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Best Ketone Test Strips

People who are on low-carb diets often undergo ketosis. If you want more information about ketosis especially ketone test strips, then better keep track of this guide. We’ll provide you with all the info you need to understand the ketosis state and how such strips are used to manage a successful low-carb diet.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is ketosis?

    Answer: Ketosis is a state when the body has moved from burning carbohydrates like flour and sugars to utilizing absorbed and stored fats. Diets like Atkins make use of fats and proteins plus a restrained amount of good carbohydrates that practitioners add to their diet bit by bit as they run through the program. If you want to know if you’re doing low-carb dieting the right way, you can make use of ketone test strips. Ketosis happens for some within a few days on the diet while it takes about a week for other people.

  2. What is the use of ketone test strips?

    Answer: Ketone test strips are tools used to let low-carb diet practitioners know that their body is burning fat by the book. Using a ketone strip will also let you know if there are issues with your diet. There will be times when you could have ingested foods with hidden carbs in them or mistook certain foods as safe from carbs.

  3. What are the different kinds of ketone test strips?

    Answer: There are3 main kinds of ketone test strips. These test strips check ketone levels using various methods.
    • Blood ketone strips – Measures levels of ketone in blood.
    • Breath ketone strips – Measures levels of ketone through acetone by-products present on the breath.
    • Urine ketone strips – Measures the presence of acetoacetate in urine.

  4. How accurate are ketone test strips?

    Answer: If you are a low-carb diet beginner, urine ketone strips are a user-friendly way to measure if you are undergoing ketosis over the course of the diet’s first few weeks. However, if you have been on the diet for a number of months and require a more precise account of ketone levels in your system, blood ketone strips are something you’ll need. Blood ketone strips are more expensive compared to urine strip types, plus you also need to consider whether you are willing to prick yourself to draw blood for the strips.

Our Top Picks


Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips

  • Easy, simple ketone level test
  • Lab-grade keto strips
  • On-the-go testing
  • 100 strips per bottle

The Perfect Keto ketone testing strips are designed for people who want an easier and hassle-free way to measure ketone levels over the course of a rigorous low-carb diet program. Using these strips only takes seconds to get results. Urine keto strips are the most affordable, user-friendly and fastest way to gain ketone information. The bottle has 100 strips housed in a sturdy bottle that’s perfect for traveling. See how this works in this review.


Smackfat Ketone Strips

  • Designed to read ketones accurately
  • Good for Atkins and Paleo diets
  • Easy to use
  • Includes 100 ketone test strips

If you are a beginner in low-carb diet practices, you must go for ketone test strips that are easy to understand and use so you can grasp the nuances of this specific program even better. Test strips that make use of the urinalysis method are the way to go, like these Smackfat Ketone Strips. The strips come with a color chart that is a breeze to understand, is a non-invasive method and also offers videos which you can watch to better understand how the whole process works. Get more insight in this video.



  • Ketone urine test strip
  • Easy to use
  • Or in-vitro diagnostic use only
  • Must be used within 6 months upon opening

The accurate Ketostix is a handy, more convenient and faster way of acquiring ketone level information. If you want to assess whether you are doing the low-carb program properly, it is advised that you should use ketone test strips for additional info. The strips provide accurate readings and are not complicated to use at all compared to blood ketone strips. The strips check for levels of acetoacetic acid in your urine and this gives information on the fat and carb metabolism going on in your diet. See how this works in this review.


KETO-MOJO Ketone Test Strips

  • Precise monitoring of ketones
  • User-friendly method
  • FDA-approved product
  • Endorsed by physicians

Blood ketone strips like this one from Keto-Mojo are more precise compared to urine test strips so it’s more advised for low-carb diet practitioners who have been in the program for several months. The brand also features instruction videos on how to use the product and keeping track of ketone levels. The product is an FDA-approved test that is recommended by most physicians as well. Do consider though that you’re not the squeamish type if you want to use the product—it requires users to prick their fingers to draw blood samples. Get more insight in this review.


Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Bundle Kit

  • Complete blood glucose and ketone test kit
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Safe and travel-friendly

Blood ketone meters like the one from Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Bundle Kit have been proven to be accurate when it comes to measuring blood glucose and ketone levels. The blood meters provide a precise real-time measurement of ketone presence in the blood. The bundle kit has all the things you need for such data—from the ketone and blood glucose strips, lancets, alcohol wipes down to is own carrying case. Compact and very travel-friendly. Get more info in this review.

No more guesstimating whether you’re doing good on your low-carb diet program. Keep track of your ketone levels and hard work by way of excellent ketone test strips.