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Best Kid-Friendly Fragrances

There are scented lotions and baby powders for kids, so why not have fragrances for them as well? Being active is always encouraged for children and one of the best ways to freshen them up after an exciting day of play and sports are kid-friendly fragrances. Here are some top suggestions of safe scents for kids that parents would appreciate.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of child-friendly fragrances?

    Answer: The lovely smells of baby colognes and baby-safe perfumes last longer compared to lotions and baby powders. Kid’s fragrances are also a hit with adults who love clean, fresh and vibrant scents. Child-friendly scents come in a wide range of budgets as well—the market has high-end ones and affordable colognes that parents can choose from. In addition, kid-friendly scents are safer compared to adult body mists and perfumes, which contain ingredients that can irritate children’s sensitive skin. While some products have alcohol as an ingredient, it is at a level that is still considered safe for children.

  2. How much baby perfume or cologne should you use on your toddler or kid?

    Answer: You only need a bit of the stuff; pour a tiny amount of the product on your palm then rub it gently on your child’s clothing. Kid and baby-safe perfumes are mild enough to be used every day. It has a soft, gentle scent and it’s not meant to be overwhelming and strong.

  3. What factors should I remember when buying kid’s fragrances?

    Answer: First, you need to check the list of ingredients that the product comes with to guarantee that it’s safe for your kid. As mentioned previously, some baby colognes and perfumes contain alcohol content but the ratio is still safe for kids. Great child-friendly fragrances are also hypoallergenic. Check the price of the product; fragrances for kids’ use come in a good range of prices. There are high-end ones while there are classics that are very affordable. You can also refer to reviews of people who have used the product and see what they have to say about it. Assessing consumer reviews also provide good insight into the product and the brand.

Our Top Picks


Givenchy Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon Eau De Senteur Spray For Baby (Alcohol Free) 100ml

  • Alcohol-free
  • Fresh, fun scent
  • Orange blossom water and neroli essence notes
  • Made in France

One of the best high-end scents for children is Givenchy’s well-praised Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon. The formula is a refreshing blend of neroli essence and orange blossom water notes. It is a fun scent that is clean and fresh. Light on the nose and not overpowering. Even adults who appreciate bright scents love wearing this one. The formula is also free from alcohol, parabens, diethyl phthalate and phenoxyethanol. Comes in an eye-catching perfume spray bottle for a no-frills which makes for a decorative item.


Mustela Musti Eau de Soin Spray Baby Cologne and Perfume

  • Has 92 percent plant-based ingredients
  • Includes honey and chamomile extracts
  • Dermatologist/pediatrician-tested
  • Hypoallergenic

Mustela is a brand known for their quality children’s toiletries and one of their bestsellers is their Musti Eau de Soin baby fragrance The honey and chamomile extracts-packed formula is great for babies, toddlers and older children. Even moms will enjoy splashing on this fragrance. It functions as a deodorizing spray, baby cologne and perfume for baby boys and girls. You can spray it on their clothing, blankets, linens and even toys. The formula is hypoallergenic and safe for every day use. It is completely free from phthalates, parabens, phenoxyethanol and alcohol.


Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Light Baby Fragrance

  • Floral/citrus scent
  • Alcohol-free
  • Fresh and clean
  • 6.8 fluid oz.

The Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Light Baby Fragrance adds a bit of zing on your child’s everyday activities. Just dispense a bit of the cologne on your palms and apply the fragrance on your kid’s skin to freshen them up. This is a classic that’s seen on many moms and dads’ baby/toddler kits. The formula is alcohol free and gentle for use every day, anytime of the day. Its citrus and floral scent lingers without being overwhelming. The product is also dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic.


Natura Linha Mamae Bebe Agua de Colonia Lavanda

  • Includes floral and green notes
  • Alcohol and paraben-free
  • Fresh, delicate fragrance
  • Packaged in durable plastic bottle

The Natura Linha Mamae Bebe Agua de Colonia Lavanda is a Brazilian import, a classic from the land of world-famous carnivals. The cologne refreshes with its bright and zesty floral and green notes. This is a gentle formula that can be used frequently, packaged in sturdy bottles so you can take them anywhere you go with your little one. This one is completely free from parabens and alcohol plus it’s dermatologist-tested to guarantee an overall safe baby cologne for both child and mom.


Jafra Tender Moments Baby Cologne

  • Has summer lily, pink peony and white rose notes
  • Gentle enough for delicate skin
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Long-lasting

For a lovely baby scent that lasts, get a bottle of the Jafra Tender Moments Baby Cologne. The formula is a mild and fresh mix of notes like muguet, yellow Osmanthus, white rose, white carnation, pink peony and summer lily. This cologne will retain your baby’s sweet, divine scent any time of the day. Very gentle, light formula without alcohol content. This is a great cologne for your baby that suits all seasons.


Baby Magic Mennen Cologne

  • Refreshing, clean scent
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Mild and gentle
  • Classic baby fragrance

Another classic in this list is the Baby Magic Mennen Cologne. Get a scent for your baby that’s gentle yet lasts throughout the day. The scent is composed of herbal notes with some hints of baby powder; a scent loved by lots of moms, babies and kids throughout the world. This is also one of the most affordable fragrances that you can purchase for your kids. Safe for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages.

You cannot deny the appeal of light, clean and fresh baby scents. Baby fragrances are popular not only with parents but perfume collectors as well. However, if your baby or child has respiratory conditions, it is better that you err on the side of caution to prevent further aggravation of your child’s health issues.