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Best Laptop Sleeves

Whether your laptop is a top-of-the-line brand or just a normal machine, having a case is vital. A sleeve will protect your PC from spills or drops. Apart from being a protective measure, a sleeve helps when packing and keeps your tech bag well organized. Thanks to the growth of the laptop market, there is a sleeve for every laptop model.

Buyers Guide

  1. What should I look at in a laptop case/sleeve?

    Answer:When buying a case or a sleeve for your machine, there are two factors to consider before hitting the buy button. First, a perfect sleeve should be checkpoint-friendly. It should be easier to open and return the laptop in security checks. Second, a durable sleeve is important, especially if you pack more items in your tech bag.

  2. Which laptop sleeve/case is the best?

    Answer: Unlike five years ago, there are tens of companies making sleeves for machines. Each company has a different approach to designing. Therefore, there are many good options, regardless of your laptop size or model. Fortunately, the products outlined below are unmatched. They are durable and user-friendly.

  3. Is a laptop sleeve worth buying?

    Answer: Yes. One of the most expensive items in most people’s bags is a laptop. In case you drop it, repairing the machine may cost you hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, a sleeve makes it easier to organize items in your bag.

Our Top Picks


Kalidi laptop sleeve

  • High-end leather material
  • Mimics classic pocketbooks
  • Folder-over opening
  • Super thin for 13” laptops

Are you looking for a leather sleeve for your 13” laptop? This sleeve is unmatched, thanks to its impressive design and quality materials. The high-end leather makes the sleeve one of the most durable options. The pocketbook design is also unmatched, especially if you love classic designs. While the sleeve may not have extra padding for your laptop, it will shield your machine from spills and normal drops. Besides its design, the sleeve has a folder-over opening. Therefore, it is perfect for traveling and passing security checks at ease.


Incase Icon Sleeve

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Improved flap
  • Maximum protection

The Incase Icon Sleeve is a special bag for laptops, thanks to the impressive security features. The sleeve is one of the most durable options on this list, thanks to the materials used to make it. Apart from being durable, the sleeve protects the laptop from drops and spills. While the interior does not have a lot of padding, the laptop is safe from all types of every-day drops. In addition to the features, the Incase Icon Sleeve has a better flap. You can access the PC at any time, especially when passing checks. For more information, watch this video.


Kate Spade Flower laptop sleeve

  • Padded interior
  • Durable
  • More pockets
  • Stylish finishing

The Kate Spade Flower is one of the best looking sleeves on this list. The flowery finishing makes it unique, especially in a market where most sleeves have one color. Apart from the impressive finishing, the sleeve has a padded interior. It makes it perfect for protecting the laptop from drops and normal spills. The sleeve also has more pockets. While their location may be incontinent for some people, the pockets are perfect for carrying more items such as documents and cables.


Arvok laptop sleeve

  • Padded interior
  • Water repellant
  • Durable
  • Spacious

The Arvok laptop sleeve is the biggest bag on this list. Therefore, you can use it to carry bigger machines as well as standard laptops. Also, you can use the bigger space to carry documents and cables. While the sleeve feels cheaper compared to some leather options, it is water repellant. The feature protects your machine from liquids. Besides the impressive features, the Arvok laptop sleeve has a padded interior for maximum safety. So, your machine will be safe from normal drops. Finally, the machine is affordable for all users. 


Kate Spade sleeve

  • Durable
  • Form-fitting
  • Stylish
  • Soft interior

If you are looking for a stylish sleeve for your machine, the new Kate Spade sleeve will be a perfect buy for you. The finishing of the bag will make you stand out. Besides the impressive finishing, the sleeve is form-fitting. Your laptop will fit in it perfectly and therefore minimizing dents on your machine. While the sleeve is expensive to other options on this list, the Kate Spade sleeve has one of the softest interiors. The soft interior adds another layer in ensuring that the machine is safe, even in case of a normal drop. For more information, watch this video.


MOSISO Laptop sleeve bag

  • Easy to unzip
  • Padded interior
  • Attractive design
  • Slim and lightweight

The MOSISO laptop sleeve bag is attractive. The padded interior, for example, makes it perfect for protecting your machine from normal drops. Also, it slim and lightweight, and the sleeve does not add any excess weight to your bag. Besides the features and the design, the MOSISO laptop sleeve bag is easy to unzip, especially when traveling. The zipping system also makes the sleeve bag safe. For more information, watch this video.


Evecase laptop sleeve

  • Slim and lightweight
  • TSA certified
  • More color options
  • Additional pockets

The Evecase is a special laptop sleeve, thanks to its features. It is slim and lightweight and, therefore, perfect for all types of machines. If you prefer a sleeve with different colors, this option is perfect, thanks to various color options for different users. The sleeve is TSA certified. So, you do not need to remote your machine at every checkpoint. Besides its impressive features, the sleeve has additional pockets. You can put documents and cables in them for easier mobility. Check this video for more information.

Apart from taking care of your machine, buying a case or sleeve is the most important thing for any laptop owner. A perfect sleeve will protect the machine from drops and spills. Also, it will make it easier to organize your bag, especially if you carry more items.