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Best Korean Barbecue Grill Pans

Culinary enthusiasts around the world are excited that Korean-style barbecue hit the ground running two years ago and it’s still going strong. This also led to an increase in BBQ grills reminiscent of the manner in which Koreans cook their meat and vegetables. Communal-style grilling is a great way to bond with family and friends so why not have one? Look for the nicest K-grill pans included in our list.

Buyers Guide

  1. What foods should I cook on a Korean barbecue grill pan?

    Answer: Whatever food you can cook on an ordinary grill fits the workings of the Korean barbecue grill pan. However, do you have to consider the food’s thickness and size. You can cook thin segments of pork belly on it, small pieces of steak, your preferred vegetables and corn. Bigger pieces of meat, like huge, thick steaks are not ideal for this type of grill though since its heat output and cooking area are smaller compared to traditional outdoor grills.

  2. What factors should I remember when selecting quality Korean barbecue grill pans?

    Answer: First, you need to consider its size—base it according to the amount of food you want cooked on the device. You have to consider the heat range and BTU of the burner as well—the smaller the cooking area, the lesser BTUs it needs to heat up efficiently. Next, you need to consider the heat source—if you do not have a portable butane stove and instead have a gas range, you can buy one that fits gas ranges. You also need to get one that has a good drainage system, sturdy materials so it will last many barbecue cookouts and lastly, get something that meets your budget.

  3. How do you clean a Korean barbecue grill pan?

    Answer: The Korean barbecue grill pan is a kitchen device so you need to clean it following each use. Make sure to take care of it properly to ensure a longer lifespan for the device. If the surface of the grill has food remains on it, you need to use warm water to wipe the remains out of the grill’s surface. Do not scrub the surface of the grill pan roughly since these pans usually have a non-stick coating on it.

Our Top Picks


Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot

  • 2 in 1 Hotpot and Korean Barbecue Combo
  • Versatile for 1 – 10 people eating
  • Dual Temperature Control
  • Fast and Even Heating Technology
  • Non Stick Surface and Easy to Set up and Clean up

The new evolution of eating well, hot pot and Korean bbq. Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hotpot has been ravingly received by tens of thousands of eaters since its launch. It’s so easy to set up and clean, and it also cooks so fast. On top of its versatility, it comes with a recipe book that introduces cuisines from across the world.


CookKing Korean Traditional BBQ Grill Pan

  • Smokeless indoor grilling pan
  • Includes effective fat-draining system
  • Multi-layered non-stick coating
  • Made in Korean

The CookKing Korean Style Traditional BBQ Grill Pan will indeed transport you to its place of origin, credits to the style and functions of this grill model. It is patterned after regular grill pans in Korea. It has a dome shape with sides that slant and a center that’s raised—this specific design makes for better oil drainage for healthier barbecue and it will also prevent too much greasy mess for users to deal with afterwards. The grill pan is lightweight so cleaning it or transporting the device won’t be a hassle.


Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor BBQ

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Non-stick Teflon coating
  • Built-in drip pan
  • Versatile BBQ grill pan

The Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor BBQ will last you for many cookouts—its wear-resistant stainless steel construction won’t budge even with all that high heat. Healthy eating is the way to go with this device as well due to the efficient built-in drip tray. It has a double-coated Teflon coating too so you can cook any kind of food on it, whether meat, vegetables or fish. The non-stick coating not only makes for healthier eating, it also means less mess for you to fuss with once all that food is consumed.


TeChef Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan

  • Multi-layered PFOA-free Teflon coating
  • Distinctive eddied design
  • Excellent grease/fat drainage system
  • Oven and dishwasher-safe

The TeChef Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan is the best Korean-style barbecue grill pan to keep—its solid features and quality made this model a bestseller. It is crafted from quality aluminum, has multilayered PFOA-free Teflon coating and its dome shape prevents sauces and oil from getting into the burner. Made in Korean with the highest standards for grill pans.


Dongwoo Korean BBQ Stone Grill BBQ Pan

  • Agalmatolite plate
  • Smokeless grill pan
  • Comes with upper stone plate and lower stainless steel plate
  • Made in Korean

Meats and vegetables grilled on a stone surface have a distinctive flavor. If you want something that’s interesting to your taste buds, you will surely appreciate the functions and features of the Dongwoo Korean BBQ Stone Grill BBQ Pan. The device comes with an agalmatolite stone plate to further enhance the flavor of the grilled food. It is a snap to use thanks to its convenient drainage holes—this prevents the oil to build up on the grill surface.

Korean barbecue is here to stay—enjoy these barbecue parties with a trusty Korean BBQ grill pan. It’s a healthy and relatively new way to enjoy your meat and veg.