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Best Kids Smart Watches

With the amount of time children spend in front of tablets and smartphones these days, it is only natural to provide them with a wearable device that they can use not only for games but also for emergency purposes. Today, smart watches are no longer purely for grown-ups but also for the younger generation. What’s great about a kids smart watch is it has many features that will not only benefit children but also parents. Such features, like GPS, camera, emergency SOS alert, games, and activity tracker, offer an extra helping hand to parents so they do not stress or worry about their kids when they are apart.

Choosing a kids smart watch doesn’t have to mean sticking with the known brands. Bargains can be found, too. In fact, some cheaper watches provide the same quality features and user interfaces as big brands. For less worrying on your part and more peace of mind, our research team did the homework for you by reviewing various kids smart watches to find the best in terms of quality and features.

Buyers Guide

  1. What features does a kids smart watch have?

    Answer: Common features of a kids smart watch is GPS tracker, activity tracker, built-in cameras, apps and games, emergency SOS alert, music player, and alarm.

  2. Do you need a phone for a kids smart watch?

    Answer: Most kids smart watches can be used as a phone. Calls can be made and received, texts can be sent, and voice messages can be recorded. Some watches come with a SIM card, while other watches don’t.

  3. At what age should a child wear a smart watch?

    Answer: At age 4, kids can already operate a smart watch, making it the best age to provide a child with a wearable device.

Our Top Picks


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

  • 2 cameras
  • Splash-proof and sweat-proof
  • Includes a micro-USB cable
  • 256MB memory

Introduce your little one to the world of technology with this kids smart watch. It has dual cameras that allow your child to take videos, pictures ,and selfies with one touch. Effects, like stamps, frames, and filters, can be added to the photos to make them even more special. The watch has 55 digital and analog faces to help your bundle of joy tell time, and it features a timer, alarm, and calendar for exploring time concepts. It includes 5 exciting games to keep your child entertained, as well as a micro-USB cable for uploading photos and videos, recharging the battery, and downloading free content from the brand’s learning lodge. 


Karaforna Smart Watch Phone

  • Touchscreen
  • With alarm clock
  • With music player
  • 7 learning games

Let your little one take cute selfies on this kids smart watch. It has 9 main functions: phone book, phone, alarm clock, calculator, music player, games, camera, photo album, and call recorders. It features 7 learning games that will help exercise your child’s logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. This watch allows you to make calls to your kid and receive calls from them, as well as save 10 contacts in case of an emergency. Easy to operate, it lets your child record their voice, save their recording, and play MP3.


MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch

  • HD touchscreen
  • With camera and recorder
  • With music player
  • 7 fun games

Your little one will look absolutely grown up wearing this sporty kids smart watch. It comes with a free 1GB micro SD card so your child can take selfies and record their voice. It includes these 7 exciting games: 2048, Basketball Shoot Master, Bee War, Pinball Hit Bricks, Car Grab Goods, Eat Gold, and Ultimate Racing. Through this watch, your kid can make and receive calls. It has an alarm clock, album, recorder, and calculator, and it supports multiple languages.


Vowor Kids Smart Watch

  • Waterproof
  • 2-way video calling
  • With GPS tracker
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone iOS

Ensure the safety of your little one with this 4G kids smart watch. With a GPS and LBS tracker, it lets you check the location of your child anytime, anywhere by SMS, iOS, or Android app. It has a 2-way video calling feature that lets you video talk to your kid and see them face to face. This watch is IP67 water-resistant so your child can wear it when they wash your hands or play with water. For emergency situations, the watch has a 2-click power button to send SOS messages to all contacts when your kid is in danger. 


MiKin Kids Smart Watch

  • Waterproof
  • With GPS tracker
  • Touchscreen
  • With flashlight

Track your little one’s whereabouts with this kids smart watch. It is equipped with a GPS and LBS positioning mode that will allow you to quickly and easily locate your child any time. In case of emergencies or danger, there’s an SOS call button that your kid can press and hold for 5 seconds to call your number for help. The watch is IP67 waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your child wearing it near water or at the first sign of rain. Its band is made of soft silicon, and its case is made of durable plastic alloy.


Moweallarge Kids Smart Watch Phone

  • 7 fun games
  • HD touchscreen
  • With music player and recorder
  • With camera

Make your little one feel all grown up wearing this kids smart watch. It supports a memory card so your child can take selfies and record their voice. It includes 7 exciting video games that will keep your kid busy all day long. The watch has an SOS function that can easily be pressed to activate in case of an emergency. Other features include an alarm clock, 2-way call, 3 alarms, an album, a recorder, camera, calculator, MP3 player, phone book, and 12/24-hour format.

Because you can’t always be with your little one, a kids smart watch will come in very useful for your peace of mind. Providing your child with this wearable device lets you monitor their whereabouts so they can have more freedom to wander around.