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Best Leaf Blowers

Are you tired of using a broom or rake to remove leaves and other similar items around the yard? A leaf blower will bey our new best friend. Leaf blowers, like dishwashers, have made the dreaded word “cleanup” an easier thing to swallow. Your main decision when buying a leaf blower should be around whether you want a gas or electric one. Electric is great for small quick jobs since you don’t need to bother with filling it up with gas, but for large lawns and bigger jobs, you’ll need a gas powered leaf blower.

By using this guide, you will get valuable information about the device plus noteworthy product picks that you should be familiar with.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a leaf blower really do?

    Answer: Leaf blowers are excellent tools for maintaining order in your yard and garden. The device releases high-speed air that blows away excess leaves and debris off of the yard. This is a great device to take away rotting leaves, grass clippings and even dry out water/mud puddles.

  2. What are the different kinds of leaf blowers?

    Answer: The different kinds of leaf blowers include the handheld blowers, backpack type, the leaf blower vacuum mulcher, the walk-behind type, the gas and the electric types. If you’re looking to get through larger jobs, go with the gas powered blower.

  3. What factors do I need to consider when buying a leaf blower?

    Answer: First and foremost, you need to consider if leaf blowers are allowed in your community particularly the gas-powered types since this one produces the most noise among the blower bunch. Leaf blowers are not exactly silent tools. You also need to consider the type of blower you need, the design, power level, power source, weight and ease of use.

  4. Where can you buy leaf blowers?

    Answer: Leaf blowers are sold in brick and mortar stores like Home Depot and Lowes. You can also buy one online through stores like Amazon. Many like purchasing online since lots of stores offer excellent deals on yard maintenance equipment.

Our Top Picks


Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

  • Gas-powered model
  • Lightweight at 8.6 lbs.
  • 441 CFMs
  • 23.99 CC engine

The Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower is a lightweight model that is pretty easy to carry around; it weights only 8.6 lbs. Power source used is gas so you won’t need to deal with unwieldy cables when using this device. It can be used practically anywhere. The equipment also makes use of a technology called Pure-Fire which allows it to generate low emissions, making it a little eco-friendlier. See this in action on this review.


Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

  • 160 MPH wind speed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Includes cord lock

The Greenworks 24012 electric leaf blower gathers its power from a 7 AMP motor for better torque, durability and the best efficiency. It delivers fast wind speeds at 160 MPH. The unit also comes with a cord restrainer that provides safe continuous operations. Its ergonomic and lightweight design makes it a breeze to grip and use. This is one eco-friendly unit since it will not leave any carbon footprint. Get more insight on this unit in this review.


Black & Decker BV6000 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

  • Zero emissions
  • 250 MPH wind speed
  • High-impact metal fan
  • Disposable leaf bag system

The Black+Decker BV6000 is one for the budget-conscious consumer. Reasonable price point but it delivers when it comes to performance. It is powered by a 12 AMP motor that has three interchangeable jobs rolled into one. The wind speed rates at a great 250 MPH plus it has 2-speed selections as well. The device is quieter compared to other similar models so you can do yard cleaning on schedule. Get more information on this product in this video.


Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower

  • Lightweight at 4.6 lbs.
  • 160 MPH wind speed
  • 2-speed air control
  • 7 AMP

The Toro 51585 is a handheld model which is lightweight and makes for effortless handling. It is a user-friendly blower that is a good entry-level tool. It churns out 160 PH of wind speed, which is good and includes 2 speed air controls for task options. The unit operates by way of a 7 AMP motor and it’s ideal for removing debris and leaves from the yard, driveways and streets. Check this and more in this review.


Husqvarna 125B 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 425 CFM 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

  • 470 CFM air volume
  • 170 MPH wind speed
  • Mulching capability
  • Cruise control

The Husqvarna 125B makes your gardening and yard cleaning chores a snap to do. Lightweight and easy to tote around due to its ergonomic features. It comes with a flare nozzle for the best air velocity and provides adjustable speeds too. Check out the mulching capability—extra points for versatility there. Get more insight on this tool in this video.


DeWalt DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower

  • Features brushless motor
  • Axial fan design
  • 400 CFM/90 MPH
  • Variable trigger/speed lock

This Dewalt brushless blower is then again, a nice device for people who want comfort when using blowers. Lightweight, with ergonomic features, the DCBL720P1 is a joy to wield around. It generates 400 CFM air volume and has a wind speed of 90 MPH. The high-efficiency characteristic of the brushless motor takes full advantage of the motor life and run time. Watch this one in action on this review.

We have laid out wonderful blower models that you can choose from. These options hopefully will make the job of choosing a model easier for you. Summer is coming fast and all of us have to deal with trimming and cleaning our yards and gardens once again. Do yourself a favor and invest on a quality leaf blower. This will make gathering leaves and other unneeded debris effortless.