaces
  • Has ergonomic design
  • Comes in portable size

For those in the market for a travel-friendly lint roller, the Zelta Reusable Double Sided Lint Remover Travel Brush is your solution. The roller easily rids clothing of fibers and other items from fuzz, lint, pet hair down to dust and dandruff. It’s very easy to use plus it has an ergonomic design as well which accommodates both right and left-handed users. Other than using it on clothes, you can also roll the device to clean furniture, upholstery and various beddings.


Gleener Ultimate Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

  • Removes lint and fabric pills quickly
  • Safe for all fabric types
  • Has 3 abrasive edges
  • Includes built-in lint brush

The Gleener Ultimate Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover has a design which made it a constant favorite among fashion experts and clothing professionals. You can use it as a device to remove fabric pilling easily without destroying your clothes’ surface or you can use its built-in brush to remove lint and other fibers. The design of the roller is also quite friendly on nearly all fabrics from knits down to silk, microfiber, spandex, polyester and cotton materials. You can also use it to clean furniture, vehicle seats, beddings and blankets for a fast cleanup.


Scotch Brite Value Pack Lint Roller

  • Set comes with 5 rollers
  • Removes lint, dust, fuzz and pet hair
  • Can be used on any type of clothing
  • Has powerful adhesive

The Scotch Brite Value Pack Lint Roller makes sure you are prepared when it comes to neat, clean clothing. The set includes 5 rollers all in all—this value pack also helps you save dollars. This affordable option is still a favorite among clotheshorses due to its powerful tacky rolling surface. It neatly removes traces of lint, fuzz, hair strands and even pet fur. Great to use on just about any type of garment from suits, coats, pants, denim, dresses and even hats. Each roller comes with 80 sheets.


Evercare Magic Lint Remover Brush

  • Double-sided feature
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has original sturdy black handle
  • Effectively and quickly takes away lint and fuzz

The Evercare Magic Lint Remover Brush is a set which includes 3 rollers. This value-pack features the brand’s original black handle design plus it comes with double sides to accommodate both left and right-hand users. Whether it’s pet hair that you want removed or dandruff, this brush will work efficiently to make your clothing presentable and free from unwanted items. You can also use the roller on upholstery, blankets, towels, beddings and the like. The comfort-grip handle has a sturdy feel too.


Flint Retractable Lint Roller

  • Compact, retractable design
  • Portable, travel-friendly size
  • Includes 30 multi-use sheets
  • Has soft-touch exterior

The Flint Retractable Lint Roller is the best choice for a travel lint roller due to its design. It’s retractable, has a sleek, modern built, features soft-touch exteriors and fits in most bags and totes. The roller also comes in lots of fashionable colors thus making it one hip lint roller too. The roller includes 30 tacky lint-removing sheets that lift off tough fuzz, hair, dandruff, dust and pet fur on fabric surfaces. Its adhesive is potent and durable while the sheets are 100 percent recyclable and reusable. The tackiness of the sheets will stay put and last for a long time.


WLLIFE Sticky Lint Roller

  • Includes roller and 2 refills
  • Sticky adhesive surface
  • Works on all types of fabrics and surfaces
  • High-quality ABS and TPR materials

The WLLIFE Sticky Lint Roller is easy to use due to its ergonomic handle. This reusable lint roller features a built made from quality ABS and TPR material. To keep the lint roller free from dirt and other contaminants, the device also includes a dust cover. The lint brush is made from tacky silica gel that’s non-toxic and very safe to use. Using the brush will not also leave any stains or gluey residue on fabric surfaces.

Keep your clothing neat and tidy by using a lint roller on it. Lint rollers work fast and its functions are very convenient. The fibers and foreign strands on your garments will soon be a thing of the past if you have a lint roller on hand.