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Best Kaftans

When you’re at the beach, you want a covering that won’t stick to your wet suit when you get sweaty from the heat. Perspiration easily sticks to clothes that are too snug, which is why women like to wear loose outfits over their bikini. A favorite garment to wear at the beach is the kaftan. This long and loose dress is lightweight with a silky feel, allowing the body to breathe and be comfortable even under the scorching sun. Because it’s relatively shapeless, it’s great for any body type, allowing women to hide parts of their body they do not want to be seen.

Kaftans are enjoying a comeback on the runway, with many fashion bloggers, celebrities, and artists flaunting them. Not only are they a popular beachwear, but they’re also great for wearing to casual dinner parties, weekend strolls, and the mall. Our team of researchers reviewed various kaftans on the market to find the best ones in terms of comfort and design. Take a look at our top picks and see why women are going crazy over them.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a kaftan?

    Answer: A kaftan is a loose type of women’s dress. It is originally a long, buttoned-up robe worn mainly by men in the Middle East.

  2. What do you pair with a kaftan?

    Answer: Kaftans can be worn over shorts in the summer, and with jeans and boots in the winter. Some women like to pair them with beads or jewelry to achieve a casual look.

  3. Are kaftans comfortable to wear?

    Answer: Kaftans are a humidity-proof outfit. They are airy, comfortable, and unrestrictive yet surprisingly elegant.

Our Top Picks


Gosopin Kaftan Beach Maxi Dresses

  • 95% polyester and 5% spandex
  • Pull-on closure
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wide sleeve openings

Stay trendy while walking on the beach with this chic kaftan. Its deep V neck is sexy and creates a long neckline, while its rich color stands out from afar. Its maxi length and overall design makes you look tall and slim, and its exquisite embroidery lace looks elegant. The combination of polyester and spandex fabrics makes this kaftan lightweight and comfortable, keeping the skin cool on a hot summer day. Its wide sleeve openings make it very easy to put on and take off, while its slit on the right side shows off your beautiful legs.


Sakkas Georgettina Flowy Rhinestone Kaftan Dress

  • Lightweight material
  • Silky and flowy
  • Stylish and chic
  • Roomy but flattering

Lounge at the beach wearing this patterned kaftan. With a maximum bust size of 54 inches and an approximate length of 56 inches, it fits most women perfectly. Made of a lightweight material with no structure, it drapes effortlessly and elegantly over the body. It is very forgiving and loose-fitting for maximum comfort. Wear this flattering garment as a cover up, tie it at the neck, and let it hang around your body for an effortless look. This handmade kaftan boasts of colors that are very vibrant and unique, making you stand out even from afar.


Jacansi V-Neck Cotton Linen Kaftan Dress

  • Soft and breathable
  • Simple but stylish
  • Suitable for many occasions
  • With pockets

Look absolutely trendy wearing this nice kaftan. It is made using a blend of linen and cotton to bring you a beautiful dress you will feel relaxed in. By combining a fashion-forward design and a breathable, lightweight fabric, it adds a stylish touch to your look without sacrificing comfort. This kaftan’s loose and baggy design is suitable for most body shapes so women with big breasts, arms, legs, and tummies can walk around confidently. It has a high slit on the side so you can still show off your legs, and it features functional pockets so you can have a place for your essentials.


Miss Lavish London Ladies Kaftans

  • 100% polyester
  • Versatile and sexy
  • With a wide range of sizes available
  • Unique patterns

Add this nice kaftan to your wardrobe. Made of 100% polyester and weighing only 200 grams, it is perfect on hot days or when you just want to wear a longer length dress. Because it is approximately 52 inches long, it is suitable not only for casual wear but also for semi-formal. Choose between US 6-12, US 14-18, and US 20-24 plus size dresses. This kaftan is extremely comfortable and lightweight, keeping you cool on a scorching summer day. It comes in 3 colors: black, blue, and teal.


RanRui Women’s Ethnic Print Kaftans

  • Chiffon semi see through
  • Distinct ethnic boho
  • Stylish and sexy
  • Drapes effortlessly

Be gorgeous wearing this flowy kaftan. Its deep V neck creates a long neckline, while its long length makes you look tall and slim. With a bust of 48.82 inches, waist of 48.82 inches, hip of 48.82 inches and length of 53.93 inches, it is just the ideal size for women of all shapes. This kaftan is very lightweight and can be worn different ways. Its color combinations are unique so you get to be an instant standout. Wear it as a dress, as a coverup at the beach, or for nights out during the summertime.


Delena Designs Women’s Long Kaftan Dress

  • 100% polyester
  • With a touch of glitter
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Shrink-resistant material

Get your fab on wearing this stunning kaftan. Its V neck design offers a flirty peek of the skin, while its asymmetrical short sleeves provide space for the arms to breathe. It has a touch of glitter to make its dashiki print and colors really pop, ensuring you stand out wherever you are. With a long waist tie, this kaftan allows you to create a beautiful silhouette and gives you the freedom to customize the fit to suit your unique shape. Made of 100% polyester woven microfiber, it feels great against the skin.

These stylish kaftans are all designed with elegant patterns to make you feel like on the catwalk. Pair them with a vintage bag, sandals, mules, choker, bangles, or headband—anything works with these versatile garments.