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Best Kids LCD Drawing Tablets

Supporting your little tyke’s fondness for the arts doesn’t have to mean wasting stacks of coloring books and boxes of half-used crayons. LCD drawing tablets are an endless sheet of paper where your child can enjoy doodling for hours. Having one ensures you never again have to worry about throwing old coloring books away.

To make shopping for LCD drawing tablets much easier for you, we did some research to find the best ones Amazon has to offer. Take a look at our top six picks and see what the raves are all about.  

Buyers Guide

  1. What are LCD drawing tablets?

    Answer: LCD drawing tablets are electronic pads that use high-tech flexible liquid crystal technology to display words, patterns, and graphics by pressure.

  2. Is an LCD drawing tablet necessary?

    Answer: LCD drawing tablets are economical and environment friendly, letting you save 1000 pieces of paper every year.

  3. Who else uses LCD drawing tablets?

    Answer: LCD drawing tablets are used by students, business people, designers, engineers, and teachers.

Our Top Picks


Mooedcoe LCD Writing Tablet

  • 10 inches
  • Smart lock and unlock function
  • 1-click clear function
  • Thin and portable

Draw and write on this smart electronic tablet. Its 10-inch large LCD screen has a soft luminosity to protect your child’s vision, while its frame has a curved shape for an easier grip. The battery power can last for several months, and the portable size fits easily in backpacks. The built-in button battery is replaceable and has a long service life.


Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

  • 8.5 inches
  • Without radiation and glare
  • With built-in sealed button battery
  • Ultra-light body

Allow your child’s imagination to run wild with this LCD drawing tablet. Its surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard it is pushed. The small size of the drawing board makes the tablet easy to bring anywhere and store. The LCD + ABS material design is safe, non-toxic, and anti-fall, while the screen protects eyes from harm.


Mafiti LCD Writing Tablet

  • 8.5 inches
  • Ages 3 and up
  • Includes a plastic stylus
  • Replaceable coin-cell battery

Take your child’s doodling to the next level with this LCD writing tablet. Lightweight, thin, and portable, it is easy to take with you anywhere you go. The plastic stylus has a thick writing, while the built-in stylus dock provides convenient storage for the stylus when not in use. The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials.


Ansel LCD Writing Tablet

  • 10 inches
  • Ages 2 and up
  • Battery life of 12 months
  • Great for travel

Showcase your child’s creativity with this drawing tablet. With a long battery life, it never needs to be charged or plugged in. It includes a lanyard so that you don’t need to worry about losing your stylus. The outer casing is waterproof, and the screen is high tech and flexible. Weighing only 230 grams, this electronic drawing pad is easy to store and carry around.


Orsen LCD Writing Tablet

  • 10 inches
  • Eye-protected color screen
  • Battery life of 6 months
  • Lightweight and portable

Unleash the imagination of your child with this drawing tablet. It adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology, and has a 10-inch screen for easy viewing. The stylus can be hung on the writing board through lanyard, while the battery can be replaced without the need for charging or plugging in. The tablet can be reused 100,000 times.


Qishi Yuhua LCD Writing Tablet

  • 9 inches
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1-click delete
  • No radiation and glare

Enhance your child’s creativity with this LCD drawing tablet. It adopts the latest LCD pressure-sensitive technology, and is without radiation or glare. Measuring only 140 grams, it is great for cars, airplanes, and restaurants. The case is made from durable plastic material, making the tablet anti-shock and anti-fall. The art board is set to clear traces of doodling with just one click.

Doodling on paper that is thrown away is a serious waste of nature. With these LCD drawing tablets, you not only encourage your little one’s creativity but also let them do their part to help Mother Earth.