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Best Lightning Cables

The most sought-after smartphones today are designed and manufactured by Apple. However, if you’re not content with the brand’s lightning cables or live in an area where Apple’s lightning cables are kind of hard to come by, you can rely on dependable third-party options. Let our buyer’s guide and reviews direct you to the right information and products in the market.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is one benefit of the lightning cable?

    Answer: Lightning cables from Apple and third-party suppliers makes charging faster. iPhones are built with fast charging features which standard data cables cannot accommodate. These standard data cables are also prone to overheating when charging fast. Lightning cables are especially designed to counter heating when fast charging.

  2. What does a lightning cable really do?

    Answer: The lightning cable is a regular charger cable which is designed with a connector made by the Apple brand for their products. This cable is utilized to connect or charge these electronic devices thru a desktop computer. It can also synchronize files between the phone and PC units.

  3. Is it okay to use cheap lightning cables which were not certified by Apple?

    Answer: It is always more ideal if we invest on pieces that come with high-quality features and construction and more importantly, advice from the brand itself. This is particularly essential when it comes to third-party options.

    Cheap, uncertified lightning cables that were not evaluated by Apple means its compatibility with the phone or gadget remains suspect.

  4. How do you care for lightning cables?

    Answer: Avoid pulling or twisting the cables too much while it is still plugged in because this puts plenty of stress on the cable itself, and this can lead to damage. In case you notice some cracking in the cable or wire, it is advised that you replace the cable as soon as you can. See if the product is backed by a warranty.

Our Top Picks


AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable – MFi Certified iPhone Charger

  • Apple MFI-certified
  • Charges and syncs for Apple devices
  • Small connector head fits majority of cases
  • Quality copper wires and nylon fiber

The AmazinBasics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable works hard to give life to your Apple devices. It is certified by the brand itself and connects to most Apple gadgets without a hassle. The smaller connector head suits most devices. It’s designed with quality copper wires and sturdy nylon fiver cloth for strength, extra flex and protection. See how this works in this review.


iPhone Charger, Anker Powerline Lightning Cable (3ft)

  • Sturdy and durable fiber
  • Faster charging
  • Reduced cable resistance
  • Flexible connectors

Anker’s Powerline Lightning Cable come in a good range of cable lengths to satisfy consumer preferences. It can charge Apple products from phones down to iPods. It fulfills its promise of super-fast charging due to the inclusion of broader diameter wires and reduced cable resistance. Very durable and sturdy so it will last a multitude of uses. Get more info in this review.


Gordess Mfi Certified Lightning Cable 5Pack 3ft 6ft 10ft Nylon Braided USB Fast Charging& Syncing Cord Compatible iPhone Charger

  • Quality four-core copper wires
  • Quick charging and data transfer
  • Sturdy construction
  • Pull-resistant model

The Gordess MFI-Certified Lightning Cable has durable, sturdy construction thanks to the first-rate quality aluminum shell, four core copper wires and nylon-braided jacket. Fast charging and data transfer are fulfilled care of the device’s high-tech features. The safety protection and copper wire design facilitate signal strength and quality for better processes. Get more info in this video review.


Volutz USB Type C Cable, Volutz USB C Charger

  • Patented Volutz DualHousing technology
  • 50,000 bending tolerance
  • Built-in fail-safe 56kΩ pull-up resistor
  • Wider compatibility

The Volutz Type C Cable is designed with the company’s patented DualHousing technology which gives decent fast charging and data transfer. It offers a braided, gold-plated USB-IF-recognized connector which guarantees great USB C to USB A-plug connections meant for serious applications. It’s good value for your money since it can accommodate a host of other gadgets as well. Check for more info in this review.


Gejin MFi Certified iPhone Charger Lightning Cable 5 Pack

  • Quality nylon fiber jacket
  • Better durability and flexibility
  • Built-in safety protection
  • Nylon-braided cable with copper cord

The nylon fiber jacket of the Gejin MFI-Certified iPhone Charger Lightning Cable makes this nifty unit a sure win—the material and its construction mean it will last longer and has better flex compared to similar products from other brands. The unit also comes with built-in safety protection to make charging and data transfer free from impending damage. See this work in this review.


Quntis Lightning Cable, Quntis 3Pack 6FT Lightning to USB A Cable Certified Fast Charging

  • Compatible with most Apple products
  • Heat-resistant aluminum alloy terminals
  • Durable aluminum housing/shell
  • Built-in chipset for fast charging

Become more mobile by way of this fast-charging Quntis Lightning Cable. The device fits most accessories and cases from the likes of Apple and a host of other brands. It has high-quality construction too, durable due to its aluminum housing and heat-resistant aluminum terminals. Those features guarantee faster, better connectivity and syncing. Get info on this video review.