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Best Lap Desks: Top recommendations from our Staff

The coronavirus pandemic has eventually paved the way for people to familiarize themselves with the work-from-home concept. According to a recent survey, many office workers actually appreciate working from home and would like to do it more once the pandemic is over. The key in breezing through remote work is to set up an efficient workspace. Lap desks can help in making every spot at home a comfortable area for work. For ideas on lap desks, get your info through our helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a lap desk do?

    Answer: The lap desk is a flat surface designed like a mini desk with padding on the bottom so the device can sit accordingly on the user’s lap.

  2. What is the advantage of using a lap desk?

    Answer: Using a laptop directly on the bed or on your lap is not really advisable since it cuts down airflow for the device. The reduction of airflow can lead to overheating. The lap desk helps avoid issues like this. Lots of lap desks come with sufficient room for positioning tablets or laptops securely. There are also some that include extra features like pull-out drawers, ergonomic wrist rests, adjustable legs, cup holders and built-in phone holders so you can have an organized, efficient workspace to deal with every day.

  3. What factors should I consider when looking for lap desks?

    Answer: You need to consider the material that the lap desk is made with. The material will indicate the durability of the product, its comfort aspect and the price point. The design of the lap desk is also important—tray style ones sit over the lap and it keeps devices cooler. Flat-type ones include padding beneath the desk for added comfort. There are also designs which include holders for phone, cups or pens, built-in mousepads and wrist rests, lighting and more. The size of the lap desk should be able to accommodate your laptop or tablet well. You also need to consider a bigger lap desk in case you want to put more essentials around it apart from your electronics.

Our Top Picks


AboveTEK Laptop Desk

  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality wood surface
  • Anti-slip properties

One of the highlights of the AboveTEK Laptop Desk is its adjustable height—you can modify it according to your desired position from 9.5 to 13 inches. You can fine-tune its angle and height. The design is pretty handy while at the same time, can be tilted or extended for the most comfortable work position at home. Its legs can also be adjusted so storage is not a pain. The design is versatile—you can use it for work, as a reading desk or even use it for breakfast in bed.


LapGear Media Bed Tray with Phone Holder

  • Fits up to 17.3-inch devices
  • Has media bar
  • Natural bamboo
  • Includes folding legs

The LapGear Media Bed Tray with Phone Holder makes for good work-from-home equipment. It comes with media slots for your phone or tablet. This component presents two optical/viewing angles so you can set up your tablet or phone at the most accessible position. You can use it for any purpose other than work—for hobbies, crafting, eating and reading. The lap desk is also designed with foldable legs for easy storage plus carrying handles.


Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light

  • Angled design
  • Includes memory foam
  • For devices up to 18 inches
  • Removable USB lighting

The Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light is one of the convenient lap desks that you can work with. It can support electronics measuring up to 19 inches. For the most comfortable position, the lap desk features an angled design with memory foam. This design also allows your electronics to be cool at all times. No worries about insufficient lighting because this one is equipped with a removable USB light. Very portable because of a built-in handle too.


Mind Reader LTADJUST-BLK Adjustable Lap Top Desk

  • 8 angle options
  • Dual-bolster pillow support
  • Includes carry handle
  • Versatile design

The Mind Reader LTADJUST-BLK Adjustable Lap Top Desk provides users with 8 angle positions so you can comfortably work at home. Customize the desk that will fit your workspace preferences for efficiency and productivity. The lap desk features a built-in padded bottom too for more comfort when using your electronics while seated in bed or on a chair. The lap desk also includes a carrying handle so you can easily transport this handy unit anywhere you want around the house.


Homfa Bamboo Laptop Desk

  • Natural bamboo board
  • Multifunctional design
  • Includes stopper
  • Has cooling function

The Homfa Bamboo Laptop Desk makes for an excellent surface to put on your laptop or tablet for work. It has a cooling function in the form of a swirl-form desktop design which facilitates appropriate air ventilation. It’s not only functional, but this design also adds to the overall aesthetics of the lap desk. The lap desk has added neat, convenient features on it as well from a cup groove, a stopper to prevent electronics from sliding off of the desk plus a drawer for placing your phone, notepads or pens. It’s durable and will endure hours of frequent use and an eco-friendly option at that, being made from natural, high-quality bamboo board.


TaoTronics Laptop Desk

  • Adjustable angles
  • 5 height levels
  • Spacious desk
  • Retractable legs

The TaoTronics Laptop Desk can be tilted to 0/15/25/35 degrees to fit the best angle you prefer while working on your laptop. The desk also presents a nice 5 levels of elevation, which can be modified with just one simple press of a button. This desk accommodates laptops and electronics up to 17 inches wide—furthermore, it will still provide enough room for additional work essentials like a mouse of note pad. To stop wrist strain, the lap desk is also designed with a soft wrist rest. Use it as a sit-to-stand laptop desk or utilize it as a foldable table—its versatility makes it one excellent value-for-money product.

Just because you don’t have a proper work desk at home, it does not mean that remote work will be a pain to deal with. The lap desk assures that your workspace will become a more efficient and comfortable one anywhere you go.