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Best LED Grow Lights

When indoor plants do not get enough sunlight, they can become sickly-looking and grow too slow. Even with the use of traditional HPS, HID, and fluorescent grow lights, plants sometimes do not get the full spectrum they need to flourish and spread. If you want to ensure your precious greens do not wither, you can invest in a good LED grow light. LED grow lights come in many styles and designs, but they all have one thing in common: they give your plants their most needed spectrum and light nutrition so they thrive at any environment in any season of the year.

Don’t wait until you’ve lost a succulent to think about getting your plants a LED grow light. Most have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, so they can be used for a very long time. You will never again have to worry about your annuals and perennials drying up or drooping right before your eyes, because this type of lighting provides the exact light your indoor plants need to grow healthy and strong.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a LED grow light?

    Answer: Light emitting diode (LED) grow lights are a type of energy efficient light used by indoor gardeners to provide their plants a full and balanced spectrum of light designed to mimic natural light.

  2. Can LED grow lights replace sunlight for indoor plants?

    Answer: Yes. LED grow lights are, in fact, far more efficient than the sun because they provide the exact light your plants need.

  3. Are LED grow lights safe to use?

    Answer: Yes. LED grow lights do not use mercury, lead, gas, or filament. They do not have fragile glass bulbs or failure-prone moving parts.

Our Top Picks


Relassy LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

  • Full spectrum
  • Faster plant growth
  • Large illumination area
  • Certified by FCC, CE, ROHS, and PSE

Speed up your plant’s growth with this LED grow light. It is similar to natural sunlight, making it ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages. By offering a full spectrum that contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, it promotes the growth of leaves, flowers, and fruits faster. The light is equipped with flexible gooseneck and rotatable bulbs, making it much easier for you to adjust the angle and distance between the light and plants. The shell of the bulbs are made of aeronautical aluminum which is one of the best thermal conductive materials out there.


Phlizon LED Plant Grow Light

  • 600 watts
  • With thermometer humidity monitor
  • Adjustable rope
  • Full spectrum

Ensure healthy indoor plants with this LED grow light. Compared to MH / HPS lamps, it generates less heat and is more energy-saving, helping lower your electricity bills. Its universal blue red IR UV and white LEDs are similar to natural sunlight, allowing your plants to grow at a faster pace. This 600-watt light covers more area than any reflector series lights, making it a perfect fit for growing areas measuring 2 x 2 feet with a height of 24 inches. It has 2 switches: the “Veg” button for seedling or young vegetative growth, and the “Bloom” button for flower growth.


Kingbo Led Grow Light

  • Full spectrum
  • Dual gooseneck heads
  • Wide illumination area
  • 270-degree rotatable bulb

Grow healthy indoor plants with this LED grow light. It provides a full spectrum similar to sunlight, effectively promoting photosynthesis, increasing growth rate, and satisfying plant germination. Its upgraded 50-watt, dual-head gooseneck with high-quality LED chips improves luminous efficiency and has a higher PAR / lumen output. The light has a 270-degree rotatable bulb and a 360-degree stainless steel gooseneck, so you can easily adjust angles and distances between the light and plants. 


KingLED LED Grow Light

  • 1,000 watts
  • Full spectrum
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Energy-saving technology

Expose your indoor plants to good lighting with this LED grow lamp. It has 2 switches designed to provide proper light for plants in different growth stages to greatly increase your harvest. It provides full spectrum lighting from 380 nm to 780 nm. Unlike traditional HPS, this lamp adopts a high-tech LED chip, so you save more electricity and get brighter light. Its multiple high-speed mute fans and upgraded aluminum radiators enable it to work at 50°F to 60°F which is lower than other lamps. 


4WDKing LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

  • 10 levels of brightness
  • 360-degree flexible gooseneck
  • Full spectrum
  • 3 switch modes

Make your plants grow faster and healthier with this LED grow light. Designed with 4 heads and a 360-degree flexible gooseneck with clip, it not only solves the inflexibility and inconvenience of the traditional hanging plant grow lights but also provides greater coverage than the grow lights with 2 or 3 arms. It is made up of 80 efficient growing LEDs, providing similar uniform lighting as sunlight. This light has 10 dimmable modes ranging from 10% to 100% and 3 switch modes to suit varied stages of plant growth. 


JCBritw LED Grow Light

  • Full spectrum
  • 100 watts
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • High efficiency

Watch your indoor plants thrive under this LED grow light. Its full spectrum simulates sunlight, making the light suitable for all cycles of plant growth. It consumes only 36 watts but is equal to the traditional 300-watt HPS/MH, saving you from a high electric bill. This light adopts an aluminum alloy material casing to achieve excellent heat dissipation, keeping the inside cool. It has a transparent PC cover to prevent mosquitoes, dust, and drops from coming to the reflector cups, prolonging the LED’s service life.

While LED grow lights are expensive investments, they are well worth your money. This is because they use less energy, produce less heat, and are cooled internally so you no longer need costly cooling and exhaust systems.