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Best Jewelry Boxes

Most of us usually store our jewelry pieces into pouches or containers where they get all jumbled and tangled up. Proper jewelry care involves keeping them in a safe container that keeps every piece organized. Whether you’re starting to collect jewelry or have acquired a sizable number of it, you need a nice jewelry box for it. The best jewelry boxes in the market at the moment will be discussed in our reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why invest in a quality jewelry box?

    Answer: The jewelry box protects and organizes all of your jewelry. It allows them to be accessible plus it also maintains the quality of your pieces. Jewelry boxes provides a reliable spot where you can easily get the piece you want to wear for the day without much hassles. It also reduces the risk of your pieces from getting lost. Smaller jewelry pieces like earrings tend to get lost easily so having a jewelry box on hand will keep them safe and contained in a single spot.

  2. What are the usual shapes of jewelry boxes?

    Answer: The most common shapes of jewelry boxes include square ones, round jewelry boxes, heart-shaped models, oval boxes, rectangular boxes, seashell forms and even whimsical shapes like the butterfly. Jewelry boxes also come in a good selection of sizes from small ones to tiered, bigger models. If you plan on collecting more, you can choose to invest in a larger jewelry box with lots of compartments designed to accommodate a specific type or piece of jewelry.

  3. What are jewelry boxes typically made of?

    Answer: Traditional jewelry boxes are crafted from wood material. There are also ones made from paper, leather or synthetic/faux leather, velvet, metal, plastic, glass and even strong paper or cardboard materials. Jewelry boxes are also lined with a soft material like velvet, felt or any material with a similar feel to prevent scratches and nicks on your pieces.

Our Top Picks


KLOUD City Two-Layer Jewelry Box with Lock (Blue)

  • Compact model
  • Divided slots
  • Made from medium-density fiberboard
  • Soft lint covering

This Kloud City Two-Layer Jewelry Box with Lock in Blue makes sure that all of your favorite pieces will stay in one place. The design is pretty simple but very functional—it comes with divided compartments where you can put a nice variety of jewelry from earrings, rings to brooches and necklaces. It has a ring display, ear and ring cases, longer storage slots for watches and bracelets plus necklace hooks. Its two-layer design also provides more space for your items—a great option for those with a growing collection.


BEWISHOME Jewelry Box for Women and Girls with Lock and Mirror

  • Multifunctional compartments
  • Includes snap-closure with key
  • Has carrying handle
  • Made from quality faux leather and mid-density fiberboard

The BEWISHOME Jewelry Box for Women and Girls is an eye-catching lightweight box that comes with multiple compartments to keep your pieces in. 10 divided slots made for earrings, a watch slot, compartments for necklaces, brooches and bracelets plus a case for your rings make up this practical accessory organizer. The box is also crafted from first-rate faux leather with middle-density fiberboard elements and soft velvet lining in beige.


Lenox Childhood Memories Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

  • Classic jewelry box style with music and ballerina
  • Made from quality metal material
  • Soft interior with oval mirror
  • Multiple compartments

The Lenox Childhood Memories Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box is the cutest among this list and will certainly warm the hearts of girls and the young-at-heart alike. With its eye-catching mix of the modern and the traditional, this jewelry box not only makes for a sentimental piece that can house your own collection, it’s also nice as a gift. This is a traditional musical jewelry box complete with a spinning ballerina, multiple compartments and classical music but ornamented with trendy colors and detailing as well. Indeed, this one is very charming and whimsical.


Glenor Co Classic 50 Slot Jewelry Box

  • Includes 50 compartments
  • Distinctive, modern and elegant design
  • Includes gift box and blank card
  • Has magnetic snap closure

The Glenor Co Classic 50 Slot Jewelry Box is a must for any avid jewelry collector. The box features 50 small compartments to store your earrings. The jewelry box has excellent aesthetic appeal; it will surely add some elegance and class to your vanity table. Opening and closing this one is quite fuss-free as well due to its magnetic snap. This jewelry box is also gift-ready; this one already comes with a gift box and a blank card so you can jot down your thoughts and wishes for the recipient.


Seya Modern Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer with Mirror (Walnut)

  • Elegant hourglass shape
  • Includes nickel drawer pulls
  • Classy veneer finish
  • Has 5 felt-lined drawers

For those who want a timeless jewelry box, this one from Seya Modern Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer with Mirror in walnut satisfies. The box is designed with four necklace hooks on every side, two side necklace compartments, ring rolls, additional slots and dividers. The 12 compartments are separated through its adjustable dividers so organizing your pieces is made simpler. If you have bigger pieces to store, you can always take away your choice number of dividers. A seamless way to sort out every piece of your jewelry.


Agole Jewelry Box

  • Economical and functional design
  • Small size with big capacity
  • Space-saving organizer
  • Accommodates 10 earring pairs

The Agole Jewelry Box is a good deal for those who keep a small number of jewelry pieces but want an organizer that is compact and features a space-saving design. It has a very distinctive section where you can store up to 10 pairs of earrings. The box is crafted from top-quality faux leather with soft velvet lining to protect your pieces from scratches. It’s quite sturdy and will last for a long time thanks to its quality materials.

Collecting beautiful jewelry pieces must be accompanied with a purchase of a top jewelry box. Get your pick among this exquisite bunch and begin proper jewelry care and maintenance with the right jewelry box option.