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Best Inverted Umbrellas

Just when we thought umbrellas couldn’t get any better, they got better. Inverted umbrellas are now the real deal: they keep water out of your car seat, carpet, arms, and purse—some challenges a regular umbrella doesn’t do very well in addressing.

Because inverted umbrellas are fast becoming popular, we visited Amazon to find the ones that are not only sturdy but also very reliable. We found four that we think you should include in your list of rainy day must-haves.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an inverted umbrella?

    Answer: An inverted umbrella is an umbrella that can be opened and closed in reverse, leaving the dry side on the outside.

  2. Who invented the inverted umbrella?

    Answer: An engineer based in London named Jenan Kazim invented this umbrella. The idea came from his mother-in-law who complained how her umbrella dripped all over the floor of her house.

  3. Is there a downside to an inverted umbrella?

    Answer: An inverted umbrella is a bit heavier than a regular umbrella and it needs to be opened to dry out.

Our Top Picks


Siepasa Inverted Umbrella

  • Double layered
  • With C-shaped handle
  • 8 steel ribs of frame
  • Sturdy metal shaft

Keep your floors and cars dry with this inverted umbrella. The comfortable frosted C-shaped hand grip allows you to place it around your wrist so you can do other things while in the rain. The smooth top with windproof fiberglass frame can stand up on its own when closed, while the embedded button lets you open and close the umbrella safely in any confined space.


Siepasa Reverse Inverted Umbrella

  • Windproof and anti-UV
  • With reflective stripes
  • Self-standing design
  • Hand-free C-shaped handle

Always be protected from the rain with this reverse umbrella. It stands well on its own without leaving the floor wet, and its reflective stripes enhance your visibility under inadequate lighting. The C-shape handle allows you to place it on your wrist while you text or walk the dog, and the manual embedded button lets you open and close the umbrella in any confined space.


Procella Inverted Umbrella

  • Windproof Double Layer Canopy
  • UV Protection
  • Hands-Free C-shaped handle
  • Sturdy metal/fiberglass construction

By utilizing a windproof, UV-resistant and sturdy double layer fabric, these umbrellas offer you unparalleled protection from both wind and rain! The smart C-shape handle allows you to place it around your wrist, effectively leaving both your hands free so that you can hold your purse or use your smartphone with ease! INTUITIVE DRIP-FREE INWARD FOLDING DESIGN – This means no more rainwater puddles and wet messes on the floor or in the car. It can stand on it’s own when folded. With 8 flexible fiberglass ribs and stretchers, and a plastic-covered sturdy metal shaft, the umbrella can stand whatever mother nature throws on you.


Owen Kyne Folding Inverted Umbrella

  • Made of light and waterproof pongee fabric
  • With a high-quality stainless steel frame
  • Free-grip frosted handle
  • Stands up on its own

No more soggy belongings with this inverted umbrella. The breathable double-layer canopy and smooth top with stainless steel frame ensure the body is firm and able to withstand strong winds. Its C-shaped handle allows for hands-free use so you can check your phone or push a baby stroller. The carbon fiber material enhances the firmness and strength of the handle.


Sharpty Inverted Umbrella

  • Made with premium carbon fiber material
  • Ergonomic C-shaped handle
  • Windproof and weather resistant
  • With a double-layer canopy design

Protect yourself from heavy rains with this inverted umbrella. Designed with durability, versatility, and comfort in mind, it is corrosion resistant, lightweight, compact, portable, and quick drying. This windproof umbrella boasts of 6 sturdy carbon fiber ribs and stretchers, giving it unparalleled resistance to winds in excess of 60 mph. 

The inside-out design of these reversible umbrellas not only protect from rains and winds but also keep floors and car interiors dry. Because they open from the top rather than from the bottom, chances of poking someone is slim, making them a considerate travel companion.