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Best Laptop Stands

If you’re working from home and using a less than ideal setup, there is a high chance that you may be experiencing back pains due to bending for hours on your laptop. While working chairs have a better design that reduces back pain, you need a laptop stand. Also, modern laptop stands are portable and light, and therefore, you can put them in your daily carry bag without adding unnecessary weight to your bag. 

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do you need a laptop stand?

    Answer: If you work on your laptop for long hours, the chances that you feel a strain on your back or neck are high. Although there are unique tables that raise the laptop screen on the eye level, the stand minimizes eyes and hand muscle strains while working. Also, a stand protects your laptop in case of spill off on your working table.

  2. What makes a good laptop stand?

    Answer: Due to a massive demand for laptop stands and more people working remotely, more brands are making the stands. Unfortunately, not all stands will work correctly for you. An ideal laptop stand should be portable, sturdy, and have a modern design. If the working set-up has more cables, a stand that has a cable slot will be ideal.

  3. What should I look for when choosing blue-light blocking glasses?

    Answer: Apart from reducing muscle strains, which other reasons make a laptop stand an ideal accessory?On top of reducing muscle strains, the stands are perfect for several factors. First, a stand is perfect if you are trying to declutter your working space. Similarly, if you type a lot, a stand will reduce wrist twists, making the typing experience better and fun. Finally, it stands to help in cable management.

Our Top Picks


Nulaxy Laptop Stand

  • Has a strong aluminum design
  • Adjustable height
  • Compatible with all laptops
  • Adjustable angles for better working experience

Nulaxy Laptop Stand is a modern stand that enables you to work for hours without bending your back. If you prefer typing and working from a third-party keyboard, the stand will give you a desktop experience with a floating screen. Also, Nulaxy is a perfect accessory if your laptop is overheating, thanks to the ventilation hole. Apart from the impressive specs, the Nulaxy Laptop Stand is a reliable and robust accessory. Unlike most stands that have a weak stand, it can withstand heavy and light laptops. Also, the base gives your laptop a perfect grip while working.


YoFeW Aluminum Laptop Riser

  • The height is adjustable
  • It has a sturdy and robust frame
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Affordable

Whether you are using a MacBook or a regular laptop, using the YoFeW Aluminum Laptop Riser will give you a different working experience. For example, the height adjustment gives you the freedom to customize your working experience and make you more productive. Apart from the specs, the YoFeW Aluminum Laptop Riser is user-friendly, regardless of whether it is your first time using a stand or not. The stand has a button that is ideal when adjusting the height. Similarly, YoFeW is perfect for cable management, especially if your working space has more cables.


Cooper Mega Table

  • It has an advanced soft rubber for wrist rest
  • Has a detachable laptop stand
  • It has a silent fan
  • Allows you to adjust angles

The Cooper Mega Table is a different type of stand, especially in design and the number of items it can hold at once. You can place your mug, phone, and tablet. As the name suggests, the stand has a table shape but with a better working design. If you are working on intense projects, the stand will help cool your machine, thanks to its fan. Also, the Cooper Mega Table comes with a laptop stopper, which helps retain your laptop in one place while working.


Betidom Multifunction Laptop Bed Table

  • It is stable
  • Ideal for multiple devices
  • Has anti-sliding rubber
  • The stand is light

It is rare to find a laptop stand that can hold more than your computer. This unit has a bigger surface area for multiple items such as a mug and snacks.  In addition to being a laptop stand, Betidom is a perfect accessory for all users that may require more gadgets while working. The Betidom stand has a built-in tablet groove that can correctly hold an iPad Pro 12.9.


Nllano Portable Laptop Stand

  • It is portable
  • Has anti-slide rubber
  • Strong and can support all type of laptops
  • It is easily adjustable

The Nllano Laptop Stand is a portable and one of the best-made stands. Therefore, the stand is a perfect buy for users looking for an efficient but portable accessory to their working set-ups. Likewise, the anti-slide rubber allows you to adjust a laptop from different angles. Apart from its bleeding-edge specs, the Nllano Portable Laptop Stand is strong. Therefore, you can use it on any laptop. The stand is also ideal if you want an accessory that is perfect for ventilation.


Skrebba Laptop Stand

  • Has a protective stable
  • It has a hollow ventilation design
  • Compatible with all laptops
  • Has an anti-slide rubber

Whether you are working from a desk or prefer using your laptop while standing, the Skrebba Laptop Stand is a perfect addition to your accessories. It is stable, and you can work on any task on your laptop without the annoying movements from its base.  The Skrebba Laptop Stand has a hollow ventilation design that allows your laptop ventilation to get cool air. Also, the stand has an anti-slide rubber, which holds the laptop well. These two features make a stand the most user-friendly buy on this list.

Due to changes in the world of working, a laptop stand is one of the essential accessories. The six stands outlined above are not only ideal for makeshift working spaces but also a perfect addition to your working desk. In addition, they are user-friendly, regardless of your work routine. You should also check out our office product reviews section if you’re looking for other ways to take your work from home setup to the next level. You’re spending a lot of time at your desk so you should make sure that it suits your needs weel.