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Best Knee Braces

Athletes and active individuals need protection to avoid injuries. When your workout involves a lot of running or bending, you will need extra knee support to ensure your kneecap stays in the proper position during movement. Here is where a good knee brace comes in handy. Knee braces provide full knee protection as well as relief from strains or joint pain.

If you want to enjoy a full range of motion every time you work out, take a look at these knee braces we found on Amazon. Each has different features, but all deliver one sure thing: ultimate knee protection.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are knee braces?

    Answer: Knee braces are supports worn for knee pain or preventing injuries during sports.

  2. What are knee braces made from?

    Answer: Knee braces are made from combinations of metal, foam, plastic, or elastic material and straps.

  3. When should you wear a knee brace?

    Answer: Knee braces should be worn if you have knee pain, want to prevent injuries during high contact sports, or are rehabilitating.

Our Top Picks


Athledict Hinged Knee Brace Support with Strap & Side Patella Stabilizers

  • Support of Big Brace and Comfort of Thin Sleeve
  • Comfortably Reduces Your Pain During Movement While Offering Maximum Stability
  • Versatile and Adjustable to Fit Most Stages of Pain and Recovery

Athledict Hinged Knee Brace with X-Strap was designed to provide strong adjustable support of big braces with comfort and range of movement of thin sleeves. This is to give active people more confidence and stability during their recovery while reducing pain and without need to cut back on your activities, despite being hurt! This design was made by lots of trial and error and testing in the trenches by athletes, main features allowing this are versatile adjustable X-Strap and “reversed” design with front opening/closing.


TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

  • Adjustable bidirectional support
  • Open patella design
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Comfortable and stable

Enjoy activities with comfort and confidence with this knee brace. Its alternating strong closures stabilize the patella to reduce knee pain, while its open patella design provides support and compression around the kneecap and tendon areas. The lightweight neoprene and non-slip silicone strips ensure compression is uniform and stays in place for any physical activity.


Bodyprox Knee Brace

  • With patella gel pads
  • Flexible stabilizers
  • Absorbent and breathable
  • Universal fit

Reduce the stress on your knees with this brace. The side springs with silicone pad help protect the kneecaps during heavy work and intense exercise. The Velcro strap allows you to adjust the tightness and feel the support that is best for you. Made of high-grade neoprene, the knee brace is breathable, preventing any unpleasant skin conditions from occurring.


Bracoo Knee Support

  • With adjustable strapping
  • Breathable neoprene
  • With reinforced stabilizer ring
  • Comfortable to wear

Relieve acute and chronic knee pain with this brace. Its open patella design reduces stress on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage. The reinforced stabilizer ring ensures the knee cap remains in its proper position, while the extra-thick neoprene sleeve offers additional protection and improved blood circulation to the muscles and tendons.


Shock Doctor Hinged Knee Brace

  • Prevents moisture and odor
  • Boosts movement
  • Lifts and compresses
  • Fits both left and right knees

Prevent medial and lateral instability, meniscus injuries, and minor ligament sprains with this knee brace. It features an antimicrobial and airflow-vented technology to reduce odor, bacteria, and moisture. The heavy-duty bilateral dual hinges provide support while allowing you to move comfortably. With premium stitching and integrated flexible side stabilizers, this knee brace stays in place.


Vive Hinged Knee Brace

  • Adjustable fit
  • Open patella design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Extra strong fasteners

Get added support and protection with this knee brace. It improves medial and lateral stability, helps reduce injury, and assists in recovery. The compression material provides support to injured muscles, while the lightweight neoprene provides thermal compression. The brace‚Äôs fasteners are adjustable to your specifications, and its aluminum hinges reduce lateral movement of the knee. 


Exous Knee Brace Support Protector

  • Non-slip fit
  • With side stabilizers
  • Less bunching
  • Provides pain relief

Play sports while staying protected with this knee brace. Its 4-way compression system hugs your knee from every angle for lateral and medial support. The 2 dedicated patella straps provide pain relief and help stabilize the kneecap. The brace features a gap behind the back of the knee so there is less irritation and sweating.

Designed for men and women, these knee braces provide full support, making them a great choice for tennis, basketball, weightlifting, and any other sports or activity that needs extra stabilization. The adjustable fitting ensures you can bend as low as you can with complete support and comfort.